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PROJECT 8 (RE)VISITED PROJECT 8: (RE)VISITED Issued by: Dr. Ruhizal Roosli.

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1 PROJECT 8 (RE)VISITED PROJECT 8: (RE)VISITED Issued by: Dr. Ruhizal Roosli

2 PROJECT 8 (RE)VISITED BATU FERINGGHI: (RE)VISITED  Based on observation study (during a studio trip), analyse the ‘BATU FERINGGHI’ area in the aspects of: - Community Facility & Tourism Activities (Project 8a) - Environment & Spatial Analysis (Project 8b)  For this purpose, each group will be given a copy of A3 size Batu Feringghi Layout Plan to be used/traced in both Project 8a and Project 8b.  For both of the projects; the Key Plan, the analysed A3 size layout plan, photos, sketches and some descriptions should be composed in one A1 size catridge paper on board (one for each project).  Medium: Pen Ink, Pencil Colour/Watercolour/Marker & Photos  Lettering: Hand-Writing  Submission Date: 19.11.2012 (Monday), 9.00am at DKE48A

3 PROJECT 8 (RE)VISITED PROJECT 8a: Community Facility & Tourism Activities  For Project 8a, the presentation board should consist of: - Location (Key Plan, Location Plan & Batu Feringghi Layout Plan – not to scale) - Site Analysis i) Sun Orientation, Prevailing Wind & Rain Data ii) Views & Constraints  With photos and/or sketches, discuss the uniqueness of Batu Feringghi in terms of: - Facilities & Cultural Attraction e.g. Attractional Facilities & Identity Appearance (food, clothes and other non-physical structure) - Tourism-related Economic Activities e.g. Beach activities, street walk bazaar/hawkers stall/ business premises/enterprises

4 PROJECT 8 (RE)VISITED PROJECT 8b: Environment & Spatial Analysis  Based on Batu Feringghi Layout Plan, analyse the: - Traffic & Circulation (Vehicular & Pedestrian) - Noise & Other Pollutions - Vegetation & Buffer Zone  On the same layout plan, identify the type of building along the Batu Feringghi Beach & Main Road, and colour it (the land plot) according to the specific colours as follows: - Commercial (Blue) - Residential (Brown) - Institutional (Red) - Leisure & Recreational (Purple) - Reserved Area (Green)

5 PROJECT 8 (RE)VISITED PROJECT 8b: Environment & Spatial Analysis (continued)  With arrow leaders, SKETCH two most interesting buildings for each type of typology  Additional photos can be added to show some other interesting buildings or other natural/man-made structures.  From 5 recommended sites (marked as ‘X’ in Appendix A), choose ONE most suitable site for locating the ‘Batu Feringghi Information Centre’ (with the assumption that there is no existing building on the land plot). Then, justify the reasons why the site is chosen based on: - Location (neighbourhood, accesibility, etc.) - View - Other attractional factors  All of these Project 8b requirements should be composed in only ONE A1 size presentation board.

6 PROJECT 8 (RE)VISITED APPENDIX A (FOR PROJECT 8b) (5 recommended sites)

7 Building Typology The study or systematic classification of types that have characteristics or traits in common (Agricultural buildings, Commercial buildings # 3 Residential buildings # 4 Government buildings # 5 Industrial buildings # 6 Military buildings # 7 Parking and storage # 8 Religious buildings # 9 Transit stations # 10 Other Commercial Residential Institutional house types ( Landmarks

8 Sample of PROJECT 8a: Community Facility & Tourism Activities

9 Sample of PROJECT 8b: Environment & Spatial Analysis


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