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National Services Te Paerangi The team on the Our Space map at Te Papa

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1 National Services Te Paerangi The team on the Our Space map at Te Papa

2 How we help He Rauemi Resource Guides 0508 freephone helpline

3 Training and professional development Marae based workshops Workshops for museums at regional and national level

4 New Zealand Museums Standards Scheme Practical and user friendly Sends good message to funders Formal review or as a resource Its free!

5 NZMuseums Online collection management system Marketing tool for your museum It’s free for up to 200 objects Wider access for your museum and it’s collection

6 Today Identifying existing and potential relationships Rethinking your offer & its potential value Growing a spirit of partnership around yourself Developing a partnership plan Managing & sustaining partnerships

7 “We are losing our innocence about how the world we live in works. In the past, things seemed certain. Today, they are uncertain... “Obviously, we are sailing through uncharted waters and need new maps”. John Pisapia, Florida Atlantic University

8 Breaking out of silos The 21 st Century will be increasingly about partnerships, relationships and collaboration Those organisations who understand this and develop skills of building and sustaining partnerships will flourish The cultural and heritage sector will face continuing (increasing?) financial challenges

9 CultureTourism

10 “The cultural sector cares about authenticity” = “Tourism doesn’t”

11 NZ Tourism Strategy 2015 Based on two values: KAITIAKITANGA … a basis for our approach to sustainably managing our natural, cultural, and built environment for current and future generations. MANAAKITANGA … implies a reciprocal responsibility upon a host, and an invitation to a visitor to experience the very best we have to offer

12 Outcome Four Regions and communities preserve and promote their local culture & character … in all aspects of the visitor experience Core infrastructure and facilities are appropriately funded Regions and communities preserve and promote their local culture & character … in all aspects of the visitor experience Core infrastructure and facilities are appropriately funded

13 NZ Tourism Strategy 2015 Outcomes: ONE: NZ delivers a world-class visitor experience TWO: NZ’s tourism sector is prosperous and attracts ongoing investment THREE: The tourism sector takes a leading role in protecting and enhancing the environment FOUR: The tourism sector and communities work together for mutual benefit

14 Corporate Social Responsibility “Ideally… Business embraces responsibility for the impact of it’s activities on consumers, communities, the environment, employees, stakeholders…. Furthermore, business proactively promotes the public interest by encouraging community growth and development, and voluntarily eliminating practices that harm the public sphere...”

15 The foundations Understanding and aligning with the communities values Helping expand a sense of what is possible Understanding the power of the collaborative Building your profile and visibility

16 Exercise 1: a rich map Draw ‘yourself’ in the middle of a sheet of paper with 4 segments - cultural, economic, social and environmental List the organisations in each segment - from the most significant in the centre to the least at the outer edge Don’t forget charities, trusts, volunteer groups…

17 economic environmentalcultural social You are here

18 Exercise 2: what do you do? So your library/gallery/museum is a …?

19 What/who enters? What transformation occurs? What/who emerges?

20 CriminalRehabilitation Positive citizen A Prison

21 CriminalEducation Better Criminal

22 Criminal Dependency on state Beneficiary

23 So a prison is a….? Criminal rehabilitating organisation University for Crime Beneficiary producing organisation

24 What/who enters? What transformation occurs? What/who emerges?

25 Exercise 3: Draw a picture of your organisation Test your existing vision/mission by getting staff to draw a picture of what it says about: Your relationship with customers What you do How you do it Do the same exercise with 1-2 other organisations’ vision/mission statements

26 The Dowse, 2000

27 we work in creative partnerships with producers, supporters and communities to develop and deliver innovative arts and cultural programmes which engage our customers in experiences relevant to their cultural needs, interests and values The Dowse, 2000

28 A rich map - continued Mark the primary and potential connections between existing key organisations and others Highlight potential key partners Next steps: do rich maps with key partners in the centre

29 Exercise 4 : Soapbox Community newspaper article or short speech to Rotary – 200 words or 3-5 minutes An innovative, engaging and surprising take on: –Who you are –What you do and why does it matter? –How you can deliver value (to partners & the community)

30 Think about…… What does your community care about? What else could you do to build your community and it’s capabilities? Can you build support around a renewed sense of your role and potential? Who could you work with to achieve bigger goals?

31 Exercise 5 – A positive spin Select one project and develop three pitches: –To local or national government –To a ‘youth education’ trust –To a local fourth generation family-owned local business OR any other agency of your choice MAKE SURE ONE IS AN UNLIKELY MATCH

32 Putting yourselves in their shoes Research Meet – informally and formally Listen openly – its all about them first …. and then you Think and speak in win-win terms Think about 3 rd parties

33 The sweet spot Think about who you are presenting to: How do the understand the world? What language do they speak? How will the decision be made? What do they want/need to hear? Who do they think you are? ALWAYS CUSTOMISE EVERY COMMUNICATION

34 Exercise 6: A partnership proposal Lead the development of values-based objectives Tease out contributions and expectations Measure success ALWAYS UNDER PROMISE AND OVER DELIVER

35 Our valuesShared valuesX’s values

36 Our contributions X’s contributions

37 Our expectations X’s expectations

38 Managing the relationship Who will manage the day-to-day issues? Who manages it if it goes wrong? Regular reviews – by who, and when?

39 Measuring success Set realistic milestones & targets You need to help them understand where value may lie for them Focus on securing long-term partnership ‘under promise / over deliver’

40 Exercise 7 – an unlikely partner? Based on the rich map choose a ‘high value but unlikely’ organisation: –Brainstorm what shared objectives you could establish (be lateral) –List the places you can meet / network with them –Trace and list any connections (however intangible) between them and you

41 Summary The 21 st century will be about collaboration and partnerships For this to work we need to find fresh ways of thinking who we are and what we can offer Relationship management should be seen as a second-nature core competency

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