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Good morning, AGA Richmond Chapter members ! I N F O R M A T I O N M A P P I N G Presenter Michael Rider, EDP Electronic Publishing Manager March 19, 2008.

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Presentation on theme: "Good morning, AGA Richmond Chapter members ! I N F O R M A T I O N M A P P I N G Presenter Michael Rider, EDP Electronic Publishing Manager March 19, 2008."— Presentation transcript:

1 Good morning, AGA Richmond Chapter members ! I N F O R M A T I O N M A P P I N G Presenter Michael Rider, EDP Electronic Publishing Manager March 19, 2008

2 The Standard for Performance-Based Communication Information Mapping ®

3 Agenda Introduction Information Mapping Company Overview Applications of Information Mapping The Information Mapping Methodology Benefits Summary Questions & Answers

4 Research based... Cognitive sciences Human factors engineering Task analysis Functionality of information types Display technology The Information Mapping Method

5 Founded1967 RepresentationOver 30 Countries Primary CustomersFortune 1000 and Service Equivalents Information Mapping at a Glance

6 Partial List of Government Clients Department of Defense U.S. Army U.S. Air Force U.S. Navy U.S. Marine Corps Department of State Department of Agriculture Social Security Admin. Internal Revenue Service Department of Energy National Laboratories General Services Admin. FDA FDIC OCC Massachusetts California North Carolina Pennsylvania Arizona Florida Northrop/Grumman Boeing Hughes Aircraft

7 Applications Regulations Policies and Procedures Reports, Proposals and Memos User Guides and Reference Manuals World Wide Web / Intranet Publishing

8 Prehistory - 19801980-Present Volume of Information

9 Poorly organized Inaccessible Incomplete information Unclear priorities Inaccurate information Information overload Readers’ Problems

10 Getting started Large volumes of information Short time frames Readers’ needs Lack of standards Updating/Revising Lack of resources Documentation control Writers’ Problems

11 Consequences Inaccurate interpretation and misunderstandings Increased information access and retrieval time Increased rework time Difficult to audit Management/supervisor time wasted Poor decisions based on incomplete information Underutilized resources

12 Trends Reinvention Downsizing/Rightsizing Do more with less Document Reduction Advanced Communication Technologies

13 The Challenge To get the right information... to the right people at the right time in the right way.

14 Analysis Organization Presentation FinishedProduct Components of the Information Mapping Method

15 What you don’t see is: the system for analysis and organization of information the guidelines and principles for selecting the best format, and an application of research findings about how people process information. After Applying the Method

16 Overview of the Information Mapping ® Method

17 Information Mapping Tools

18 Audience Purpose Content Purpose Audience Audience Focused Communication

19 Components of Analysis People Technology Information

20 Identify the audience. What do they need to know? What are management’s goals? People

21 Who owns the information? What state is it in? What type of information is it? Information

22 What do I do? What happens? Should I or shouldn’t I?What is the data? What’s the idea? What does it look like? What is it like? ProceduresProcessesPrinciplesFacts ConceptsStructuresClassifications Z X Y Information Types

23 Understanding of... Audience Purpose of information, and Requirements for design and organization. Result of Analysis Component

24 Seven Principles Components of Organization

25 Chunking Relevance Labeling Consistency Integrated graphics Accessible detail Hierarchy of chunking and labeling Organization

26 field hockey broad reach squash truth rudder baseball luff rugby axiom metaphysics mast starboard existentialism falling off soccer aesthetics logic basketball keel teleology lacrosse Before Chunking

27 Group information into small, manageable units that the audience can easily process and comprehend. Chunking Principle

28 truthluffbroad reach squashmetaphysicsteleology baseballsoccerstarboard rudderexistentialismfalling off lacrosselogicfield hockey mastbasketballrugby axiomkeelaesthetics After Chunking

29 All information in one chunk relates to one main point based on that information’s purpose and function for the audience. Relevance Principle

30 field hockeytruthbroad reach squashaxiomluff baseballexistentialismrudder lacrosselogicmast socceraestheticsstarboard basketballteleologykeel rugbymetaphysicsfalling off After Chunking and Relevance

31 After organizing related information into manageable units, provide a label for each unit. Labeling Principle

32 field hockey squash baseball lacrosse soccer basketball rugby SportsPhilosophical Terms Sailing Terms truth axiom existentialism logic aesthetics teleology metaphysics rudder mast luff keel broad reach starboard falling off After Chunking, Relevance and Labeling

33 Using similar words, labels, formats, organizations, and sequences to present similar subject matters to specific audiences. Consistency Principle

34 Using graphics as an integral part of communication, not as an afterthought Integrated Graphics Principle Research FACTS TITLE Label 35% 30% 5% 15%

35 Communicating at a level of detail that makes needed information readily accessible and usable for multiple audiences Accessible Detail Principle

36 A standard modular structure for information Results of Organization Component

37 New units of information Presentation modes Templates Components of Presentation

38 Block: sentences, tables, charts, or graphics about a limited topic Map: a collection of related blocks about a specific topic New Units of Information

39 What is an Information Block? Information Block An Information Block is a container for relevant information that consists of one or more sentences (or tables or diagrams) about a logically coherent fragment of subject matter, and a label that describes the purpose, function or content of the Block. Presentation—Information Block

40 Information Map, Continued What is an Information Map? Information Map An Information Map is a collection of Information Blocks about a limited topic. Information Map/ Label 2 Information Block 2. Information Map/ Label 3 Information Block 3. Continued on next page Presentation—Information Map

41 Text Sentences Bulleted Lists Graphics Tables Illustrations Graphs Video Presentation Modes

42 Consistent approach for presenting information Results of Presentation Component

43 Writers will be able to Pre-plan documents Develop as a team Increase accuracy Increase access, and Maintain documents. Benefits to Writers

44 Benefits to Readers Readers will get information that is Accurate Timely Clear, and Consistent.

45 U R L S Information Mapping Home Page Commonwealth Accounting Policies and Procedures (CAPP) Manual Table of Contents

46 Questions? * * * * * Presentation to be available at your AGA member site

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