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If I Were A Gift Presentation Composed By Nicholas Branigan.

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1 If I Were A Gift Presentation Composed By Nicholas Branigan

2 If I were a gift… I would be a puppy, because I’m friendly, playful, fun-sized, energetic sometimes messy, and I can be aggressive when I’m mad. I also think puppies are sweet and I would personally like to have one. I think I would be a Golden Retriever because I used to have one and I think they are the cutest and prettiest dogs Netta Pinhas

3 If I were a Gift I Would Be… a teddy bear because I love to play with little kids and I’m really good with them. I’m also soft and cuddly like a teddy bear. Little kids who love to play with teddy bears would love to receive me as a present. Natasha Rowland

4 If I were a gift I would be a… A dirt bike. I would be red, and black. I would have two wheels and have an FMF Exhaust pipe. If I were this present I would give it to myself because I want a new 250 because it is faster than my dirt bike and has better suspension and can handle better around turns. It also has bigger tires which means I can handle sand better. Nick Richman

5 If I were a gift, I would be an… Ipad. I am a huge iphone that can play apps, listen to music, and surf the internet. I would be the perfect gift for one and all Alvin Cheng

6 If I were a gift, I would be a… pair of Nike Hyperdunk 2010 basketball shoes. I would be these shoes because both the shoe and I are very much alike. I play basketball, I am fast, I am good at basketball, and I wear large sizes. Kenny Park

7 If I were a Gift, I Would be a… PS3. I can play games, go on the internet, and much more. I would be perfect for any gamer. Joel Ruditsky

8 If I were a gift I’d be… a soccer ball. I am a great soccer player and I think it represents me well. Ashkaan Khalilzadeh

9 If I Were a Gift I Would be an … SSC Aero. I could go very fast, with my v12 engine. I would give myself to myself when I can drive. Steven Zadourian

10 We Hope You Enjoyed this Presentation! Composed by Nicholas Branigan Slides Natasha Rowland Nick Richman Alvin Cheng Kenny Park Joel Ruditsky Askhaan Khalilzadeh Steven Zadourian Netta Pinhas

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