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2012 Scheduling Meeting Cal State Northridge.  Role Call - fill out sign in sheet  League Set Up  Regional Tournament Format  Rules for League  Website.

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1 2012 Scheduling Meeting Cal State Northridge

2  Role Call - fill out sign in sheet  League Set Up  Regional Tournament Format  Rules for League  Website Introduction  Chapter Spot Introduction  Scheduling  Q & A

3 Mens Premier Division Premier Men North Cal Poly Slo A St. Mary's College Stanford Men's Club Soccer Team UC Berkeley A UC Davis A UC Santa Cruz Premier Men South Cal State Northridge San Diego State A UC Santa Barbara A UCLA Men's Club Soccer University of San Diego University of Southern California Mens 2 nd Division North Men Chico State Club Soccer Nevada UC Berkeley B UC Davis B University of the Pacific Mens 2 nd Division Pacific Men Dominican University Fresno State San Jose State Sonoma State University of San Francisco Central Men Pacifica College Cal Poly Slo B Claremont Colleges Soccer Club Loyola Marymount Pepperdine UC Riverside UC Santa Barbara B South Men CSU Fullerton CSU San Marcos Long Beach State San Diego State B UC Irvine UC San Diego

4 Women’s Division Fall 2012 Premier Women North CSU Chico Cal Poly SLO Cal Women's Club Soccer Stanford Women's Club Soccer UC Davis Premier Women South CSU Fullerton Long Beach State San Diego State UC San Diego University of San Diego Premier Women Central UC Irvine UCLA Women's Club Soccer UCSB USC Women's Club Soccer Pacifica College Women’s Division Fall 2012 2nd Division Women North Dominican University SC Sonoma St. Mary's CollegeSt. Mary's College UU C Santa Cruz University of San Francisco University of the Pacific 2nd Division Women South CSUN Women's Soccer Club Team LMU Women's Club Soccer UC Riverside Women's Club Soccer

5  Men ◦ Cal Poly Slo Oct 27 th weekend ◦ 12 Teams, 4 groups of 3 ◦ 4 Teams Premier North ◦ 4 Teams Premier South ◦ 1 Team from Each 2 nd Division  Winner of Event gets Bid to Nationals  Also Open Tournament same weekend for teams that did not qualify for Regionals  Women ◦ TBD Looks like NAU ◦ Top two teams from Premier will get invited ◦ Rest of tournament format has not be determined by NIRSA  WCSA has proposed  12 team event  Top 2 teams from Premier North, Central, South, Arizona get bids  Host team, 1 team from NW, Utah, and 1 wild card team

6  Standings ◦ 3 Points for Win, 1 point for a draw, Tie breaker: Head to Head, Goal Differential, Goals Scored, Goals Allowed ◦ Relegation: Bottom Team from Each Premier Team (Men) ◦ Promotion Top Team from 2 nd Division North/Pacific and Central/South  play home away series for promotion on the weekends of 11/3 and 11/11 weekends. Aggregate scoring.  League Refs- ◦ Please contact Refs assigners as soon as possible.  Schedules ◦ League Website is final ◦ Adjustments to games must be made via Website no later than 1 week prior to game  If one needs to readjust games within 1 week, please contact  Each team will play each other once. Except Women 2 nd Division South. Play home/away  League Games must be played by 10/21/2012  See Constitution for other Rules.

7  Home Team pays for Refs, Must have 3 refs from league assigners  Home Team brings WCSA printed Rosters/Game sheets. Print out 1 day prior to upcoming games ◦ The Roster/Game Sheet has both teams rosters  Refs check in Student IDs with Team roster 15 minutes prior to kick off  Each player must have a set number for the game. No sharing jerseys, or tape allowed  Corner Flags, Nets attached to Goal, Lines Field to FIFA standards  Home Team provide Match Ball  Red Cards ◦ Player must sit out at least next game.  Signature on Roster/Game Sheet ◦ Linesman, Center Ref, Home and Away Representative signature


9 Make sure you sign after each game

10  Report Score to league via team website  Must be completed by the following Monday by noon. See Fines portion for more details Email NIRSA Regional Director your Game Scores and Ranking of Teams each week ( ◦ NIRSA has not given a format for the email ◦ Important for at large bids ◦ Cc on email to NIRSA

11 Pin was given to club on application verification email Click here to report scores

12  Email Division commissioners and cc ◦ Field conditions, uniform issues, lack of equipment, Player/Team/Fan conduct  Email Division commissioners and cc ◦ Issues with Refs, Refs not checking in ID/Rosters, etc  Division Commissioners will contact Directors for weekly meeting.  If there is a protest, the league will contact the parties involved to ask for written explanation. The league will rectified in timely manner and email the parties involved including Sports Club Directors

13 Contact your commissioners on any issues Click here to get to contact info

14   Each team has team page  Log in is your email address and pin given on registration email.  Allows you adjust roster, team pictures, kits, etc.


16  Log into your Team page  Click on edit portion for game in question ◦ Adjust time, location, field, etc ◦ Adjustments must have remark section filled  This allows for transparency of communication  If you talk on phone, follow up with remark section so written record of adjustments  All parties will get email. League, Teams, sports club directors

17 Add comments to Remarks section when adjusting games, This sends emails to teams and has written confirmation of potential changes

18  Results ◦ Log into Team website ◦ Click on Team Score Report  Roster ◦ Log into Team website ◦ Click on Team Roster  Look to make sure Player is not all ready registered

19 Edit Team Roster Make Sure player is not already in system to prevent duplicates Can Check by clicking on Team Player Pool

20  Wesley Episcopo   Great Tool to Organize Team ◦ Automatic Texting ◦ Automatic Emailing ◦ Listing of Dues and who has/has not paid ◦ Direct Deposit ◦ Scheduling Meetings ◦ Surveys/Polling for Teams


22 Chapter Spot Allows for Direct Deposit for easy due collection

23 Pick for Email or SMS to players Choose who to send message Type email/SMS

24  Template of Schedule is Up on the website  Please confirm with other team via remark section if they can play on those dates and times.

25 Red dot means games adjustment in the last two weeks

26 The league would like to thank Carlos Hernandez and CSUN Teams for setting this meeting

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