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CONFIDENTIAL. easyJet Check Flight Management 9 February 2011.

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2 easyJet Check Flight Management 9 February 2011

3 CONFIDENTIAL Check Flight Management easyJet overview Check Flight requirement easyJet Events Internal issues Changes made Summary

4 CONFIDENTIAL easyJet Overview Low Cost Operator Bases  11 UK  6 Rest of Europe (CDG, ORY, MAD, SXF, MXP, LYS) Crew numbers  2000 Flight Deck  5500 Cabin Crew Types  A319159  A32037  B737-7008 > 2 Network  109 Destinations  500 routes  27 Countries

5 CONFIDENTIAL Check Flight Management

6 CONFIDENTIAL Check Flight requirement Boeing Fleet  Started as B737-300 operator  Merged with ‘Go’ BA-funded low cost B733 operator  Converted to all B737-700 operator  Now being phased out, last 8 reducing to 2 until 2012 Airbus Fleet  195 deliveries with more orders & options announced  Plans for 220+ aircraft fleet  Bought GB Airways BA Franchise - A320/321 Operator (16)  Lease & ex-GB aircraft being disposed/EOL  14 EZS aircraft  Original aircraft now reaching EOL

7 CONFIDENTIAL EZY Boeing Event POSITIONING FLIGHT: B737-700 End-of-lease “Shakedown” performed on positioning flight Manual Reversion needed 11.5 turns UP Noted in Check Flight documentation Not recorded in Tech Log as within limits Engineering used data provided to correct StabTrim

8 CONFIDENTIAL EZY Boeing Event ACTUAL FLIGHT: EZY Customer Demonstration schedule flown Flight combined AMM tasks with Demo Including Manual Reversion Customer Airline reps on flight Limited training for F/O Previous event: CAA recognition Subsequent event: AMM vs. CDFS

9 CONFIDENTIAL EZY Boeing Event Manual Reversion check: With STAB TRIM, AP TRIM & FLT CONTROL switches OFF: Dramatic nose-down pitch Full back stick gave -3100fpm Aircraft rolled to 60 degs AOB & control column released (CAA Check Flight Handbook) FLT CONTROL switches “reinstated” Still pitching down: 30 deg ND, 447kts, -20000fpm PAN declared Now IMC at 5600ft AMSL FLT CONTROL found OFF and now selected ON


11 CONFIDENTIAL EZY Event UK Air Accidents Investigation Board report: s/september_2010/boeing_737_73v__g_ezjk.cfm

12 CONFIDENTIAL What went wrong? Internally:  Lack of supervision or oversight  Single Capt running Boeing Check Flights  CAA procedures followed rather than AMM  Combined AMM & Customer flight Externally :  No regulatory requirements  No guidance on Demo flights  E&M handling of reports  No formal debrief with Maintenance

13 CONFIDENTIAL What was changed: Internal Safety Investigation AAIB investigation Check Flight Cell created Oversight & supervision process developed Check Flight Manual created Training & Currency requirements specified Crew requirements specified CDFS schedules redefined & derisked All Airbus Crew attended Airbus Course All flights authorised through ENG & Flt Ops

14 CONFIDENTIAL CAA FODCOM: CAA Check Flight Definitions: a)Check Flight. A post-certification flight carried out as one of the processes to ensure that the aircraft continues to comply with the applicable airworthiness requirements. b) Elective Check Flight. A Check Flight required by the operator, e.g. to fulfil part of the end of lease conditions. c) Maintenance Check Flight. A Check Flight carried out after maintenance on an aircraft to provide reassurance of performance or establish the correct functioning of a system that cannot be fully established during ground checks. d) Mandated Check Flight. A Check Flight mandated by the CAA mainly associated with the issue of a Certificate of Airworthiness (C of A) for used aircraft imported from outside the European Union.

15 CONFIDENTIAL Check Flight Supplement: 1.Definitions 2.Organisation & Responsibilities 3.Check Flight Schedules 4.Check Flight Crew Requirements 5.Preparation for, and conduct of, the Check Flight

16 CONFIDENTIAL Check Flight Supplement: Appendix AAuthorised Crews Appendix BCAA Check Flight Handbook Appendix CAirbus Check Flight Schedules C.1CAA CFS 246 (A319/320/321 – CFM) C.2 CAA CFS 275 (A319/320/321 – IAE) C.3Airbus SA-ISATM C.4Airbus New Aircraft Acceptance Appendix DBoeing Check Flight Schedules D.1CAA CFS 314 (Boeing 737-700) D.2easyJet B737 Demo Schedule Appendix ECheck Flight Authorisation Checklist EZF-001 Appendix FCheck Flight Technical Request and Authorisation Form Appendix GAirbus Simulator profile Appendix HBoeing Simulator profile Appendix ICrew Selection

17 CONFIDENTIAL Airline issues: Issues exist now Commercial pressures (not core business) Availability of Crews Location of Check Flight Positioning of Crews Airspace Engineering delays

18 CONFIDENTIAL Airline issues: TFE = ideal scenario External observer (3 rd seat): NEVER ideal conditions! Type of Check FlightCrew Maintenance3 Elective CDFS2 + Approved Observer Elective other3 (2 with HOAO approval) CAA mandated3

19 CONFIDENTIAL EZY Airbus Event Event occurred after new processes:  New Capt in Check Flight Cell  A320 IS-ATM  Low speed check  Conf Clean all satisfactory  Conf Full...

20 CONFIDENTIAL EZY Airbus Event CONF FULL Table VMIN 106kts PFD VMIN98kts Buffet felt at 101kts Full back stick not reached TableActual

21 CONFIDENTIAL EZY Airbus Event Check Flight abandoned Airbus consulted FDM data downloaded & analysed AoA values frozen 3 x AoA gauges changed Successful refly Crew had completed Airbus Course Capt very capable Correct procedures followed

22 CONFIDENTIAL Further changes: Guidance from Regulator:  Regulation not appropriate  Guidance on Demo flight schedules  General oversight of process  Recognise Operator’s current processes  Recognise Course

23 CONFIDENTIAL Further changes: Support from Manufacturers  Demo flight schedule updates  Manufacturers Courses  Continuous dialogue  Best practice from experts Support Airbus actions :  IS-ATM to Airlines  Technical Flight course  Continual support & dialogue

24 CONFIDENTIAL Summary High exposure due to Fleet changes Lack of internal & external regulation Internal changes implemented Right Crews & training are key to success Demonstrated value of correct processes But learnt the hard way!


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