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National VOAD and the VOAD Movement Navigating the Wave of Change Florida Emergency Preparedness Association Daniel Stoecker Executive Director, National.

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1 National VOAD and the VOAD Movement Navigating the Wave of Change Florida Emergency Preparedness Association Daniel Stoecker Executive Director, National VOAD January 31, 2013

2 National VOAD Today Public Service Announcements New National Collaborations Support from the President of the United States Support from the National Ad Council disaster-relief-coalition

3 Our History National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (National VOAD): Founded over 40 years ago in response to the challenges many disaster organizations experienced following Hurricane Camille, a category 5 storm that hit the Gulf Coast in 1969. As an outcome, National VOAD was formed with a Mission to be the forum where organizations share knowledge and resources throughout the disaster cycle— preparation, response and recovery—to help disaster survivors and their communities.

4 Our History Core Principles The National VOAD collaborative practices the “4C’s” as guiding principles for how we operate and resolve conflict: Cooperation | Communication | Coordination | Collaboration National VOAD recognizes that these 4 C’s are progressives and based on building and maintaining trusting, mutually capable relationships.

5 Our History Values Our commitment to caring and compassion for all people is the foundation for all we do. A coordinated, inclusive approach provides the basis for a nurturing environment in which disaster response agencies will flourish. The quest for excellence in National VOAD programs by encouraging best practices and mutual accountability results in operational synergy. Our work will be accomplished in a respectful, non-judgmental and non-discriminatory manner. Trust, mutual respect and equal partnerships of community service providers are essential elements of our work. Providing hope – making a difference – offering opportunities for true collaboration – are the lifeblood and soul of the organization.

6 Our History 19691970’s1980’s1990’s During the 1980’s many local affiliates of National VOAD members began forming Local, Regional and State VOAD coalitions By the end of the 1970’s, many other organizations joined the National VOAD Movement National VOAD was founded By the mid-1990’s, VOAD became a true national movement

7 National VOAD Today 108 Members (January 2013) 53 National Organization Members (Faith-based, Community-based and other Non-Governmental Organizations) Membership Requirements: National in scope and purpose Includes a Voluntary constituency component (promotes civic engagement) Nonprofit structure, tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of IRS Code Active in Disaster cycle with documented response program Collaborative working relationship with other members Commitment of resources; build capacity of State/Territory VOADs 55 State and Territorial VOAD Members Representing Local/Regional VOAD's/COAD’s & hundreds of additional local member organizations throughout the country.

8 Disaster Coordination Flow Chart 53 National Orgs Event State Orgs Local VOADs Local COADs 55 State/Territory VOADs HQ -------------------------------- ---------------------------- Key ------------------ Coordinating Responding

9 National VOAD Today Committees: Advocacy Communications Community Preparedness Disaster Case Management Donations Management Emotional & Spiritual Care Housing International Long Term Recovery Groups Mass Care United States Islands & Alaska Volunteer Management Task Forces: Drought Training State Advisory Council Documents from the Committee's: Points of Consensus: Disaster Case Management Disaster Spiritual Care Donations Management Mass Care Rebuild & Repair Volunteer Management Other Documents: Multi Agency Feeding Template Light Our Way Long-Term Recovery Guide Managing Spontaneous Volunteer National Mass Care Strategy

10 National VOAD Today Partnerships National VOAD is dedicated to whole community engagement and recognize that all sectors of society must work together to foster more resilient communities nationwide. We welcome substantive partnerships with emergency management and public health agencies, as well as with for-profit corporations, foundations, educational and research institutions, associations and other nongovernmental organizations. A sample selection of current partners: UPS FoundationGood 360Toolbank USA FacebookVision Link Business Civic Leadership Center (BCLC), US Chamber of Commerce Foundation American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN) Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Federal Alliance for Safe Homes, Inc. (FLASH) IAEM | International Association of Emergency Managers

11 A National VOAD Partnership National Mass Care Council Co-Chair(with ARC) Representation at the National Response Coordination Center (NRCC) Signatory to the National Response Framework Active partner in the development of the National Disaster Recovery Framework 4C response and recovery efforts

12 National VOAD Movement Waves of Change New American demographics Climate change Acceleration of technological changes Realignment of national and global economy Presidential Policy Directive 8 (PPD8) – Interagency & whole community Emerging spirit of civic engagement while others are looking for new ways to find personal empowerment and a sense of community

13 National VOAD Services New Developments More Support Services, Tools & Technical Assistance State VOAD capacity building - “VOAD LEAD” program COOP How to build a broader statewide coalition Whole Community Mass Care Planning Preparedness Champion Engaging new Government and Private Sector partners to provide technical assistance and whole community collaborative opportunities 4C Platform – Technology Tools National VOAD Conference – more focus on training, partner resources & collaborative opportunities

14 National VOAD Partnerships New Developments Federal Government System Department of Defense - National Guard Bureau, US NORTHCOM, US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) HHS Assistant Secretary for Preparedness & Response (ASPR) Center for Disease Control & prevention (CDC) US Immigration & Customs Enforcement (USICE) Department of Agriculture Housing & Urban Development Other Governmental Relationships National Association of Counties National Governor’s Association

15 National VOAD Movement The Possibilities? The ability for a community to be more resilient, mitigating the impact of a disaster both before and after, will determine the healthy viability of and options for achieving a desired future. A VOAD is unit of transformation for the collaborative structuring of communities we aspire to deliver Hope in time of need and inspire Confidence that we can overcome challenges and become stronger by working together. The vitality and connectedness of our communities will determine the strength of our democracy. The VOAD Movement is both advocating for rallying traditional American values and building a new American democratic institution for resolving conflict (disaster) and strengthening our reslient, aspirational nature as Americans.

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