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O f f i c e C h a i r s. Pedicone Industrial Group.

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1 O f f i c e C h a i r s

2 Pedicone Industrial Group

3 The Company With its experience matured together with LAS Mobili, Forsit now represents a valid partner for all dealers and distributors who wants to present a new and exciting range of products to a highly competitive market which is often attacked by competition with no care for quality of products and services. With and operative area of 7.400 sq, 3.000 of which are covered, located in a strategic position along the middle of the Adriatic coast, the energy and flexibility typical of a company whose objective is service as well as production, Forsit is now getting ready to face the market of seating with its own brand and its own personal sales identity.

4 Mission Its mission is to optimise working conditions within the office, through the creation of comfortable, modern and technologically advanced seating and also with an excellent quality/price ratio. The Forsit Research and Development office is supported by the most advanced technologies in terms of development, engineering and industrialization of its products but delicate process of sewing and edging of the fabrics is performed entirely by hand. Assembling and fixing of the mechanisms is carried out by highly qualified personnel who also perform packaging, storage and labelling procedures. The extreme care and sever quality control carried out on each single element guarantees maximum customer satisfaction.

5 The Forsit’s Quality of Product Versatile The large colour scale, materials and models available, match the customers’ needs regarding safety, comfort and design, allowing a great fand dynamic flexibility for layouts re-organization. Unique The frequent and constant research for new materials, design and technology allow to have a large range of products to meet a range of budgets, giving all customers a great choice for their investments. Ergonomic Developing a new product, the Forsit interest is all around the person, trying to respect all the man characteristic, respecting ergonomic rules helps to Increase the productivity levels in users & staff

6 The Forsit’s Quality of Service Certificate All the models, before to be issued to the market, are severely tested by the Italian Tecnology Centre for Furniture Sector (COSMOB), certifing that Forsit’s chairs comply to all European Ergonomic Requirements Wherever, whenever and however you want Thanks to the innovative and consolidate LAS’ Logistic System, we can deliver all orders fastly worldwide, regardless the quantites. Guaranteed All the products are guaranteed for 5 years.

7 Indice prodotti forsit 01 Neo Chair 02 Hellò 03 Galassia 04 Mya 05 L-Collection 06 Lounge Area

8 Design by GIACOBONE-ROJ -Progetto CMR Web GalleryEnter

9 Design by BALDANZI & NOVELLI Web GalleryEnter

10 Design by CSR Forsit Web GalleryEnter

11 Web Gallery Design by ROBERTO MOLTENI & IVO PELLEGRI Enter

12 Kampus Formen Reale Fan Iris Fast Sirio Ecos









21 Enosi sofà E-lounge Galassia sofà Domus Helios Lounge table Foxy
















37 Ama Rome Italy Soccer Federation Fineco Bank W.T.C. Moscow Credits

38 Forsit s.r.l. - via dell’ industria, 13 - 64018 - Tortoreto (Te) - Italy - tel. +39.0861.781417 - fax +39.0861.781846 www.forsiti. it -

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