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Tech City has emerged as an entirely natural cluster of innovation and growth. Tech City is close to the Olympic park, so benefits from the £9 billion.

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3 Tech City has emerged as an entirely natural cluster of innovation and growth. Tech City is close to the Olympic park, so benefits from the £9 billion investment in regeneration. Major companies are already committed to Tech City – Google, Cisco, Facebook… and many others. A magnet for entrepreneurs, major tech companies, venture capital and talent. TECH CITY – THE HEADLINES

4 A rapidly growing cluster of technology companies in London’s East End, Tech City is increasingly the place to be for the worlds next generation of high-tech entrepreneurs. The people here are creating a real buzz, establishing a vibrant, youthful, innovative and savvy technology community. It’s a place to succeed and there are plenty of high-tech companies proving this, right now. Stretching from the creative, dynamic districts of Old Street and Shoreditch to the booming Olympic heartland of Stratford, Tech City offers exciting opportunities for technology companies and investors of all sizes. Supporting its development is the UK government, which is directing resources, expertise and investment into the country’s technology sector. WHAT IS TECH CITY?

5 Tech City can help turn high-tech business ideas into reality. It provides a dynamic and supportive environment, which makes a business far more likely to succeed and flourish. With its artists, studios and music heritage, this über-stylish area has proved a mecca for ambitious young technology entrepreneurs. It is accessible, affordable and has a real energy and buzz, with a heady mixture of trendy warehouse properties, bars, coffee shops, restaurants and art galleries. Tech City’s clusters of like-minded entrepreneurs thrive on networking, exchanging ideas and forging collaborative relationships. Tech City is also attracting the smart money. From angel investors to major venture capital companies, the funding concentrating on Tech City provides real advantages for entrepreneurs and established technology companies. WHY TECH CITY?

6 “The Olympic Park will provide the perfect environment for the companies of the 21 st century to flourish and grow.” Andrew Altman Chief Executive, Olympic Park Legacy Company The high-tech Olympic Park broadcast and press centres will continue to thrive after the Games, offering some of the most globally connected space in this world-beating business environment. As the site for the London 2012 Olympic Games, Tech City is one of the UK’s most dynamic and invested-in areas. Investment around the Olympic Park means there will be nine railway lines running through the area, including high speed links to the rest of the UK and Europe. OLYMPIC LINKS

7 Tech City has expanded from some 15 high-tech firms in 2008 to over 250 today., Dopplr and Saffron Digital have all received major investment from multinational companies. Others include Songkick, the largest global database of concerts in the world, and business card company MOO, which today serves customers in over 180 countries. It’s not just start-ups that have joined the buzz. Many of the world’s biggest technology companies – including Cisco, Vodafone, Google, Facebook and Intel – have seen the exciting opportunities offered by Tech City UK and want to be part of the success. They recognise the advantages the area offers and the potential benefits of being part of this thriving and successful centre of technology excellence. Tech City UK Companies include: TECH CITY INVESTMENT

8 “Our ambition is to bring together the creativity and energy of Shoreditch and the incredible possibilities of the Olympic Park to help make East London one of the worlds’ greatest technology Centres.” David Cameron UK Prime Minister 4 November 2010 The UK government is more focused than ever on creating the ideal environment for our own entrepreneurs, as well as welcoming the best international entrepreneurs to the UK. This is an incredibly business-friendly environment, offering a range of invaluable incentives:  Entrepreneur visas  Special entrepreneurs Capital Gains tax rate of just 10% for the first £10m  R&D tax credits of up to 225% THE UK GOVERNMENT’S COMMITMENT TO TECH CITY

9 THE PLACE: At the heart of London, the leading international business hub and the No. 1 European location for IT. THE BACKING: Commitment from Government; backing from industry, banking and academia. THE CASH: Access to London’s World-leading financial services sector and Europe’s largest VC community. THE SPEED: Cutting-edge ICT, digital and creative facilities; including those available at the Olympic Park 2012. THE TALENT: Access to an established and growing community of tech-focused companies and people. THE CONNECTIONS: World-class international transport links, with Eurostar rail terminal and major airports close by; proximity to leading technology universities. THE BUZZ: Vibrant multi-cultural commercial and social scene, creating a buzz to generate new ideas and innovation and attract the best talent. SEVEN REASONS TO INVEST

10 TECH CITY INVESTMENT ORGANISATION CONTACTS In London: Adrian Tipper – Natalie Bain – Karen Ball – Michele Davidson-Jones – Tech City Website - Email - Twitter - @techcityuk Eric Van der Kleij, CEO – TCIO

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