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The Journal “Educación Química” Impact of the journal “Educación Química” on Ibero- america: An international multilanguage journal and its importance.

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1 The Journal “Educación Química” Impact of the journal “Educación Química” on Ibero- america: An international multilanguage journal and its importance in updating chemistry teaching.

2 XIX Biennial Conference on Chemical Education F Symposium “Chemistry Across Borders” F Andoni Garritz F UNAM, Mexico

3 When Educación Química was born? Between 1966 and 1974 there exist a Journal: Revista Iberoamericana de Educación Química In the nineties Educación Química was born in Mexico city: F March 1988. Development of the project F July 1989. Issue of presentation F January 1990. Volume 1, number 1

4 Objective of Educación Química F To fulfill in Iberoamerica the huge gap of communication that exists between teachers, students and chemistry professionals concerned about education.

5 Needs to cover (1989) 1) To update teachers, professionals and students 2) To explore didactics of hard-to-teach topics 3) To increase communication on chemistry 4) To promote the use of history to teach chemistry 5) To exchange exams and criteria for the assessment of chemistry learning

6 Needs to cover (1989) 6) To promote experimental science and technology teaching 7) To exchange experiences on educational research, curriculum design and assessment 8) To increase the contact and communication between the diverse educational levels 9) To debate the great problems of education 10) To promote the participation of chemistry students on the elaboration of the Journal

7 Policies F Plurality F Four languages (Spanish, English, French and Portuguese) F ‘Zero subvention’, that is, to survive with the reader’s subscription fees F To minimize the translation of papers published elsewhere and maximize original papers F At least two referees to judge each paper: –Mexican Editorial Council (1988) –International Editorial Council (1994)

8 International Editorial Council F José M. Abraham (Argentina) F Marta Bulwik (Argentina) F Gabriela de Lorenzo (Argentina) F José Claudio del Pino (Brasil) F Reg Friesen † (Canada) F Mónica Zolezzi (Canada) F Teresa Reguero (Colombia) F Patricia Acuña (Chile) F Guido Canessa † (Chile) F Marcela Arellano (Chile) F Manuel Martínez (Chile) F Lourdes Zumalacárregui (Cuba) F Cecilia Díaz (Panamá) F Lueny Morell (Puerto Rico) F Gabriel A. Infante (P. Rico) F Santiago de Vicente (Spain) F Manuel Fernández (Spain) F Vicente Talanquer (U.S.A.) F Luis Cortés (Venezuela)

9 Sections of the Journal F Alternative conceptions and conceptual change F Books’ mistakes F Chemotrivia rejecta F Chemistry and everyday life F Compuchemistry F Crib (ACORDEÓN) F Curriculum F Debate F Demonstrations F Ecochemistry F Editorial F Educational evaluation F Educational research F Exam questions F Fresh news F Hard bones to teach

10 More Sections F How to… experiment, construct, model, analyze F Interface (In between school and work) F Reviews F Science for children F Science-Technology-Society F Teachers update F To know, to experiment and to simulate F To take the dust away F Web

11 Recent published papers in English  On purpose of the 15 th anniversary of “Educación Química” we opened a special section in which we published: –Bredas, J. L., Beljonne, D., Coropceanu, V. y Cornil, J. (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA), Electro-active  - Conjugated Oligomers and Polymers: A Molecular Picture of Charge Transfer Processes, Educ. Quím., 15 [4], 388-397, 2004. –Felder, R. M. (North Carolina State University, U.S.A.), Teaching engineering at a research university: problems and possibilities, Educ. Quím., 15[1], 40-42, 2004. –Kelter, P. (Univ. de Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, U.S.A.), Assessment in Academia: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Educ. Quím., 15[2], 113-119, 2004.

12 Recent published papers in English –Wisniak, J. (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel), Francois Auguste Victor Grignard, Educ. Quím., 15[4], 425-431, 2004. –Aikenhead, G.S. (University of Saskatchewan, Canada), Research Into STS Science Education, Educ. Quím., 16[3], 384-397, 2005. –Bodner, G.M. y Bhattacharyya, G., (Purdue University, USA) A cultural approach to problem solving, Educ. Quím., 16[2], 222-229, 2005. –Chan, W. H. y Kee, W. K. (Hong Kong Baptist Universi- ty, Hong Kong), Demonstration of environmental che- mistry with microscale chemistry and a low-cost four- LED based photometer. Educ. Quím., 16[4], 510-513, 2005. –Hodson, D. (University of Toronto, Canada), Teaching and Learning Chemistry in the Laboratory: A Critical Look at the Research, Educ. Quím., 16[1], 30-38, 2005.

13 Recent published papers in English –Livneh, M. (Bar Ilan University, Israel), Experiments in “Dyes and Dyeing”. Means to better understand the nature of intermolecular forces, Educ. Quím., 16[4], 534- 539, 2005. –Mattson, B. (Creighton University, USA), Microscale Gas Chemistry, Educ. Quím., 16[4], 514-528, 2005. –Tausch, M. W. (Bergische Universität Wuppertal, Germany), Teaching Photochemistry with Microscale Experiments. A Contribution for the Ongoing Curriculum Modernisation, Educ. Quím., 16[4], 529-533, 2005. –Gruvberg, C. (Gothenburg University, Sweden), Chemistry Made Accessible for Children, Educ. Quím., 17[2], 114-116, 2006.

14 Recent published papers in Portuguese –Borges, M. N., Ribeiro, C. M. y de Souza, N. A. (Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brasil), Valorização do monitor versus diminuição da evasão na monitoria, Educ. Quím. 16[4], 586-592, 2005. –Lopes, C.V., Del Pino, J.C. Souza, D.O. y Ghilardi, V.G. (Universidade Federal do Río Grande do Sul, Brasil), Ciências naturais e química: o que pensa o professorado, Educ. Quím. 17[1], 67-76, 2006. –Wartha, E.J. y Faljoni-Alário, A. (Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brasil), El concepto de contextualiza- ción presente en los libros didácticos de química brasileños, 16[x], 151-158, 2005.

15 Foreign authors 1990-2005: 259

16 International papers per year

17 A previous frontispiece

18 Our last frontispieces

19 Welcome, Chemistry Educators from the World  As Visitors to our Electronic Page:  As Journal Promoters  As Articles’ Authors  As Referees  As Members of the International Editorial Committee  …at least, as Subscribers

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