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Chapter 4-1 Life in the Colonies

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1 Chapter 4-1 Life in the Colonies

2 New England Colonies Farming is the primary economic activity in all of the colonies Rocky soil and long cold winters made mass farming difficult in New England Practiced subsistence farming, just enough to meet the needs of their family with very little left over for trade

3 New England Colonies Small businesses, trade workers, ship building and fishing helped the economy in New England flourish Triangular Trade – a trade route that linked the colonies w/ Europe, Africa, and The West Indies Middle Passage – Inhumane part of triangular trade that shipped Africans to the West Indies

4 Middle Colonies Milder climate and fertile soil helped farming in the middle colonies flourish Cash crops such as wheat were sold easily overseas NY and Philadelphia were the largest cities in the colonies Other industries included: Mining Lumber Manufacturing

5 Middle Colonies 100,000 German immigrants settled in the middle colonies along with Swedish and Dutch This gave the colonies cultural diversity, which led to religious tolerance

6 Southern Colonies Rich soil and warm climates were ideal for farming
Most settlers made their living farming Tobacco – Maryland and Virginia Rice – South Carolina and Georgia Indentured servants became scarce so many turned to slaves

7 Southern Colonies Plantations were located in the Tidewater - an area of low lying plains along the coast Plantations normally found close to rivers West of the Tidewater near the Appalachian Mountains was the Back Country Back Country – settlers grew corn and tobacco mostly on small farms with only 1 or 2 slaves

8 Slavery Most slaves in America lived on plantations and did all kinds of work but mostly worked in the fields Overseers- or bosses, were hired to keep slaves working hard 1700’s slave codes or strict rules that governed the behavior and punishment of slaves were issued

9 Slave Codes African Traditions Families were torn apart
African roots and traditions gave slaves some comfort

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