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Asset Management Update Overview and Scrutiny Committee 14 th May 2013 Item 4 Appendix B 28.

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1 Asset Management Update Overview and Scrutiny Committee 14 th May 2013 Item 4 Appendix B 28

2 AMP 2021 Asset Strategy Retain Remodel Release Review & Challenge Service plans and models Financial Planning Core asset data Starting from Maintenance backlog £62m Investment need to modernise Diverse and dispersed estate Item 4 Appendix B 29

3 Delivery of the AMP 2021 Item 4 Appendix B 30

4 Core Data and Review and Challenge Item 4 Appendix B 31

5 Coed Parc Library. Suite 4, Dragon House Examples of assets: Released, Retained and Remodelled delivering : Oldcastle Offices Morien House £106,500 p.a. Sunnyside House Since 2009 64 assets have been released Accessibility improvements to over 58 facilities Release of assets not fit for purpose Delivering Fit for purpose assets Releasing Assets Remodelling Assets Item 4 Appendix B 32

6 Working with services: Wellbeing Adult Social Care Release : former day-care centre site Healthy Living HALO assets 8 sports/life centres recently leased to Halo Leisure Services Ltd The partnership is based on an outcomes based delivery model which is designed to facilitate future investment in the facilities. This is supplemented by individual lease agreements for each property. The main lease terms include: Term - 15 years with effect from 1/4/12 Rent - peppercorn Repair – Halo to undertake all repairs Remodel and Retain: Bryn Y Cae residential re-ablement Item 4 Appendix B 33

7 Working with services: Schools Modernisation Remodel New Coleg Cymunedol Y Dderwen Sharing new space dedicated community areas sports provision, which can be used outside the school day Former Ogmore comprehensive Release Land at YBC Surplus land at Coleg Cymunedol Y Dderwen Retain and Maintain facilities Delivering £11m in capital receipts… Property services are now working with the Children’s directorate to deliver a programme of disposals amounting to over £11m to help support the Council’s match funding requirement for the Welsh Government’s 21st Century Schools Programme. Item 4 Appendix B 34

8 £10,600 p.a. Unit 3, The Highwayman Office Accommodation phase 1 ~ Project Summary 2009 Direction of Travel 2012 Suite 2 Tremains Business Park £2,592 p.a. Suite 4, Dragon House £11,000 p.a. Unit 5 The Highwayman £5,500 p.a. Unit 4, The Highwayman £106,500 p.a. £13,500 p.a. Brackla House £4,500 p.a. 87 Park Street £43,945 p.a Item 4 Appendix B 35

9 Office Accommodation phase 2 and Integrated Hubs Phase 2: Retaining and Maintaining our core offices, To have sustainable, fit for purpose office accommodation with IYS completed in all of our core offices & investment decisions leading to a more efficient estate  Management and space efficiencies  Financial efficiencies and savings  Reduced CO2 emissions  Corporate facilities management.  Successful integrated working in core buildings and network hubs Item 4 Appendix B 36

10 Sharing the accommodation cost Sharing accommodation Integrated Hubs: Providing integrated social care, –Innovation Centre –Sunnyside –Pyle Life Centre –Bryncethin Depot offices –Coleg Cymunedol Y Dderwen Depots: –Joint Fleet Services: Bryncethin Developing protocols based around: Service charge payment running costs utility costs maintenance costs Capital charge cost of area occupied Item 4 Appendix B 37

11 Depots – feasibility work New joint fleet services Depot Bryncethin Review and relocation of building maintenance and highway depot facilities from Waterton to Bryncethin Parc Afon Ewenni (Waterton Master Plan) Item 4 Appendix B 38

12 Non-operational property strategy Item 4 Appendix B 39

13 Overall measures Total Assets released Total Rental Saved Capital Receipts Generated Maintenance Backlog associated with released assets CO2 Emissions reduction from released assets Carbon tax savings 64£403,487£2,566,000£8,073,2954,269.61£51,235 Assets released outcomes 2009/12 Rating Savings Total savings over 5 years from 2005 to 10 RV reductions £1,138,128 Total savings from RV (2010 to 15) reductions to date £387,541 RENTAL INCOME 2009-2012 2009-2010£1,846,795.27 2010-2011£1,917,452.84 2011-2012£1,771,649.59 TOTAL£4,615,066.69 Item 4 Appendix B 40

14 Future Focuses Item 4 Appendix B 41

15 Ongoing challenges Capital investment is often required to deliver longer term property savings and efficiencies. The current economic climate and market changes will impact on the delivery of income and capital receipts. The reduction in both the minor capital works budget and capital programme will have a negative impact on our efforts to reduce the maintenance back log. Item 4 Appendix B 42

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