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University of Maine ENG 317: Business & Technical Writing © 2012 Charlsye Smith Diaz, Ph.D.

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1 University of Maine ENG 317: Business & Technical Writing © 2012 Charlsye Smith Diaz, Ph.D.

2  Your work for Modules 7, 8, and 9 is to conduct a survey and report your findings. You will turn in the following assignments related to this work:  Find a Topic Worksheet  Proposal (draft & final)  Report (draft & final)  PowerPoint slide presentation w/script  This module has 3 slide presentations and 3 quizzes.  7.1: Overview of the Survey Report Project  7.2: UMaine (IRB) Rules Regarding Conducting Surveys  7.3: Writing Good Survey Questions  The textbook does not discuss how to write good surveys, so you will need to use the slides and the handouts to help you develop this skill.  The University of Maine has very specific rules for conducting surveys as part of class assignments. Slides 7.2 will go over these rules. UMaine monitors ENG 317 research (and will probably look at your survey).  When you have questions, you should consult the class message board to see if anyone else has received an answer to the same question. If not, post your question or e-mail the instructor.

3 Look for tips about finding topics as you read all the slides in Module 7

4 Measure customer satisfaction Improve services Measure employee satisfaction Determine the quality or usability of something Plan future products or services Plan improvements Determine future action Surveys might ask How will college students vote this year? What will students do during Spring Break? Surveys typically ask things that can be counted.

5 Company Logo Survey UMaine students generally or a specific group of UMaine students (seniors, biz majors, etc.) Use to launch and manage your survey Meet the requirements of the UMaine IRB (Lots more about the IRB, including what it is, 7.2.) Ask 5-6 well written survey questions (more about why just 5-6 questions in Module 7.2)

6 You project should include theese elements. Find a topic (7.1, 7.2, 7.3) Write a Presentation (Module 9) Write a Presentation (Module 9) Learn the UMaine rules for surveys (7.2) Plan your survey (7.3) Plan your survey (7.3) Write a proposal (7.3) Write a proposal (7.3) Write the report (Module 8) Plan carefully because this project is the rest of the work for this course.

7 Title Page Transmittal Letter Abstract Table of Contents Text of the Report Appendix A: Raw Survey Results Your report should be 10 pages long, organized as shown. Read and study textbook pages 320-354 to learn how to prepare each section. Front Matter Back Matter Text of the Report

8  Pew Internet & American Life Project surveyed teens about password sharing. surveyed  1/3 of online 12-17 year olds share their password with a friend or significant other and that almost half of those 14-17 do.  Do UMaine students, who are in the next oldest age group, share passwords with friends? More topic ideas in the next Slides 7.2.

9  Start thinking about your topic  Move on to Slide Presentation 7.2 Next Steps

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