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Implementing the Teaching School Vision Peter Kent Lawrence Sheriff School.

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1 Implementing the Teaching School Vision Peter Kent Lawrence Sheriff School

2 Why we decided to apply Past experience Where we wanted to go Dr Who syndrome


4 An initial Philosophy: Educational excellence and the development of the child will be at the heart of the work of the alliance. Collaboration and relationship building within the Alliance will flourish because of mutual trust and respect. We aim to develop a networked learning community, developing the quality of teaching and learning through bespoke training and mutual support

5 Benefits and challenges No two models the same Helping us to be outward facing Learning new skills Capacity- new staffing structures Building new relationships and partnerships Being nimble Strengthened HE relationships

6 ITT School Direct NQT Conference Organised by 10 different schools 45 schools send delegates Over 60 attend

7 Partnership Plus Action Research Conference Lesson observation for Real




11 School to school support Types of support Schools of different types supported

12 Leadership Curriculum ML, SL and H Case Studies Local consortia

13 Research and Development: Closing the Gap and ISV Evidence led practice DFE priority EEF Shifting fashions in relation to ISV

14 Thoughts about research Priorities on the ground are not those at the centre ‘Clinical interventions’- nice idea, but do they exist? Teaching School links to HE need to be more organic- partnership plus

15 Some things we could do better Serious research through partnership with HE Strategic deployment of SLEs, LLEs and NLEs Play a part in achieving coherence within a changing system (new school structures, emergence of Royal College, changing role of professional associations, new models of accountability)

16 Things that have gone well Responding to what is distinctive and exciting in our local area Forming partnerships and networking Developing our role in ITT Shifting mind-sets internally and externally Research does have a higher profile A renewed focus upon the centrality of teaching

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