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Welcome, Lady Wolves Soccer Players & Parents! Lady Wolves Soccer Team & Parent Meeting 11/13/13.

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1 Welcome, Lady Wolves Soccer Players & Parents! Lady Wolves Soccer Team & Parent Meeting 11/13/13

2 TONIGHT’S AGENDA CUSD Mission Statement Player Contract Parent Protocol & Risk Management video info Sports Med info Coaches introductions Coaching philosophy & expectations Be Excellent Program Practice, Game & Tournament schedules How to Get Involved & Support

3 Mission of CUSD Athletics Chandler Unified School District believes that a dynamic program of student activities is vital to the educational development of the student. The Chandler High School Athletic Program should provide a variety of experiences to enhance the development of positive student habits & attitudes that will prepare them for adult life in a democratic society. Athletics should function as an integral part of the total curriculum. It should offer opportunities to serve the institution, to assist in the development of leadership skills, positive decision- making & good will, to promote self-realization, all-around growth & good citizenship qualities.

4 You are the PROUD Parent of a Lady Wolf Soccer Player!!! Welcome to the 2013-14 Lady Wolves Soccer Program! – We, the coaching staff, are SO excited to be working with your daughter this season! Player Contract – Your student-athlete received the CHS Player Contract outlining team expectations, rules, & guidelines. – This Contract NEEDS 2 signatures (student-athlete & parent/guardian)! – Please return completed to Coach Crozier (Varsity) & Coach Andrews (JV) no later than Fri, 11/15!

5 What are these PAPERS? Parent Protocol Flow-chart If you have any concerns about your daughter playing on our teams, please contact a member of the coaching staff! If in the rare case that I cannot answer a question or resolve an issue, please follow this protocol. Risk Management Video There is a 6 mins video on the District (& CHS) Schoolwires website called “Risk Management”. Please watch this video with your daughter, complete this form & return to me ASAP.

6 Sports Medicine Info Justin Deer & Ashley

7 Who are the Coaches? Coach Gothberg, Head Coach (Varsity) – – B.A. (Communication Studies) from University of Rhode Island – Received a 4-yr Athletic Scholarship & played for the University Of Rhode Island Women’s Soccer Team (2002-05) – Member of the Atlantic-10 All-Rookie Team & Atlantic-10 Conference League Champions, NCAA Tournament (2002)

8 Who are the Coaches? Coach Crozier, Assistant Coach (Varsity) – – Has taught Human Anatomy, Biology & Investigative Science at CHS for 7 years – B.S. (Kinesiology) & Masters of Education from ASU (Go Devils!) – Played soccer for La Reina High School (1993-97) & for the Conejo Valley (CA) United Soccer Club (1990-94) – Play soccer recreationally for the Indigoal women’s team – Tempe, AZ – Coaching experience: CHS Lady Wolves Freshman, JV & Varsity Tennis Coach (2013-14) Ice Hockey Assistant Coach – Arcadia High School, Notre Dame Prep & Brophy Prep (2003-07) Ice Hockey & field hockey – Camp Vega for Girls, Kents Hill, ME (2002) National Youth Sports Program at ASU (2000-02)

9 Who are the Coaches? Coach Andrews, Head Coach (JV) – – Has taught Investigative Science at CHS for 4 years – B.S. (Kinesiology) & earning her Masters in Sports Management & Administration from ASU (Go Devils, again!) – Played Varsity basketball for Mesquite & Marcos de Niza High Schools (4 years) – Coaching experience: Ran a non-profit basketball organization – Lady Royals (3 years)

10 Our Coaching Philosophy Athletics provide opportunities to model & teach sportsmanship, the power of teamwork, fairness, the gratification of hard work & determination, responsibility & accountability, discipline & the long- term benefits of fitness & exercise. We promise to… – show your daughter the respect, mentoring & care that we were shown by our coaches so they may fondly look back at their time on our team. – encourage your daughter to become the best student & athlete she can be, always placing the "student" part before the "athlete". Success in academics is a necessity to be an integral & committed teammate. – keep us together & moving forward as a team by stressing dedication to the team & school. – practice good communication in order to promote trust & fairness among the team, parents & coaching staff. – share our love of soccer & competition with your daughter, set the stage for making great memories that will last a lifetime & promote the importance of "winning with pride & losing with dignity".

11 We are the Lady Wolves!!! EXPECTATIONS: We are a TEAM so we should act, practice & play like one! Therefore, your student-athlete is expected to… – Come on time dressed with necessary equipment for practice & play! LOTS OF WATER/water bottle & a protein-rich snack for after!!! – Hydration & a healthy diet are the KEYS to fun & safety! – Make sure your child is drinking PLENTY of water (at least 3-4 16 oz. water bottles per day before practice) – Bring a positive, teamwork attitude! – Contact a coach if you know of an absence/field trip/conflict of schedules (personal lessons during our practice time not an excuse) with practice or a match. They MUST let a coach know ahead of time (e-mail, phone or stop by Rm 606-Crozier or Rm 510-Andrews). Failure to do so will result in removal from play in next game.

12 BE EXCELLENT RECOGNITION B alanced E nergetic E xamples of discipline X tra effort-giving C onfident E ndure to the finish L oving L ife-long learners E ncouraging N oble T rustworthy Each week of competitive play, the Coaching Staff will honor 1 Lady Wolf Soccer Player who has exemplified a certain “Be Excellent” quality that week. Recognition Awards will be announced & handed out during the following Mon’s practice.

13 Practice & Game Schedule Practices – Mon-Fri: 3:30 – 5:30 p.m. – Practices are subject to change & weather-dependent – In addition to on-field practice… Cross training/aerobics/dance in gym, video, community service activities Games – 1 st game: Mon, Dec. 2 vs. Mountain Pointe (Away)! Visit the CHS Lady Wolves Soccer website for a full list of matches ( 12 total games for the season JV games start @ 4:00 p.m. Varsity games start @ 6:00 p.m. – Varsity players are expected to be present & supportive of their JV teammates & vice versa! Home matches are played on ??? Will travel to & from Away matches by bus as a team

14 Tournament Schedule Tournament – Tempe Diablo Tournament Mon, 12/9 – Fri, 12/13 Tempe Sports Complex (8401 S. Hardy Drive) Pool A Monday Dec. 9 th Field #Time Corona del Sol vs. Chandler76:00pm Tuesday Dec. 10 th Field #Time Mountain Pointe vs. Chandler64:00pm Wednesday Dec. 11 th Field #Time Chandler vs. Highland64:00pm Thursday Dec. 12 th Field #Time A#1 vs. B or C Winner (low points)56:00pm A#2 vs. B or C Winner(high points)66:00pm Friday Dec. 13 th Field #Time Winner Semi #1 vs. Winner Semi #236:00pm

15 Parent Support Ways to support us: – Spectating at matches I hope you have an opportunity to come & see your daughter play! Please know that ONLY CHS AIA Coaches are allowed to “coach” during a game. If you/other non-AIA coach approaches a player during competition, the player will be disqualified & the game may be forfeited. Teams that travel together, play well together! – Please be aware that your daughter will be returning to CHS with us on the bus from all Away games. We, the Lady Wolves Soccer Program, want you to come out & support your daughter & the team!

16 Parent Support Ways to support us: – AZ Tax Credit Donation Please consider making a Tax Credit donation to Lady Wolves Soccer in your child's name. receive the tax credit money back in your AZ State Tax Return. Family & friends can donate in your child's name, too! For your convenience, donations can also be made directly online. If you do make a donation online, make sure to provide a copy of the receipt showing your CHS Girls Soccer designation & we will track & credit that amount in your child's name with the CHS Treasurer. (Tax Credit Information link) We, the Lady Wolves Soccer Program, want you to come out & support your daughter & the team!

17 Parent Support Ways to support us: – Become a Booster Help your daughter’s team by helping us raise finances needed to provide uniforms, new equipment, etc. Please see/contact Mrs. Enns if interested in becoming part of the Lady Wolves Booster Program Your help is greatly appreciated!!! We, the Lady Wolves Soccer Program, want you to come out & support your daughter & the team!

18 Parent Support Ways to support us: – Provide snacks & water Please sign up TONIGHT & mark your calendars to provide our TEAMS with snacks & water during our games! Our games begin at 4 p.m. & end around 8:00 p.m. = dinner time! Our players get hungry & thirsty during & between games! Healthy, suggested snacks & drinks: – Granola bars – Fruits & veggies – Trail mixes – Gatorade/Powerade/other sports drinks (NO energy drinks, please!) – Water We, the Lady Wolves Soccer Program, want you to come out & support your daughter & the team!

19 Let’s Play Some Soccer! Visit the CHS Lady Wolves Soccer website! – Jennifer Crozier’s Schoolwires page (Lady Wolves Soccer Info) for ALL team info Coach Gothberg E-mail: Cell: (480) 772-1784 Coach Crozier E-mail: Work: (480) 812-7712, Rm Coach Andrews E-mail: Work: (480) 812-7836 Thank you for coming tonight & please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions!!! – We look forward to a successful & fun-filled season!

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