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iNtegrating Technology for inQuery

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1 iNtegrating Technology for inQuery

2 Focus of the NTeQ Model A method for integrating computers in a lesson plan Computer used as a tool Encourage higher order thinking and processing activities Realistic context Open-end learning environment

3 NTeQ Philosophy Five basic components Teacher Student Computer Lesson

4 NTeQ and the Teacher Teachers need to experience using the computer as a tool to learn new information. Experience learning the way we want students to learn Teachers need to understand the relationship between basic computer functions and student learning. Analyze computer functions to know how it can apply to student learning Teachers need to use their knowledge of student learning and technology to design, manage, and facilitate a student-centered, multidimensional learning environment.

5 NTeQ and the Student The student is actively engaged in learning process. The student assumes the role of a researcher. The student becomes technologically competent.

6 NTeQ and the Computer As a learning tool.
An extension of what the student are able to do for themselves Computers become an integral part of the lesson Allows more time for discovery and research Use to manage, retrieve and manipulate data

7 NTeQ and the Lesson Student-centered Problem-based Authentic Dependent on the integration of technology Not used for every lesson Teacher analysis of lesson and outcomes will determine is technology integration will benefit student learning

8 The Activities The Rotation NTeQ and the Environment Clearly defined
Aligned to objectives Meet the needs of diverse learners Use resources Interdisciplinary The Rotation Efficient use of resources Student groups

9 NTeQ Lesson Plan Model Specify Objectives Computer Functions Specify
Problem Data Manipulation Results Presentation Assessment Supporting Activities Activities After Computer Use Activities Before Computer Use Activities During Computer Use

10 How does the NTeQ Model compare with a traditional classroom?
Discussion of Tables created to summarize this comparison.

11 NTeQ: Specify Objectives
Based on standards, benchmarks or curriculum materials

12 NTeQ: Match Computer Functions
Identify relationships between objectives and functions a computer can perform. Analyze…….spreadsheet or database Draw or design……..drawing or graphics software Appendix A in text for more

13 NTeQ: Specify the Problem
NTeQ Lesson uses an inquiry or problem-based approach. Students provided or identify a problem to solve Problems can come from existing lesson plans Relevant, student can relate to and understand

14 NTeQ: Data Manipulation
Students will gather data Observation Experimentation Internet search What are they expected to do with data based on lesson objectives Calculate averages, graph, sort, summarize

15 NTeQ: Results Presentation
How will students present their knowledge? Written or oral reports Newspapers Posters Web pages Books

16 NTeQ: Activities During Computer Use
How many computers are available? What activities will be completed on a computer? Clear expectations on how students will use technology

17 NTeQ: Activities Before Computer Use
Activities to prepare for computer use to make time efficient and effective Search terms to use in an Internet search Organize data for graphing Outline before writing

18 NTeQ: Activities After Computer Use
Reflective, higher-level thinking about data collected and manipulated Need to develop questions and a plan for encouraging the students to reflect and analyze

19 NTeQ: Supporting Activities
Other activities required to accomplish the objective, but do not require use of the computer Silent reading Group discussion Teacher-lead discussion Use of manipulatives Important to consider for classroom with only a few computers.

20 NTeQ: Assessment Alternative assessments

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