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Researchable vs. Testable Questions

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1 Researchable vs. Testable Questions

2 Researchable Question
The answer can be found in a book, magazine, or the internet You do not have to do a test or experiment to find the answer “I wonder ______________ ?”

3 Researchable Questions Examples
How do plants grow? Why are their craters on the moon? What ingredients are in coke? What to mice like to eat? How is a soccer ball made?

4 Testable Question You must do an experiment or make an observation to find the answer The answer cannot be dependent on someone’s opinion You have to be able to collect measurable data or make direct observations Should be narrow and specific

5 Testable Question Examples
Which plant grows taller in two weeks, a mustard plant or lima bean plant? Does Coke or Dr. Pepper have more sugar in it? Will a mouse go faster through amaze with cheese, crackers, or apple at the end of the maze? Which ball will roll the fastest down a hill, a tennis ball, soccer ball, or ping pong ball?

6 Activity Write a testable and researchable question for each picture book. Diary of a Fly Diary of a Worm Find some other science picture book examples

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