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Delivering HECA – Carbon Action Network Local Authority Workshop.

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1 Delivering HECA – Carbon Action Network Local Authority Workshop

2 Flourish Partnership Limited Flourish Partnership can provide a practical and cost-effective service to Local Authority to reduce fuel poverty, improve housing efficiency and cut carbon emissions. Integrated advice, referral and programme management service Data acquisition and analysis Client referral and management Installer management Project management Research and analysis Facilitation Stakeholder Management 2

3 Flourish Partnership Limited HECA – Your role 3  have unique knowledge of their local area’s needs and circumstances;  are able to link wider strategic priorities and funding streams e.g. through health, education and regeneration agendas;  are able to draw on established local networks, partnerships, services and delivery partners;  can draw on existing links with business and social enterprises and provide gateways through local advice agencies and services; and  are directly accountable to their local residents

4 Flourish Partnership Limited 4 EMCAN HECA Workshop Topics to Consider  What are the benefits to your LA of a robust HECA strategy  What is the role of key local partners o Social housing providers o Community organisations  Area Based Approaches – Pros and Cons  How can you best attract potential funding partners

5 Flourish Partnership Limited 5 Topics to Consider  How can we gain senior level support for HECA activities  How will our strategy link with Green Deal/ECO  How will you track progress over time?  How important is independent advice?

6 Flourish Partnership Limited Denise Marsdon Director 07720 663127 6

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