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 What is  Technical Requirements  Features  Hosting  Tutorials  Security  Sites powered by Elgg.

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2  What is  Technical Requirements  Features  Hosting  Tutorials  Security  Sites powered by Elgg

3  Elgg is an open source networking platform › It provides social networking for education, businesses, and sports  It was founded by Ben Werdmuller and Dave Tosh, and has been underdevelopment since 2004  Allows users to have a public social networking site (ex. Facebook) or a private networking site (like Microsoft SharePoint)

4  Elgg can run on Apache web server, MySQL database system, and PHP interpreted scripting language › The Apache web server needs to be installed with the following modules:  Mod_rewrite  PHP 5

5  MySQL 5+ with sql_mode in standard mode (ie not in traditional or any other mode)  PHP 5.2+ needs to be installed as an Apache module (not in CGI mode or safe mode) with the following libraries: › GD (for graphics processing, eg user icon rescaling and Captcha) › JSON (for API functionality) › XML (not installed/compiled by default on all systems) › Multibyte String support (for internationalization)

6  Recommendations for plugins: › The following PHP libraries are also recommended for some plugins and extra functionality:  SOAP  DOM

7  Most of the Elgg features come from plugins.  Features from core and core plugins › User, object, file and site management › Social graph functionality (relationships between users and other users, objects and sites) › Multiple sites (or applications) per installation (coming soon) › Easy internationalization support › System-wide, tag-based searching across all content and users › Fine-grained access controls › Multiple views, allowing for mobile applications and embeddable widgets as well as the traditional web browser view › Plugin APIs

8 › Powerful theming through the plugin API › RSS and FOAF for content syndication › OpenID and LDAP for user authentication › OpenSocial › An extensible RESTful API, with results in JSON, serialized PHP or XML › AJAX through jQuery and user-definable callbacks › Easy extension for use with caching systems such as memcached, for increased system performance (experimental) › Use of multiple database connections for scalability (still in development)

9  Avatar

10  Dashboard

11  Groups

12  Profile

13  Widgets

14  File Repository

15  Message Boards

16  Pages

17  Notifications

18  Blog  Embed Media  The Wire / Microblogging  Private Messaging  Social Bookmarking  Access

19  Arvixe  A2 Hosting  HostUpon  Green Geeks

20  Hello, World widget  Simple blog tutorial  Overwriting the default index page  Build a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) plugin

21  Passwords  Session Security  Secure Forms (protect from CSRF attacks)  Filtering (protect from XSS attacks)  Escaping (protect from SQL injection attacks)

22  Password Validation  Password Salting  Password Hashing  Password Storage  Throtting  https login  Password resetting

23  Session fixation  Session Hijacking  Remember me cookie

24  Blogotronix: LatinAmerican Social Network | Red Social Latinoamericana  Budokin: Uniting Martial Arts  TGV REZO  Community@Brighton: This site is running Elgg v1.6 and is home to 60,000 students.  UnLtdWorld: UnLtdWorld is a social network aimed at connecting social entrepreneurs, social innovators and socially-minded people.  teachbox is a resource sharing network for school teachers.  Rucku Rucku: is the web's largest social network dedicated to rugby. This site is a bespoke development powered by Elgg.  Hedge Fund Community: at The space for the hedge fund and investment community.  Planet Red: Social network for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln  The Hobby Space: the perfect place to share your hobbies and explore new ones. You don’t have to already have a hobby if you want to join, you can always find one along the way  Team Webgalli: elgg turned business site

25  My CMC: This is the official community for budding doctors of CMC, Kochi  Elgg Jobs |Elgg Exchange: The ElggExchange Marketplace is a targeted destination for Elgg users that reaches a savvy group of top designers, programmers and technology talent. Find them. Connect with them. Hire them.  DicingDangers Fantasy Inn: Social network for fantasy and sci-fi fans. Includes, artwork, fanart, writing, photos, gaming and more.  a highly customized Elgg site integrated with CiviCRM, a custom CMS and Simple Machines.  the Star Wars Social Network: its like facebook or myspace for Star Wars fans!  Acta Physica: is a free social networking platform dedicated to bringing the global physics community together. It enables its users to connect and network with peers and share knowledge, ideas, problems and resources.  LiveOutThere: is dedicated to inspiring and enabling its members to engage in challenging outdoor adventure, cultivate earthly discovery, self-realization and a passion for life.  Eduspaces: The first and largest social networking site dedicated to education and educational technology. With over 20,000 active users, Eduspaces is promoting the importance of Education, worldwide. This site is powered by Elgg v0.9  Snippr: is a custom social networking site built on a heavily customised Elgg.  diveXit: This community is for Skydivers or people interested in Skydiving.

26  Dogs24: Hier geht es um Hunde. Und deren Futterknechte, Kumpels, Freunde, Besitzer - also um Dich! Mach mit und tausche Dich mit anderen aus.  EnterpriseAmbassadors: The UK's national enterprise movement  My Life Thinking  OakPages: OakPages is a community for friends and family.  Tickerheads: Share your stock, option, future, and currency trades with others and receive immediate feedback  Chukkest  The Brighton Gallery: is a free, simple, user friendly online community for creative individuals in the Brighton area to show their work, blog their thoughts, network, promote exhibitions and events, chat and have fun!  eJump  Unionbook  UHI Communities: This site is running v0.9 of Elgg.  Swatch the Club: This is a heavily modified version of Elgg.  FuseFly: Connecting homeschoolers around the world.

27  BraveTrips: Social Network for Travellers  Facebake: Social Network for the "Higher" Class  GeekNexus: Technology and Gadget Geeks and Freaks.  East London Lives: Olympics History Archive site  Playtime iCouples This site is devoted to educating the lifestyle couples about upcoming parties and events in their area.  Business Founders Network, Germany: On one hand, a lot of young people have great ideas for new businesses. On the other hand, investors are gasping for new ideas - we bring them together here!  DrLove community: is s dating community, that connect people and help others to solve love problems  Bubba Keg Tailgating Competition: This site lets teams compete in a tailgating contest.  Cayambe Libre: Local Social Network for the city of Cayambe in Ecuador  Adidas Soccer International Training: Website for soccer players in the adidas Soccer International Training program  Scene Ahead  Knowledge Center for Innovation

28  Elgg Jobs |Elgg Exchange ( The ElggExchange Marketplace is a targeted destination for Elgg users that reaches a savvy group of top designers, programmers and technology talent. Find them. Connect with them. Hire them. )

29  GeekNexus (Technology and Gadget Geeks and Freaks)

30  Today I have shared with you: › What is. › The Technical Requirements for › What Features offers › Which Hosting companies work with › What kind of tutorials are offered by › What kind of Security offers. › What Sites are powered by Elgg › demo site demo site

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