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FS 516518 Commissioning A Tender Affair Alyson Dunn.

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1 FS Commissioning A Tender Affair Alyson Dunn

2 FS The 5 R’s Resources Rhinoceros Resilience Recover Rejection



5 FS Collaboration / Partnership Competition

6 FS Competition Quality and Price Quality Cost High cost Low Quality High cost High Quality Low cost Low Quality Low cost High Quality

7 FS Agreeing Quality Baseline for quality established Select providers Pre-qualification Questionnaire Call off frameworks Mini competition between select providers Opportunities for unique selling points and distinguish from others

8 FS Pricing Full cost recovery or not? Cheapest possible? Know your bottom line Consider TUPE implications Can you deliver for price submitted? Financial Envelopes / Ceilings

9 FS Service User Involvement With a Provider Key to success Involve in a variety of stages Case histories Evaluations / surveys Videos Pitches Meet and greets Way to win

10 FS Service User Involvement As a Purchaser Personalisation Choice and In-Control Define the Personal Budget The Resource Allocation system Amount is realistic Development of brokerage HR implications as Employer

11 FS Pitfalls Documentation Legality Time / Effort Bureaucracy Contract Length Tight turnaround times Moveable feast Pluses Price & Quality are focused More providers give choice Vibrant Independent Sector that can flourish Can drive forward mergers Plea Keep it simple

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