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Le Groupement pour le développement de la géométrie et Topologie au Maghreb.

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1 Le Groupement pour le développement de la géométrie et Topologie au Maghreb









10 The Mediterranean Institute for the Mathematical Sciences The MIMS has been founded in January of 2012, with its inaugural conference in October 2012. It is independent and non-profit. MIMS is located at the Cité des Sciences in Tunis. MIMS is a proud sponsor of GEOTOP2014

11 The multi-faceted mission of this institute is to: Be a rallying point for the growing community of mathematicians in Tunisia, and both the MENA and the Mediterranean regions. Provide a unique and engaging environment for mathematicians and for visiting scholars to collaborate and conduct research. Enrich mathematical education and raise public awareness of the mathematical sciences. Encourage interdisciplinary exploration in mathematics and science. Be the springboard for the young generation, making it easier for prospective students to connect to the vast world of mathematical research.

12 Some Activities this year: Sept. 11, 2013: Journée des doctorants (Cité des Sciences de Tunis) Oct. 28- Nov. 9, 2013: Ecole CIMPA processus de Levy et Autosimilarité. Dec. 17-22, 2014, Workshop in Geometric and Harmonic Analysis Feb and March. 2014, Graduate course by Abbes Bahri March 24-27, 2014, GGTM-MIMS conference in memory of Salah Baouendi. May 19-23, 2014, Conference on Recent Progress in Inverse Problems (Luminy) Winter semester: special topic course by Abbes Bahri. Held jointly with the Ecole doctorale of the Polytechnical school in Tunis. June 2014: General lectures by Jean-Paul Delahaye (d’Alembert Prize) Sponsor of several events including Dec. 16-19, 2013, ICAAM International Conference on Advances in Applied Mathematics (Hammamet) June 03-07, 2014, School on Configuration Spaces and Moduli Spaces (Rabat). Petri-Nets 2014: major conference in computer science and mathematics.

13 HONORARY CHAIRMAN Sir Michael Atiyah, Fields Medal 1966, Royal Medal of the Royal Society 1968, King Faisal Prize 1987, Abel Prize 2004, Grande MédailleFrench Academy 2010, Grand Officier of the French Légiond’Honneur. ADVISORY BOARD Dr. Alejandro Adem, Director of the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS, Vancouver). Dr. Mahmoud Triki, Dean and Founder of Southern Mediterranean University (Tunisia). Dr. Masahiro Yamamoto, University of Tokyo. Coordinator Japanese Society Promotion of Science. Dr. Aziz El Kacimi, University of Valenciennes (France). Chairman of the GGTM (grouping in geometry and topology for the Maghreb) and Coordinator for the French CNRS.

14 SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE Dr. Enrique Zuazua Scientific Director, Basque Center for Applied Mathematics. Dr. Abbas Bahri Professor of Mathematics, Rutgers University, USA Dr. Takaaki Nomura Professor of Mathematics, Kyushu University, Japan Dr. Habib Ammari Professor of Mathematics, « Ecole Normale Supérieure » of Paris, France. Dr. Jean Lannes Professor of Mathematics, University of Paris Jussieu. Dr. NizarTouzi Professor of Mathematics, Polytechnique, Paris. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Dr. Sadok Kallel (Chairman), University of Lille (France) and AUS (UAE). Dr. Ali Baklouti, Head of Laboratoire LAMHA, University of Sfax, Tunisia. Dr. Mohamed Ali Jendoubi, Professor Carthage University, Tunisia. Dr. Maher Moakher, Head of the « Images, Modeling and Geometry » research unit at the Laboratory for the Mathematical and Numerical Modeling (LAMSIN), ENIT, Tunis. Dr. Kais Ammari, Head of the « Analyse et controle des équations aux dérivées partielles » research unit, University of Monastir, Tunisia. Dr. Mourad Bellassoued, Head of the department of Mathematics, Bizerte, Tunisia.

15 Thank you. For both GGTM and MIMS, we count on the young generation in the Maghreb to make them flourish

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