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Dr. Sarfraz Bashir, Senior Vice President, Sailkot Chamber of Commerece.

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1 Dr. Sarfraz Bashir, Senior Vice President, Sailkot Chamber of Commerece

2 Export Challenges for SMEs in Sialkot  Largest concentration of Export Oriented SMEs (Exports of about $ 900 million)  SMEs operating under pressure because of emerging quality standards and CSR issues from international buyers For Example:  Last year the largest exporter of soccer balls from Sialkot lost business due to CSR issues effecting 60,000 people of Sialkot

3 Current Strategy to meet Export Challenges  Initiatives for Skill Development  Introduction/upgradation of Technologies  Awareness and adoption of new quality standards for various markets  Promote cluster approach to increase efficiency and competitiveness

4  Cluster is a group of small firms operating in a defined geographic location, producing similar products or services, cooperating and competing with one another, learning from each other in order to overcome internal problems, setting common strategies to overcome external challenges, and reaching distance market through developed networks. Cluster Enterprises

5  Gains from clustering are through collective efficiency - comprising external economies and joint actions that facilitate growth and competitiveness of small-scale industries.  Clustering can help SMEs to mobilise human and financial resources.  Clustering raises the capacity to respond to crisis and opportunities since the capabilities of specialised clustering firms can be combined in many different ways. Benefits of Clustering

6 Joint Initiative of Sialkot Enterprises to address issues on self help basis  Business community in Sialkot has urge and missionary spirit towards development of industry, infra-structure, the city, and the social sector  The SMEs join hands for organized clustering to avert emerging challenges or crisis

7  This resulted into various projects in the social sector, infrastructure development and promotion of business activities like:  Sialkot Dry Port Trust  Road infrastructure has been improved through Sialkot City Package programme. Unique Examples of Cooperation among cluster enterprises of Sialkot

8  Sialkot International Airport.  Sialkot Sports Industry Development Centre.  Sialkot Tannery Zone.  Sialkot Business and Commerce Centre.  Product Development Centre for Composite based sports goods. Unique Examples of Cooperation among cluster enterprises - Contd.

9  SME in Sialkot Cluster have huge potential of growth.  Most vibrant and successful SME model in the country  No proper recognition by the Government or the national and International agencies in development of the industrial cluster.  Potential of manifolds growth if the industry is properly facilitated. Potential of SMEs in Sialkot Cluster

10 Request to European Commission and UNIDO for technical and financial support for enterprises of Sialkot cluster to:  Address Quality Standards and CSR issues.  Waste Water Treatment Plant for Sialkot Tannery Zone  Product Improvement and Designing  Branding, Labelling and Marketing Techniques Support Required from EU


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