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Words and phrases learned last time: Deep down; put one’s finger on; throw oneself into; despair; browse through; get involved in; to some degree; thrive;

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1 Words and phrases learned last time: Deep down; put one’s finger on; throw oneself into; despair; browse through; get involved in; to some degree; thrive; hang out; flourish

2 马上就要期末考试了,一些学生已经投 入到紧张的复习当中,而另一些同学却 经常不来上课。虽然不清楚他们为什么 没来,但我相信同一个班级的学生有不 同的爱好。因此他们喜欢英语的程度不 一样也是很正常的。

3 The final examination is approaching. Some students have thrown themselves into strenuous preparation for it, while the others are still always absent from classes.In spite of the fact that I can’t put my figure on why they don’t come, I’m fully convinced that students in the same class have different hobbies.Consequently, it’s natural that the degrees to which students are interested in English vary.

4 Skim the passage and try to locate relevant information for questions on Page 52.

5 Language points

6 1) Parties, drinking, eating…,but deep down there’s something…, but you can’t quite put your finger on: You really want to find some good ways to fill your spare time, but you can’t quite do it.

7 deep down in reality; in spite of appearances She seems indifferent, but deep down she is very pleased. 她貌似无动于衷,其实心里非常高兴。

8 put one's finger on to find or show exactly 我说不清楚 Simon 有什么与众不同。 Something is wrong with this room, but I can't put my finger on what it is.

9 2) What you have been looking for, my friend, is the chance to throw yourself into the world of University Societies, and discover the huge number of activities which thrive in a city like Oxford.

10 throw oneself into to do or take part in actively and energetically 自从她丈夫去世后,她一直埋头于自己 的工作。 The National Day is coming; they have thrown themselves into the organizi of Celebration Activities. Since her husband died, she has thrown herself into her work.

11 thrive to grow and develop well A business cannot thrive without investment. 企业缺少了投资就不会兴旺。 国家没有创新就很难发达。

12 3) Whether you want to pursue an existing interest or develop new ones, your first move should be to check out the bewilderingly large array of clubs at the OUSU Freshers’ Fair.

13 array impressive display and series e.g. an array of bottles of different shapes and sizes 各式各样大小不一的瓶子

14 4) With your Freshers’ Fair ticket, you can get your hands on a brand-new edition of the comprehensive guide to all things at Oxford.

15 get one's hands on to catch, or obtain Wait until I get my hands on him! 等着瞧,我会抓住他的! 我想得到一双帅气的牛仔靴。 I'd like to get my hands on a nice pair of cowboy boots.

16 5) Don’t despair. despair We have despaired of him; he can’t keep a job of more than six months. 我们对他已经彻底绝望了,他做什么 工作都不能超过半年。 1) v.[of sb/sth] have lost all hope of

17 2) n. the state of having lost all hope of He gave up struggle in despair. 他绝望地放弃了斗争。

18 6) Take a while to browse through ---it is your major chance to find out about what goes on in your university.

19 browse through to look through I've spent one whole week browsing through Hemingway's works, trying to understand his unique writing style. 我正在浏览报纸,发现了你 的名字。

20 7) The degree to which people get involved in societies varies a great deal.

21 to some degree to some extent To some degree, he was cheating all of us. 在某种程度而言,他欺骗我们所有的 人。

22 vary : 1) [~ in] to be different e.g. 这些花的颜色相同但形状各异。 The flowers are the same in color but vary in shape.

23 2) [~ from] to be different Roses vary from daisies.( 雏菊 ) 3) [~ from... to ] to change, esp. continually Human IQ's vary from under 50 to over 200.

24 8) Some totally immerse themselves in a club, hardly speaking to anyone who isn’t a member of that group for the next three years and rising to become a leader of the organization.

25 immerse oneself in Immerse your foot in ice cold water to reduce the swelling. 把你的脚泡在冰水里以便消肿。 1) to put deep into a body of liquid

26 2) to cause (oneself) to enter deeply into an activity; absorb in it or absorbed by it I immersed myself in work so as to stop thinking about her. 我让自己沉醉于工作,以便不去想她。

27 9) Many people,perhaps foolishly, completely ignore University societies and just hang out with mates in college: It may not be very wise, but many students join no groups on campus and just spend time together casually.

28 hang out (infml) to live or spend lots of time in a particular place or with particular people casually Why do you just hang out in bars? Why don't you hang out with me instead? 你为何只去泡酒吧?跟我一起玩儿不好吗?

29 10) But don’t forget that most colleges have their own flourishing societies

30 flourish be successful; be well and active No new business can flourish in the present economic climate. 在目前的经济环境下,任何新生意都兴旺 不起来。

31 11) If you have ambitions to open up your new Shakespearian Rap Society to theuniversity, you can register it with the University Proctors, who give out Start-up grants and loans, among other benefits.

32 open up cause be available for development, production, etc His stories opened up new worlds of the imagination. 他的故事开拓了想象力新天地。

33 12) "Hack" is a negative term applied to those seeking advancement (usually to President) in whatever Club or Society, and some clubs such as the Oxford Union or the Guild Society tend to attract those with the spark of ambition more than others.

34 hack 1) to cut (up), esp. roughly, violently, or in uneven pieces 2) to do successfully 3) to enter a computer system without permission 4) to seek office in a group without caring about the group's success

35 apply 1) [~ to, for ] to request sth., esp. officially and in writing e.g. I applied to four universities and was accepted by all of them.

36 2) [~ to] to bring or put into use or operation e.g. New technology is being applied to almost every industrial process.

37 13) When the students suddenly remember their blank CVs which are supposed to secure them a highly paid job once they graduate, hackery is almost inevitable.

38 secure 1) [secure sth against /from sth] make sth safe; protect Can the town be secured against attack? 能保护这个城镇不受攻击么?

39 2)[secure sth for sb/sth] obtain sth sometimes with difficulty e.g. We’ll need to secure a bank loan. 我们需要获得银行贷款。

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