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MAKE YOUR MARK HEAVY AND DARK. /snapshot.cfm?schl=2643 /snapshot.cfm?schl=2643.

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2 /snapshot.cfm?schl=2643 /snapshot.cfm?schl=2643

3 What is ISTEP? GQE : Graduation Qualifying Exam ISTEP : Indiana Statewide Testing for Educational Progress

4 The Purposes of ISTEP 1. To assess the strengths and weaknesses of school performance. 2. To assess the effects of state and local educational programs. 3. To provide a source of information for state and local decision makers with regard to educational matters, including:

5 The Test Itself Criterion-based test in English/Language Arts & Mathematics Multiple choice : tests basic skills Short answer and essay questions : test applied skills

6 Even more about ISTEP… English/Language Arts and Math: Grades 3, 6, 8, and 10 –Retest grades 4, 5, 7, & 9 (locally adopted) Science and Social Studies (when used) : Grades 5, 7, & 9 Mandatory Annual Assessments Where is it used? –Public Schools –Accredited Non-Public Schools –Freeway Schools –Charter Schools

7 SCHOOL PERFORMANCE # of all students passing mathematics + # of all students passing English/Language Arts ÷ # of tests taken

8 What does ISTEP mean for the teacher? Teachers struggle with preparing their students for the ISTEP test. ICAN (The Indiana Curriculum and Assessment Notebook) 1997- Dawn McGrath’s plan Free software program through the Department of Education

9 ICAN and the DOE “The grant from the Department of Education has enabled ICAN to flourish… Standards can quickly be selected for curriculum planning, lesson management, collaboration of ideas… Parents will be able to see the growth of their child over time, and will always be able to see the next step in the state’s standards.”

10 Preparing for ISTEP Some schools offer incentives for students during ISTEP preparation Many teachers create flash cards for math skills Silent reading time

11 Teacher Certification Have at least a bachelor’s degree Complete an approved teacher training program Complete a student teacher internship Pass a state licensing exam Have strong interpersonal and communication skills

12 Formal Education Teaching Programs: Specific Courses –Early childhood development –Reading and math instruction –Child guidance Master’s Degree Renewing the license

13 On-the-job Training Observing in the classroom Student teaching

14 ISTEP in action ISTEP in action

15 C ommonwealth A ccountability T esting S ystem

16 What is CATS? The Commonwealth Accountability Testing System is designed to improve teaching and student learning: –Assessment –Accountability

17 What is tested? ReadingMathematicsScience Social Studies Arts/Humanities Practical Living/Vocational Studies Writing Portfolio

18 Core Content for Assessment States the minimum that students should know. Teachers must teach the content Created by Kentucky teachers

19 Accountability High stakes system RewardsSanctions

20 GOAL? For all schools to reach proficiency by 2014.

21 testing chart testing chart

22 Who writes the tests? Contractors Kentucky Teachers Goals? -improve quality of education -Review the components of the test for Core Content -Provide replacement questions

23 SCORING Hired Contractors Graded on Rubrics

24 FAIRNESS Hired Contractors Kentucky Department of Education

25 PORTFOLIOS Grades 4, 7, 12 Submit specified pieces Graded on Rubrics

26 GRADE 4 –Personal Narrative –Short Story or Poem –Two pieces of Transactive Writing –Letter to reviewer of folder that explains their growth as a writer by discussing their pieces.

27 Strong Points Doesn’t Depend on a single type of test Multiple Choice in every subject Open Responses Not an Exit Exam

28 DIFFERENCES INDIANA Used as an exit exam State Board of Education Subject Differences KENTUCKY Used to evaluate students and school Hired Contractors reviewed by Kentucky Teachers Subject Differences Portfolio


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