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Information Reach Out Session Presented by: MYS Board of Directors Jan 2013.

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1 Information Reach Out Session Presented by: MYS Board of Directors Jan 2013

2 Agenda: Introduction of Board Members; how/when I got involved with MYS Review of MYS mission and background facts Review of organization past and current structure Review of open positions Break out sessions Q&A

3 Introduction of Board Members President – Kelly Kemp Vice President – Christine Eddy Treasurer – Darlene Anderson Registrar – Jenn Blood Secretary – Dan DeSimone Intown Director – Desmond Doyle Travel Director – Bob Rowe Coach and Player Director – Matt Savoie Field Director – Dana Cooney Equipment Director – David Cass Member Relations Director – Jim Boushell

4 Mission Provide the youth of Mansfield, MA an opportunity to play soccer and be part of a team in an enjoyable, fair and safe environment. MYS strives to provide opportunities for children to develop basic and advanced soccer skills, to learn the value of team work, learn to have fun while being active and to build personal confidences. MYS creates an atmosphere where the children’s enthusiasm & excitement for soccer serve as a catalyst for its future growth. The MYS program is run successfully by volunteers who unconditionally commit their time and talents; there are no paid positions on the board of directors. History The MYS program was founded in the 1983 and started playing on fields around the schools and Memorial Park. The years since, MYS have expanded considerably by offering the sport of soccer to the growing youth population in Mansfield. This led to a vision to build a recreation complex at Plymouth Street. The development of the complex was achieved by a partnership with the town of Mansfield and MYS. Towards the partnership MYS donated a matching gift of $94,000 to develop the back and front fields. That major field development project was completed in late 2000. FOG was the third phase completed in Fall of 2010.

5 MILESTONES 30 th anniversary (2013 !!) Membership: ~ 1,100 players 850 families > 400 adult volunteers ~ 100 youth and adult referees. Program/Player Development 2005 – Adopted USYS recommended smaller game sizes; introduced 8 v 8 in travel 2007 - Adopted USYS recommended micro-dual sided for it’s youngest members Providing more individual involvement, decisions, and development 2011 - Winter, MYS introduces Futsal as a winter development program. Infrastructure 2001 – First annual Columbus Day Cup Tourney 10 Years later, 2011 126 teams (60% non-Mansfield!) Thousands of visitors during weekend to Complex and Greater Mansfield Spring 2007 - FIELDS OF GREEN Campaign kick-off to FUND, renovate & improve complex Fall of 2010 - Renovations & Turf Completed !

6 C OMMUNITY S UPPORT MYS actively gives back to the community by: Offering player fee assistance Funding (2) Annual high school scholarships Coordinating funding and enforcing the safety regulations at the complex Participating in the Mansfield Clean up event Donating to community Relay for Life event Lending equipment to community non-profit events Participating in community events such as downtown parade and fun night Donating to the food pantry Donating gently used soccer equipment to charitable organizations Special Olympics and US soccer passback program Offering families the ability to volunteer together and spend quality time together Offering members a chance to stay involved by participating in positive community activities Being a vehicle for coaches and youth peers to seek out and volunteer for the Special Olympics organization.

7 MYS more than just soccer Following the research of the Active Living Research Organization, an organization which strives to identify environmental factors and policies that influence physical activity, especially among children. Their studies report that: Regular physical activity enhances academic performance, Participation in r egular physical activity;  The habits they establish in childhood carry over to adulthood Regular physical activity has a positive impact on behavior and healthy lifestyles in youth Involvement in positive activities encourages healthy development and help children make positive choices and avoid high-risk behaviors. The environment that our youth live in can make it challenging to be physically active, MYS is striving to make “being active” easier and more readily available.

8 President TreasurerSecretaryRegistrar FundRaising Director Coach and Player Director Travel Director Boys Coordinator Girls Coordinator Travel Ref Coordinator Intown Director Intown Ref Director Equipment Director Field DirectorPR Director Tournament Director Vice President Historical Organization

9 President Treasurer Finance Statements Operational Secretary HS Scholar- ships Web Site Admin Picture Days Registrar Intown Travel FundRaising Director Event Coordinator Events Coordinator Sponsorship Renew/New Apparel Coordinator Coach / Player Director Pick Up Soccer Camp Coordin Travel Director Boys Coordinator Girls Coordinator HS Coordinator Try Out Coordinator Game Day Evaluation Coordinator Coach Eval Coordinator Intown Director U5 Coordintor U6 Coordinator U7 Coordinator U8 Coordinator U9-U11 Coordinator U14 Coordinator Referee Director Travel Ref Coordinator Intown Ref Coordinator Ref Mentor Equipment Director Field Director Operations Coordinator Town Laision Field Scheduler Public Relations /PR Director Newsletter Vice President End of Year Event CORI Coordin. Marathon game Tournament Director Newsletter Field Marshalls Fundraising/ Marketing Volunteer s Ref Assignor Placement/Schedul e/Scoring Vendors Registration New Organization

10  FundRaising Director Help our program continue its success with fund raising by leading, overseeing and coordinating creative and professional fund raising events, activities, local business sponsorships. The MYS fundraising foundation has been establish, this position drives new ideas while maintaining sponsorship base. Several limited participation positions roll up to the director position.  Event Coordinator – Lead events for MYS such as Revolution Nights, Revolution Experience, High School pizza nights, adult social get together, participation in Mansfield family fun night. Multiple coordinator positions available so no one coordinator would be overwhelmed by leading multiple events.  Sponsorship Coordinator - Primarily responsible to renew sponsorships under the direction of the Fund Raising Director.  Apparel Coordinator - Primarily responsible to lead apparel sales for MYS with the objective to raise funds for MYS as well as promote youth soccer throughout the Mansfield community. Position is under the leadership of the Fund Raising Director. placements. Responsibilities are limited to the spring season.

11 Travel Director  Travel Try Out Coordinator – Individual to organize the travel try out schedule, schedule evaluators, schedule volunteer help for check ins, communicate to members. Rolls up to Travel Director. Responsibilities are limited to end of spring season.  Game Day Evaluation Coordinator - Individual to help with coordinating game evaluations for the travel teams. Schedule volunteers, collect data, communicate with coaches. Responsibilities are limited to the spring season.  Coach Evaluation Coordinator – Individual to help with coordinating the travel team coach evaluations of players. Main responsibility is to communicate to coaches the format for evaluations, collect the data and compile it for travel director to use as input to travel placements. Responsibilities are limited to the spring season. Intown Director  Age Group Coordinator – Individual acting as a point person for a specific age group to lead team placements, coach selections and information communication under the direction of the Intown director.

12  Referee Director MYS is looking for an individual to be the point person for the MYS referee program. Fall and Spring seasons. This position is on the Board of Directors of MYS and has voting and input for policy and procedures.  Referee Mentor – Individual to lead a referee mentoring program for MYS. Includes scheduling of mentoring, collecting feedback, communicating feedback to referees, organizing referee training sessions. Field Director  Field Operations Coordinator – Individual to lead the weekly morning preparation of fields, coordinate volunteers. Position rolls up to Field Director board position.  Field Scheduler – Individual to be the point person to work with the Intown and Travel coordinator to schedule game times and field layouts. Limited to first few weeks of each season. Position rolls up to Field Director board position.  PR Director Lead efforts for MYS to communicate to membership and community. Use coordinators to help deliver a season newsletter and promote MYS in local newspapers  Newsletter Coordinator – Responsible with the guidance of the PR Director gather MYS news, articles, event calendar from board members. Publish Fall and Spring newsletters. Current software used is MS Publisher.

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