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Orthodox Monastery in Suprasl and Suprasl Academy.

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1 Orthodox Monastery in Suprasl and Suprasl Academy

2 Location Suprasl is situated in North- Eastern Poland, in the heart of Knyszyn forest. Thanks to its unique location the town enjoys a pleasant microclimate and peace. Suprasl attracts numerous artists: painters, photographers, etc. It is a meeting point of Orthodox Christianity, Protestantism and Islam.

3 Orthodox Monastery in Suprasl The Monastery was founded in 1500. Since its establishment it was an important centre of thought and culture. Until today it is a protector of Orthodox values. The building complex from XVII cent. and two churches offer a conducive environment for theological reflection and liturgical experience.

4 Monastery in Suprasl II World War has left a painful and irreversible mark on the monastery. In spite of that the monastery is beginning to flourish again. The brothers welcome all visitors and are open for a conversation and discussion. It is however important to remember that being a guest in the monastery means adhering to its rules. Icon Museum – the only institution of this kind in Poland – is also located in the monastery buildings. The museum is among the most modern in Poland and has won a number of awards.

5 Suprasl Academy In 2005 the monastery became a home for Suprasl Academy – an institution whose aim is to spread knowledge about Eastern Christianity in Poland and in the world, to create opportunities for contact with the living Orthodox tradition, to foster collaboration between clergy and laity in tackling various social problems, to encourage dialogue and openness towards other human beings and to work towards sustainable development and protection and natural environment.

6 Suprasl Academy Since that time the Academy has carried out many projects for children, youth and adults. The projects included iconography workshops, hesychasm seminars, exposures to the region, concerts, exhibitions, conferences and several thousand people got to know the Suprasl Academy through them.

7 Suprasl 2010 Welcome

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