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JEFFERSON SOCCER PROGRAM Parent/Player MeetingMeeting Tuesday, August 5 th and 8 th 6pm 2014 **This presentation will be posted on**

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1 JEFFERSON SOCCER PROGRAM Parent/Player MeetingMeeting Tuesday, August 5 th and 8 th 6pm 2014 **This presentation will be posted on**


3 To Be Covered in PAC Meeting (Monday, August 18 th )  School Policies  Transportation  Injuries and return to play guidelines  Sportsmanship  Social Media  Chemical Use  Other  Team-Specific Communication  Booster Club Liaisons

4 MEET THE COACHES  STEVE VUOLO - Varsity Head Coach  6 years at BSM  18 years at EPSC (30 seasons…12 years with 2 teams)  Played at Bucknell University and captained Wharton Business School team  RACHEL LOFTUS- JV Head Coach and Varsity Assistant Coach  3 rd year at JHS  Director of Player Development at BYSC  Captained St. Benedict’s team and earned many player and academic honors  KELLY BERGESON- Varsity Assistant Coach  3 rd year at JHS as Varsity Assistant  Coached in BYSC  Played at JHS

5 MEET THE COACHES (cont’d)  ANNA GUTKNECHT- B Squad Head Coach  1 st year at JHS  4 years at BYSC  Captained River Falls team and 4 year starter  NATALIE JIN- 9 th Grade Head Coach  1 st year at JHS  8 years in MYSA, currently coaches top U15 team at EPSC  Played at Lawrence University

6 MEET THE CAPTAINS and their PARENTS  Maggie Daggett  Parents are Kathy and Dan  Katherine Hird  Parents are Mark and Mary Kay

7 PROGRAM VISIONVISION To be the girls soccer program of choice in Minnesota PROGRAM MISSION To facilitate sensational individual and team experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime and to continue the development of soccer and personal skills that will ultimately enrich participants’ lives.

8 SOUNDS GOOD….BUT HOW DO WE GET THERE? VALUES  Honest, Direct and Respectful Communication  “Honoring the Absent”  Going to Source of Conflict  Seek to Understand before being Understood  Hierarchy of Interests  Each team will develop team-specific goals  Players need to subordinate personal interests to meet team goals. Teams may need to sacrifice to meet program goals.  Not just about results…the journey is what’s most important  Fun, Discipline, Rigor, Learning Mentality  Results will follow  Excellence in everything we do and how we conduct ourselves  Players/Parents/Coaches alike JHS Team Individual

9 TEAM SELECTION PHILOSOPHIES One eye on short term and the other on long term  Having virtually the entire varsity team be seniors is not in the long term best interests of the program.  Still, every year, we want to field the most competitive varsity team possible.  With exception of 9 th grade team, teams will be formed by player contribution to the team and not by grade  VARSITY  Best team possible  Most skilled individuals and contributors to team environment  9 th -12 th grade  Highest focus on result….playing time may be limited  JUNIOR VARSITY  Training ground for Varsity  Most skilled individuals and contributors to team environment not on Varsity  9 th -12 th grade  Must be ready to play on Varsity in case of injury or tactical need  Balanced focus on Result/Development….playing time less limited but not necessarily equal

10 TEAM SELECTION PHILOSOPHIES (cont’d)  B SQUAD  Note: NOT SOPHMORE TEAM  9 th -11 th grade  Even more focus on development…playing time will be more equal than JV  9 th GRADE (C SQUAD)  9 th graders primarily  8 th graders from programs which have a Jr. High team are not allowed to play high school soccer, unless they make Varsity.  Focus on Development with equal playing time  OTHER TOPICS  Cuts: Obviously we want to avoid but is 100% dependent on #s. A nice long term goal is the development of 9B team!  Seniors on JV and Juniors on B Squad will be done if there is mutual advantage…will be handled on case by case basis.  Varsity Players who may not get much playing time….discussions will happen as part of the team formation.

11 Program Protocols OVERARCHING GOAL: To empower high school athletes to address issues on their own. 1. Playing Time/Position Concerns  Should be addressed only between player and coach across all teams 2. Team Designation Concerns  Should be addressed by player with assigned coach after initial team meeting  Opportunity to address concerns with player, assigned coach and coach Steve after initial meeting  No parent communication until Monday, August 18 th (meeting to be arranged with parents and coach(es)). Players to be present. 3. General Coach Concerns  Should be addressed first with the coach involved with player  Schedule a meeting…never right after a match  If not satisfied, parent or player can have a meeting with Coach Steve and coach involved 4. Sensitive Coach Issues (inappropriate behavior by coach)  Contact Coach Steve or Chad Nyberg immediately

12 PLAYER OBLIGATIONS Note: This is to honor/respect your team…not due to a coach’s rule  To attend every practice session and match  Schedule all work commitments around soccer schedule (schedules are posted on website)  Manage your schoolwork to incorporate your soccer commitment  Team coach will post specific schedule on your page of website.  Communication protocol for excused misses will be at discretion of team coach  Injured players should accompany team at practices and matches (with exception of bad weather)  To come to each practice session and match physically, mentally and emotionally prepared  Getting proper sleep, eating healthy foods, having positive outlook, etc.

13 PARENT OBLIGATIONS Note: This is to honor/respect your team…not due to a coach’s rule  To behave appropriately in the stands  Cheer, do not shout out instruction  Never communicate to opposing player or referee  Be positive….it is about the experience  To support player in meeting commitments to school and team  To follow program values and communication protocols if issues surface

14 COACH OBLIGATIONS Note: This is to honor/respect your team…not due to a coach’s rule  To model behavior consistent with value statement  To communicate directly and clearly so that players and parents have understanding of expectations and logistics  Be responsive to player/parent initiated communication within the protocol  To support program vision/mission/values and guidelines provided by JHS  To keep this in perspective, prioritizing the experience of these athletes

15 LOGISTICS- REGISTRATION  Sign up on line  Must have physical in last 3 years  Can not try out if you are not registered  If you are not placed on a team in the tryout, your fee will be refunded  Assistance with on-line registration on Tuesday 7pm in computer lab

16 LOGISTICS- Tryouts  Tryouts- Bring lots of water and hydrate prior to Monday am  Monday- Wednesday WEAR YOUR PINNEY AT ALL TIMES (if lost, $12 fee)…keep it with you when you go home.  7:45-10 on grass fields  1:45-4 on turf  Thursday  7:45 on grass fields in 4x4 “uniforms” (no pinney)  1:00 pm on grass fields in white tee shirts and pinney (for program pictures)  1:45 on turf  2-4 Blue and White games  4pm Teams posted  4:30 Team Meetings (each team meets separately)  Friday  Varsity/JV/B squad practice at 8-9:30 am  Frosh team practice at 9:30-11 am  Varsity leave for Duluth at 1pm

17 LOGISTICS- Week after tryouts  Monday  Varsity- 1:30 Practice  JV and B- 11 am Scrimmage vs. Duluth East (wear pinneys, not uniforms)  JV in JHS grass  B Squad at Brookside  9 th Grade- 1 pm Scrimmage vs. Duluth East in JHS grass  ALL- PAC MEETING at 7pm at JHS Auditorium  Tuesday- rest of the week  See balance of the schedule on website

18 Transportation  Riding in another parent’s car  Need permission from own parent and driver  Download form on JHS website  Riding with own parent  Hand written note at the game is fine

19 TICKETS  Tickets will be required to watch varsity matches  Buy booster books that can be used for multiple sports  Help support MEGA BOOSTER Club  We need lights on the turf!!!  Will have a BYSC and BAA night  Details TBD


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