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Kainuu Vocational College and electrical sector 20.-21.3.2013 Kainuu Vocational College.

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1 Kainuu Vocational College and electrical sector Kainuu Vocational College

2 Kainuun ammattiopisto (KAO) secondary level school about 2130 young students and about 420 in adult eduction full time staff about 430 budget about 41 M€ Kainuu Vocational College

3 SCHOOL YEAR: 190 days

4 Some properties about KAO LAN since 1993 updated LAN: fiber connections between buildings since 1996 on-the-job learning service since 2002 Moodle2 –platform since 2011 Kainuu Vocational College

5 Study sectors Culture sector Social sciences, business and administration Tourism, catering and domestic services Social services, health and sport Technology, communication and transport Adult education Kainuu Vocational College

6 Electrical sector in KAO about 200 students 16 teachers 13 student groups/classes every teacher must have 24,5 h/week work Kainuu Vocational College

7 VOCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS IN ELECTRICAL SECTOR: electrician, 3 years automation assembler, 3 years ICT-assembler, 3 years ICT-assembler + theoretical upper secondary school, 4 years (ICT = Information and Communication Technology)

8 Kainuu Vocational College STUDY IN ELECTRICAL SECTOR GOAL: 30 % theorical work 70 % practical work

9 Kainuu Vocational College STUDY PLANS FOR ELECTRICIAN (electrician and automation assembler) MAIN PARTS OF STUDY PLAN: (credits) basics of electrical and automation technology900 hours (30) electrical and automation installations600 hours (20) electrical and energy technology600 hours (20) optional parts of study plan600 hours (20) other vocational parts of study plan600 hours (20) free optional parts of study plan 300 hours (10) (3600 hours = 120 credits)

10 Kainuu Vocational College Basics of electrical and automation technology: information technology120 hours metal works120 hours electrical technology(basics)240 hours electronics180 hours electrical installations240 hours final project1 work exam at school (900 hours)

11 Kainuu Vocational College On-the-job learning: 2 nd school year: 8 weeks (= 1 period) 3 rd school year: 16 weeks (= 2 periods)

12 Kainuu Vocational College Some achievements in electrical sector: Skills competition (Finland): * 2 nd place in electrical installations 2009 Vocational mathematics (Finland): * 1 st place 2004, 2007, 2008 * 2 nd place 2010 * 3 rd place 2011 Skills competiton (the whole world): * student of automation engineering was the finalist in Calgary Canada 2009

13 Kainuu Vocational College Achievement of Kainuu Vocational College: Quality Prize for Vocational Training 2009 (Finland) * 1 st place

14 Kainuu Vocational College FIN

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