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Quality Assurance System

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1 Quality Assurance System

2 Steps for Creating Production Order
Define if the item ship directly to the stock

3 Steps for Creating Production Order

4 Rout Card in Production Order
Approval of RC PO number Supplying date Part name RM definition Routing, signatures & stamps Part/Dwg No. & version Qty.

5 Approval of Routing by Electronic Signatures
Route control Planning control QA control

6 Inspection Reports Item Inspection Plan

7 Inspection Reports In-Line Inspection

8 Inspection Reports Final Inspection

9 Purchasing Acceptance
Define if the item Required Acceptance Inspection

10 Inspection Reports Acceptance Inspection

11 Supplier Rating

12 First Article Inspections (FAI) – Form 1

13 First Article Inspections (FAI) – Form 2

14 First Article Inspections (FAI) – Form 3

15 Certificate of Compliance (coc)

16 Certificate of Compliance (coc)

17 MRB Sending s to the committee members

18 Supplier Corrective Action Request (SCAR)
Adding Purchase Order to the Supplier Complaints

19 MRB Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)

20 Rejection Causes

21 Rejection Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)

22 Statistical Process Control (SPC)

23 Statistical Process Control (SPC)
Gauss Curve

24 Supplier Management according to Specifications lists

25 Customer Complaint

26 Answer - Question

27 Contract Review

28 Calibration Measurable

29 ISO Reports Regulations List Seal Holders List
Changing Procedure \ Specifications \ Drawing List Seal Holders List Internal Quality Audit Result

30 ISO Reports Internal Quality Audit Checklist
Internal Quality Audit Appendix Quality Guide Confirmation Confirmed Quality Guide Distribution

31 Documents Management


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