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SUR 111 Tracheotomy/Tracheostomy Appendectomy. Tracheotomy Tracheostomy.

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1 SUR 111 Tracheotomy/Tracheostomy Appendectomy

2 Tracheotomy Tracheostomy

3 Tracheotomy/Tracheostomy Tracheotomy temporary opening into the trachea to facilitate breathing Tracheostomy permanent opening of the trachea and creation of a tracheal stoma Must place tracheal tube with either Patient will be hooked up to a ventilator tracheostomyLong term tracheostomy may eventually be able to wean off ventilator, but maintain stoma that will function as their nose did prior to surgery

4 Tracheostomy is indicated for a patient who requires emergent or elective airway management for: –prolonged ventilator dependence –acute upper airway obstruction –chronic upper airway obstruction

5 Pathology for Tracheotomy or Tracheostomy Vocal cord paralysis Neck surgery Trauma Prolonged intubation Secretion management Cannot intubate Stridor due to tracheal blockage Sleep apnea

6 Anatomy of the Neck (From Potter PA and Perry AG: Fundamentals of nursing, ed 5, St Louis, 2001, Mosby.)

7 Anatomy of the Larynx Anterior view of the pharynx Posterior view of the pharynx (From Thibodeau GA and Patton KT: Anthony's textbook of anatomy and physiology, ed 17, St Louis, 2003, Mosby.)


9 Anesthesia General Local

10 Medications Local anesthetic: Lidocaine or bupivicaine with or without epinephrine Antibiotic irrigation

11 Positioning Supine Shoulder roll Donut headrest Pillow under knees Safety strap

12 Prep End of chin to midchest and bedsheet to bedsheet Prep of choice: Duraprep, betadine scrub and/or paint

13 Draping Towels Small fenestrated sheet (Pediatric lap sheet)

14 Supplies, Equipment, Instruments Minor basin Basic pack Pediatric lap sheet Other small fenestrated sheet Blades Suture or ties of surgeon’s choice (prn) Tracheotomy tray Tracheotomy tube (Shiley) Twill tape

15 Surgical Procedures Tracheotomy/Tracheostomy Isthmus of thyroid is divided to expose the trachea Tube is insertedTwo tracheal rings are cut, and the upper ring is partially resected. Tracheal hook pulls the trachea from the depth of the wound toward the surface (Modified from DeWeese DD: Textbook of otolaryngology, ed 6, St Louis, 1982, Mosby.)

16 Operative Sequence Discussion acheostomy&total=37&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plinde x=0 acheostomy&total=37&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plinde x=0

17 Considerations Will make sure obturator goes with patient to PACU or ICU Complications: hemorrhage, infection, damage to other structures

18 Large Intestine (Colon) Anatomy Look to page 395-404 in ST


20 Appendectomy –Removal of the appendix Appendicitis –Inflammation/infection of the appendix –Acute condition –Urgent procedure Becomes emergent procedure if ruptures –Rupture leads to peritonitis which untreated leads to death Sometimes Removed as Prophylactic Procedure (Incidental Appendectomy) in addition to other lower abdominal surgical procedures


22 Laparoscopic Appendectomy The base of the mesoappendix is coagulated using the endocoagulator (From Goldberg JM and Falcone T: Atlas of endoscopic techniques in gynecology, Philadelphia, 2001, Saunders.)

23 The appendix is attached to the mesoappendix, which is divided with scissors or ESU and ligated with vessel clips or surgical stapler

24 Laparoscopic Appendectomy, continued (From Goldberg JM and Falcone T: Atlas of endoscopic techniques in gynecology, Philadelphia, 2001, Saunders.) The endo-loop is tightened at the base of the appendix

25 Once the appendix is mobilized, it can be amputated from the cecum Two ties must be placed around the appendix between the lines of amputation

26 Laparoscopic Appendectomy, continued (From Goldberg JM and Falcone T: Atlas of endoscopic techniques in gynecology, Philadelphia, 2001, Saunders.) The appendix is excised with scissors

27 The appendix is then transected with the ESU, scissors, or surgical stapler The stapler provides additional security against leakage The specimen is brought out of the abdomen with a specimen retrieval bag

28 Loop technique: _lap-appendectomy_tech _lap-appendectomy_tech Stapler technique: _lap-appendectomy-with-stapler_tech _lap-appendectomy-with-stapler_tech

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