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Looking into Olympics in London: Uncovering News on Female Athletes Course Lecturer: Ms. Wang Chi-Jen High School.

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1 Looking into Olympics in London: Uncovering News on Female Athletes Course Lecturer: Ms. Wang Chi-Jen High School

2 The Symbol of the Olympic Logo A. The logo of London 2012 Olympics was designed by Wolff Olins on 4th June, 2007. B. The logo of London 2012 Olympics has the word “London” on it and the shape of “2012” with Olympic rings. C. In the history of Olympics, this Logo is the first time being used for both Paralympic Games as well as Olympic Games. Olympic Rings London 2 0 1 2

3 Olympics in London, 2012 How did Olympics candidate cities get elected or eliminated? => check out from London Olympics Official Site London’s Promotion Film Promotion FilmPromotion Film London Olympics Theme Songs: => check YouTube as a reference

4 The Official London 2012 Olympics Film with the Theme Song

5 Entering the Athletic World How can athletes be qualified in competing in Olympics? What is athletes’ life in Olympic Village?Olympic Village Village.html Village.html What is the ratio of female athletes to male athletes in Olympics? Can you name any of female athletes competing in Olympics?female athletes Where are the Olympic sports venues located in London? Which event is most broadcast in Taiwan? And which event has garnered the most international media attention? What are the sports and disciplines competed in Olympics?sports and disciplines

6 News on Olympics in London BBC CNN Taipei Times

7 Study “ recorded ” history from “ Berlin 36 ” (2009) ( 柏林地下情 ) Synopsis Adolf Hitler instilled great money to support Germany holding Olympics in order to cover the fact that they intentionally wiped out the Jews. American government requested Germany to let Jewish athletes join the competition, otherwise they would boycott the Olympics in Berlin. Gretel Bergmann, a high jumper, was called upon to be trained in the Games but later was replaced by Dora Ratjen,later changed his name into Heinrich Ratjen, who was actually a male athlete.

8 Berlin '36 – Germany Trailer ( 柏林地下情 )

9 Berlin '36 / U.S. Trailer ( 柏林地下情 )

10 The Discriminations Cast upon Gretel Bergmann A. Story of Gretel Bergmann:Gretel Bergmann: Background She was Born in Jewish family but lived like a German. She was interested in sports and was later expelled to the UK because of her Jewish origin. The alleged Fact Gretel’s participation in Germany team was made to counter the international criticism on Germany’s racism. However, she was barred from competing in 1936 Olympic games. (See reference as ) B. Discriminations on Gretel Bergmann: Racial Discrimination? Gender Discrimination?

11 An Amazing Fact about Dora Ratjen A. Story of Dora RatjenDora Ratjen Background: He was born as a boy but announced as a girl and thereafter was brought up so. Until his true identity was questioned and revealed by a police, his father registered him a new male name. The alleged fact: His gender was aware by the authorities but he was forced to replace Gretel Bergmann in Olympics. B. The Truth about her: Documents suggest Nazis didn't know Dora was male,

12 A Real Athletic World--- Olympic Biases: A. Media Coverage Time and its language use: 1. The researchers discovered that women athletes "garnered more media coverage in socially acceptable sports e.g. figure skating, rather than less-acceptable team sports e.g. bobsledding and hockey (Billings)." Ironically, for at least the U.S., women were responsible for 56% of all medals won that year, yet received less than half of the coverage time. (a study done by the National Broadcasting Company Inc. (NBC) of the 2006 Torino Winter Olympics) 2. In media coverage prior to the Olympics, female athletes received 5% of the coverage, however, male athletes received 87.6%. During the Games, the women once again had considerably less coverage -25.2%- and the men had 40.2% (Korn).

13 A Real Athletic World--- Olympic Biases: B. Value Judgments: Assumptions of female physically rather inferior and the organizations reinforce the stereotypes. C. Gender-exclusive language used by International Olympic Committee e.g.: He/ mankind referring to all the people instead of using He or She =>Solution: Use “They.” e.g.: Women’s Hockey instead of Hockey (use markers) =>Results: Trivialize women’s performance or their capability in taking the position of authoritative jobs. => Suggestions: Eliminate outdated and unjust rules and remove sexist language that unnecessarily differentiating women’s athletic experiences from men’s.

14 Key words on Discriminations Gender Bias ( 姓別歧視 ) Gender Differences ( 姓別差異 ) ​ ​ differences the Hierarchy of Naming ( 階級命名 ) 8&p=%22the+hierarchy+of+naming%22&fr=yfp&u= =%22the+hierarchy+of+naming%22&d=4957788691759595&mkt=zh- TW&setlang=zh- TW&w=638f8919,e8251e47&icp=1&.intl=tw&sig=hspzfBv2G67tJoS_jhtJJA-- 8&p=%22the+hierarchy+of+naming%22&fr=yfp&u= =%22the+hierarchy+of+naming%22&d=4957788691759595&mkt=zh- TW&setlang=zh- TW&w=638f8919,e8251e47&icp=1&.intl=tw&sig=hspzfBv2G67tJoS_jhtJJA-- Athleticism ( 運動熱, 崇尚運動 ) 8&p=Athleticism&fr=yfp&u= 04915121759&mkt=zh-TW&setlang=zh- TW&w=d50f3458,77a9b144&icp=1&.intl=tw&sig=_avjsioT6YXUv8hj8kDDpQ-- 8&p=Athleticism&fr=yfp&u= 04915121759&mkt=zh-TW&setlang=zh- TW&w=d50f3458,77a9b144&icp=1&.intl=tw&sig=_avjsioT6YXUv8hj8kDDpQ-- Male Superiority ( 男性優越感 ) Female Inequality ( 女性不平等 )

15 IOC ’ s (International Olympic Committee) Assertions on Gender Equality IOC’s assertions: Any form of discrimination with regard to a country or a person on grounds of race, religion, politics, gender or otherwise is incompatible with belonging to the Olympic Movement. ty_gender_differences_and_the_Olympic_Games ty_gender_differences_and_the_Olympic_Games To act against any form of discrimination affecting the Olympic Movement. To encourage and support the promotion of women in sport at all levels and in all structures with a view to implementing the principle of equality of men and women.

16 Olympism: The Spirit of Olympic Games Three Olympic Values: 1. Respect 2. Excellence 3.Friendship Six Fields of Activities: 1. Women and sport 2. Education through sport 3. Environment 4. Development through sport 5. At grassroot level and peace through sport 6. To build a better world through sport

17 London 2012 Olympic Park: Venues

18 Appendix: Information on Ticketing

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