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Update on Use of Hazus for FEMA Risk MAP Flood Risk Products Shane Parson – RAMPP PTS (URS)

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1 Update on Use of Hazus for FEMA Risk MAP Flood Risk Products Shane Parson – RAMPP PTS (URS)

2 2 Agenda  Overview of Risk MAP Non-Regulatory Products and Datasets  Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) Dataset Process AAL Data Refined HAZUS Data Composite Data Summary Data  FRA data in the Flood Risk Products Flood Risk Database Flood Risk Report Flood Risk Map

3 3 Program Product Comparisons DFIRM Database Traditional Regulatory Products

4 4 Program Product Comparisons Non-Regulatory Flood Risk Products

5 5 Flood Risk Products and Datasets Three Flood Risk Products Flood Risk Database Flood Risk Report Flood Risk Map Four Flood Risk Datasets Flood Depth & Analysis Grids Flood Risk Assessments Changes Since Last FIRM Areas of Mitigation Interest Flood Risk Datasets Flood Risk ReportFlood Risk Map Flood Risk Database

6 6 Flood Risk Assessment Data Purpose and Intended Uses  Identify Areas and Communicate Relative Flood Risk: Flood prone areas Vulnerable people and property  Provide Flood Risk $: Potential damage severity for different flood frequencies Identify locations with possible cost effective mitigation options  Improve Estimates for Flood Risk $: Losses from Average Annualized Loss (AAL) Study Refined losses from new flood study depth grids Refined general building stock data from local sources

7 7  Flood Risk Assessment Data 2010 HAZUS Average Annualized Loss (AAL) Study Data Refined HAZUS and Other Risk Analyses Data Composite Data HAZUS MH Flood Risk Assessment Flood Risk Assessment Datasets

8 8 Scope of Flood Risk Assessment Dataset  Discovery Meeting  Regulatory Products  Deployment Requirements  Metrics  Existing Hazus Studies  Available Data and Funding

9 9 AAL Study  2010 HAZUS-MH Flood Average Annualized Loss Estimation (AAL) was performed for continental U.S. using MR4  Inputs: County-wide study regions 30 meter DEM Default Census data  Final Output included: Total exposure Average Annualized Loss Annualized Loss Ratio

10 10 Flood Risk Assessment Data Refined HAZUS Analysis  Overview Depth Grids from new study areas imported into HAZUS HAZUS run for each return period, losses estimated, and annualized HAZUS results exported and stored in Flood Risk Database  Estimation of Losses Dollar Losses  Residential Loss  Commercial Loss  Other Asset Loss Percent Damage  Evaluate Building Stock  Structure and Content Considerations Business Disruption

11 11 Development of the Flood Risk Assessment Dataset in Risk MAP

12 12

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15 15

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17 17

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20 20

21 21

22 22

23 23

24 24 Average Annualized Loss (AAL)

25 25 Refined HAZUS

26 26 Composite Data

27 27 Enhanced Flood Risk Assessment Analyses  Enhancements could include: Risk Assessments at site-specific locations Incorporation of locally-provided inventory data (first-floor elevations and/or parcel data) Additional sources of flood depth grids Supplemental HAZUS analyses or other types of analyses

28 28 Coastal Considerations for Flood Risk Assessment  AAL study used separate riverine and coastal flood modeling  1 % annual chance (100-yr) only required Refined analysis (due to availability of wave height data for BFE)  Other return period losses could be estimate be deriving coastal depth grid based on stillwater elevations and estimates of wave height  Hazus coastal loss modeling only needed in locations with wave heights

29 29 FRA: Risk MAP Phase of Delivery  Flood Risk Assessment Results Draft Results : Delivered during Phase C Data Development and Sharing Final Results : Delivered during Phase G Preliminary NFIP Map Release

30 30 Flood Risk Assessment Delivered

31 31 Flood Risk Database Overview  Primary Storage Device for all Flood Risk Data Changes Since Last Firm (CSLF) Risk Assessment Flood Depth and Analysis Grids (DAGs) Areas of Mitigation Interest (AOMIs)  Stores Data to Create: Flood Risk Report Flood Risk Map  Delivered Digitally to Stakeholders

32 32 Flood Risk Assessment in FRD  L_RA_AAL: AAL Study data  L_RA_Refined: Refined analysis data  L_RA_Composite: Composite of AAL and Refined Data  S_CenBlk_Ar: Feature class that contains census block exposure data  L_Exposure: Community-based summaries of exposure data  L_RA_Summary: Community-based summaries of loss data from composite

33 33 Flood Risk Report Overview  Background: Purpose, Methods Risk Reduction Practices  Project Results Changes Since Last FIRM Depth & Analysis Grids Flood Risk Assessment (enhanced analyses)  e.g. Areas of Mitigation Interest  Summarized by Locations Communities and Watersheds

34 34 Flood Risk Report Content – Community Summaries

35 35 Flood Risk Report Section 3  Flood Risk Datasets – Risk Assessment Results

36 36 Flood Risk Map Background  The FRM’s intent is to provide a geographic summary of risks within the project area  The FRM is not a regulatory product, and is intended to focus on specifically-identified risk areas  In most cases, the FRM is created along with the FRD as companion elements to the H & H study  This integrated approach is to produce a map that requires little or no manual cartographic finishing

37 37 Flood Risk Map Flood Risk Data  Census Blocks symbolized with Risk Assessment Data

38 38 Guidance for Non-Reg Datasets & Products  Appendices to Guidelines and Standards for Flood Risk Analysis and Mapping Draft: Appendix N – Flood Risk Data Development Draft: Appendix O – Format and Standards for Non-Regulatory Flood Risk Products  Operating Guidance 1-11: Risk MAP Guidance for Incorporating Mitigation Planning Technical Assistance and Training into Flood Risk Projects 2-11: Operating Guidance for Creation of Risk MAP Products 3-11: Communicating Flood Risk with Risk MAP Datasets and Products 4-11: Risk MAP Meetings Guidance 6-11: User Guidance for Flood Risk Datasets and Products Draft: Guidance for Additional Non-Regulatory Products for Coastal and Dam Flooding Analysis  Procedure Memos PM #65: Guidance for Additional Enhanced Dataset Definitions and Flood Risk Database Standards PM #59: Guidance for Implementation of Watershed-Based Studies

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