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August 7 th, 2013 Ready Randy’s.  Board Officers - Brad  Board Members - Brad  Fall Season Schedule - Arlene  Coach’s Responsibilities - Darian 

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1 August 7 th, 2013 Ready Randy’s

2  Board Officers - Brad  Board Members - Brad  Fall Season Schedule - Arlene  Coach’s Responsibilities - Darian  Player Code of Conduct - Darian  Parent Code of Conduct - Arlene  Conflicts - Brad  Volunteering - Brad  Weather Policy - Arlene  Concussion Policy - Darian  iSoccer - Jeff  Soccer Terms - Jeff  Team Announcements - Arlene

3  President – Brad Hildebrandt  Vice-President – Darian Blattner  Secretary – Arlene Tenner  Treasurers – Jason Zahradka & Michelle Getschel

4  Christie Carper  Alissa Hare  John Burmood  Tom Nagel  Jeff Landt  Denver Johnson

5  Registration – closes August 9 th  Anyone registering after August 1 st cannot be guaranteed a place on a team  Teams and coaches were submitted to the MYSA on August 1. Players were assigned to teams on August 6 th  Thank you for your early registration

6  Parent Meeting – August 7 th  A copy of this power point and handouts are available on our website –  Order Uniforms by August 15 th  Order your uniforms as early as possible to ensure prompt delivery  Ordering information emailed to you by 8/10/2013 from with a direct link to your players specific site. Or you can go to the site below and select your team to the left of our logo. Please look for 2013 Fall and then your team name. Your child’s name should be listed with a number that was assigned to him/her. These numbers were assigned to avoid duplicates in the age groups directly above and below them to allow for play-ups. If you would like to change your number please contact Do not change your number without first contacting the uniform coordinator.   You will also receive an email with specific login information  Players U11 and older are required to have both an orange and white jersey.

7  Practices will begin in the next two weeks  Games will begin on September 7 th  Schedule comes out late August  State tournament October 12-13 th  Annual Meeting of the NR Soccer Club  October 2013, date TBD  Election of Officers and Board Members

8  Come to practice 10 minutes early  Be ready to play with a ball, shin guards, cleats and a water bottle  Perform up to my potential  Be respectful of coaches, referees and other players  Practice good sportsmanship  Have fun whether we win or lose

9  Provide a safe and fun experience for the children to learn soccer  Communicate practice and game schedules  Communicate any changes as soon as possible  Keep lines of communication open with parents  Be at fields 15 minutes prior to practice and remain until the last child is picked up  Do not leave your child at a field unattended  Please be prompt picking your child up  It is the coach’s responsibility to make sure that only adults with a Coach Pass or Team Manager Pass is on the player side of the field during games  These Passes identify adults who have had background checks completed by the Club. Parents are requested to stay on the parent side of the field, unless there is an injury at which time the Coach will request your presence, if needed. Parents should not go onto the field or player side without the Coach or Referee permission.

10  During the game  Coaches  Coaches will assist in controlling fans  No spectator, coach or player may place himself or herself behind a goal  Coaches, assistants and non-participating players are to remain in the coaching area (technical area), which extends 10 yards on either side of the halfway line on opposite sides of the field  They also must remain at least one yard from the touchline  Players, officials, and spectators  Required to observe all MYSA and US Youth Soccer policies  Each Affiliate Member is responsible for the conduct of its players, officials and spectators and must exercise reasonable precautions against disturbances or disorderly conduct before, during and after each match  Incidents of unruly fans or uncontrolled coaches can result in sanctions including, but not limited to, fines, suspensions, forfeit of games, moving games or cancellation of schedule

11  Be respectful of the coaches, referees, and other players  Refrain from negative comments at practices and games  Set a good example of sportsmanship for the children  Have your child on time for practices and games  Let the coach know if your child will be late/absent  Cheer – don’t coach – at games.  Be positive and do not let winning or losing change your attitude. Let it be a learning experience  Be encouraging and enthusiastic to your child and team  Acknowledge good plays for both teams

12  Conflicts are a natural part of life. They will happen under even the best of circumstances  We ask that you follow the guidelines outlined in the next slides for handling conflicts within the NR Soccer Club

13  24 hour rule  It is the Coach’s job to coach the team. Please refrain from talking to the Coach with complaints before, during or after a game  After 24 hours please contact the Coach away from the players and talk to them respectfully  Coaches should also respect the 24 hour rule and make sure to handle any complaints with parents with respect and privacy

14  If, after talking to the coach, resolution has not been obtained please use the Complaint Form found on our website, (under Handouts ) and email to  Complaints are kept confidential and are reviewed only by the Board. Once a complaint is filed you will be notified that it was received and acted upon  Detailed information on the complaint and any action taken by the Board will be kept confidential, for the privacy of all involved  The Board cannot act on rumors and hearsay. That is not fair to anyone

15  All coaches, team managers and board members are volunteers. They are not paid for their time  Throughout the season and off season, there will be opportunities for parents to volunteer  We are currently looking for more coaches, assistant coaches and team managers for the Spring Season. Now is a great time to get started! Watch for contact information to arrive soon.  At this time we do not have a mandatory number of volunteer hours required. It is expected that parents volunteer for these opportunities when available  We are currently looking for interested adults to help with committees set up to work on our By-laws, Policies, Freedom Park and Coach Training.

16  Weather conditions in one location may be very different from another, especially the further apart the location are. The coaches are also responsible for communications with the opposing coach and their own team in the event of inclement weather. There may be times when you show up for a game, just to have it cancelled for weather. Coaches try very hard to prevent this from happening, but sometimes it’s just not possible.  Severe Storms – if a severe storm approaches the playing area, the game may be suspended.  Lighting and Thunder – if lightening is within 5 miles with or without hearing thunder the game or practice should be suspended. Games should not be restarted for at least 30 minutes.  Hot weather – up to 89, normal play. 90-99 mandatory 2 minute water breaks and each half shortened by 5 minutes. 100-105 mandatory 2 minute water breaks and each half shortened by 10 minutes. Over 105 – suspend play.  Cold weather – anything below 45 – allow additional clothing such as long sleeves or pants (beneath uniform), additional socks, gloves or mittens, stocking caps without straps, jackets or sweat shirts (beneath uniform). NOT ALLOWED – hooded sweatshirts, ear muffs, scarves. Below 40 shorten games 5 minutes per half. Below 35 suspend games.

17  A concussion is a form of traumatic brain injury. Because it is a brain injury it is not visible. It may result in a direct blow to the head or from an indirect blow to the body that causes various forces to affect the brain within the skull.  All coaches and officials are required to take the free CDC online training course Concussion Training for Coaches.  Coaches during practices and games (as well as officials) shall remove a player from active participation if the player exhibits the signs, symptoms or behaviors consistent with a concussion and the player is not allowed to return to play until cleared in writing by a provider trained in evaluation and management of concussions.

18  iSoccer is a web-based program that allows players to track their progress on key technical skills and encourages improvement  They earn new skill levels, receive points and iSoccer Badges  More information on iSoccer will be coming!

19 Handouts were given for the basic rules and language of soccer when you signed in Please take time to review these rules and language with your child so that we can all enjoy the game!

20  Team selection  Every effort is made so that kids play with their own age group. In the Fall, we don’t have as many kids register and it becomes necessary to combine teams, such as the U13 & U14 players. This does not mean that your U13 player will play U14 in the Spring.  At times it does become necessary to move a player up to a different age group if their parent is needed to coach the older group. It occasionally occurs that we have a number of parents willing to coach at one age group and not at another.

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