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FALL 2011 Erik Unger, Assistant Director Kevin Maurer, Graduate Assistant Ashleigh Buorkan, Program Assistant Intramural and Club Sports

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1 FALL 2011 Erik Unger, Assistant Director Kevin Maurer, Graduate Assistant Ashleigh Buorkan, Program Assistant Intramural and Club Sports Email: Phone: 334-5924

2  Paperwork  Schedule  Training Dates

3  Who is eligible  Current Students (fee paying students)  Current Faculty / Staff (with current SRC membership)  Ineligible  Professional athletes  Varsity Athletes (365 day rule)  Non-students & Fac/Staff w/o SRC membership  Suspended participants  Fail to have UNCG ID present at field/court.  Rosters  Captains are responsible for eligibility  Limited to one single-sex & one corec team.  Club Sports limits  Must notify Intramural Sports office prior to switching teams (no switching after team’s 2 nd game)

4  Game time is forfeit time!! Each team is responsible for arriving at the playing area fifteen minutes prior to game time to get signed in and ready to play.  If a team forfeits they lose their prepaid $15.00 forfeit fee. If a team forfeits two or more times during the regular season, they will NOT be eligible for the playoffs.  Forfeits due to ineligible players or unsportsmanlike conduct will result in the same penalties listed above.

5  NO Jewelry  Exception for Medical Alert  Casts are prohibited  No bandanas, pockets, sweatshirts with hoods must have the hood tucked in  Must wear athletic shoes (no metal cleats)  Shin guards may be worn (not required)

6  Suspended indefinitely until reinstated  Follow instructions on ejection notice  Submit reinstatement petition  Can be emailed or submitted on 4 th floor of SRC  Will be contacted via email to schedule reinstatement meeting  No self-imposed penalties will be accepted

7  What can be protested  Rule misinterpretation  Player eligibility  What cannot be protested  Judgment calls  Protest must be made as soon as issue occurs  Before ball becomes live again  If your team wins, the protest will be dropped

8  Please play to the best of your ability and make every effort to win within the spirit of the rules.  All participants and spectators are expected to behave in a courteous and responsible manner in victory and in defeat. Teams are responsible for their spectators.  Staff relations  Sportsmanship Rating System  To be eligible for playoffs a team must have an average sportsmanship rating of a 2.5

9 Call one captain over from each team: Inform captains that:  The captains should be the ones asking questions of the rules  Captains are responsible for the conduct of their players and spectators  No contact  Game ends on officials whistle  Review the goalie rules  Review the field dimensions and boundaries  Review any updates or announcements (i.e. Playoff availability forms) *Ask captains if they have any other questions about the rules  Decide which team will get kickoff (Even/odd or coin toss). *Winner chooses ball or side to defend  This meeting should be thorough early in the season but does not need to be as in depth as the players become more comfortable  Please do the meeting with entire team the first week


11  Two (2) twenty (20) minute periods  Running time  Clock stops for injuries and at officials discretion  Five (5) minute intermission between periods  Overtime  Regular season (shoot out)  Playoffs (5-min golden goal followed by shoot out)

12  Teams will play with a maximum of seven (7) players (six (6) + goalie) and a minimum of five (5) players (four (4) + goalie) at one time.  Team must field minimum number at all times  CoRec Modifications: CoRec teams consist of three (3) males & three (3) females and a goalie.  Goalie may be male or female  If playing shorthanded; must be at least two (2) male & two (2) female on the field at all times  Not a difference of more than 1 between male and female players on the field at any time, including goalie.  Team must wear matching colors  Goalie must wear contrasting color

13  Unlimited substitutions  Made only at a goal-kick, corner kick, goal, throw-in when your team has possession, or in case of play stopped for an injury.  No substitute is permitted for a player ordered off the field by a referee.

14  All games played on the Rec Field located adjacent to the baseball diamond

15  Sudden Death Kicks from the Penalty Mark  Coin toss to determine which team kicks first  For CoRec: 5 players. Men and women must alternate.  Everyone on the team has to shoot first before starting over  5 minute Golden Goal Period (only in playoffs)  Coin toss to determine position and sides

16  Start of game and after each goal  Ball must roll forward on first touch  Start of second half By team that did not kick-off in first half (teams switch ends)  Start overtime period  A goal may be scored directly from a kick-off

17  The keepers may use their hands in the penalty box, “Inside the 18”  No offensive player may impede the movement or view of the goalie  Fouls inside this penalty box by the defense result in a penalty kick  Goal Area = Inside the 6 yard box


19  The whole ball must cross the goal line  There must have been no violations by the offense  Goals cannot be scored on an indirect kick without a touch

20  They may use their hands in the Penalty Area.  Keepers may slide hands first, but not with their feet (Yellow card).  Teammates may pass the ball back to the keeper, however, the goalie may not touch the ball with their hands if it has been deliberately passed back (Indirect Kick).  Goalies are allowed to handle the ball if teammate uses their head or chest to direct the ball to them.

21  The decisions of the referee regarding facts connected with play are final.  Those facts include whether a goal has been scored or not and the result of the match.  Maintain safety on and around the field of play!!!

22 Regulating Contact  Outdoor soccer is a low to non-contact sport  Players must play the ball and not the player  Anytime a player moves their arms to ward off an opponent the official may call a foul

23  Both officials are responsible for their sideline and goal line  You don’t have to blow your whistle every time it goes out of bounds  USE YOUR VOICE AND POINT THE DIRECTION

24  The covering official must be on the line to make the call.  Be in position!  Which one of these balls is out of bounds??

25  Throw in occurs: Where the ball completely crosses the line Exactly where the ball goes out of bounds  Proper throw in: Both feet on ground or dragging one foot Both hands behind head  Thrower cannot: Touch the ball until another player touches it Score on a throw; Result = Goal Kick

26  Goals may be scored directly from a Direct Free Kick  Most fouls are Direct Kick  The whistling official will point the direction of the kick and the spot of the foul  Direct kicks in the box = penalty kick

27  There is no sliding or slide tackling!!!  First offense - YELLOW  Second offense for anyone on the field is a RED CARD  Result = Direct Kick

28 Indirect Kicks Indirect Free Kicks are awarded and taken from the point of the infraction:  Player cannot:  Touch the ball twice on any free kicks.  Obstruction  Kicks or attempts to kick the ball while it is in the possession of the goalkeeper (PLEASE CARD THIS PLAYER)  Dangerous play  Goalkeeper holds the ball for more than 6 seconds  Improper Substitution  Unsportsmanlike Conduct  On any indirect free kick awarded to attacking team inside the opponent’s goal area (inside 6 yard box), the spot of the free kick will be the closest location on the line of the goal area.  Goals may not be scored directly from an Indirect Kick; Result = Goal Kick

29 Dangerous Kicks  Players may not endanger other players  A player cannot raise their foot towards a players head  A player cannot lower their head towards a players foot  Dangerous Kicks are indirect fouls  Must play the ball from a standing position  No bicycle kicks

30  Advantage allows play to continue instead of stopping play to administer the foul.  Basically, advantage means you’re allowing the offense to attack even though there was a foul  Giving them a scoring opportunity  The foul did not put the offense at a disadvantage.

31  Once an Advantage call is determined, the official will declare, “Play On!” and give the advantage signal.  If the advantage materializes, the foul will be good. “Three Second Rule”  If the advantage does not materialize, the foul will be called and a restart from the original spot will be granted  Play deserving of a card should never be disregarded. The official can return and award the card after the conclusion of the play. BE PATIENT WITH THE WHISTLE.

32 ENCROACHMENT  10 yards in all directions  Player must ask for 10 yards, otherwise there is no encroachment

33 YELLOW CARDS:  2 min Penalty – power play  Player may return after a Goal  2 yellows equal an ejection RED CARDS:  Automatic Ejection  Team plays shorthanded  Player must leave the facility and must do the required reinstatement process

34  Yellow cards  Used to regulate unsporting conduct, sliding, and dissent.  Yellow cards are a way that an official cautions a player that their behavior is unacceptable.  Yellow cards carry an automatic two minute penalty. Player returns if a goal is scored in those two minutes. Max of two players in the penalty box at one time.

35  Unsporting Behavior  Dissent by word or action  Persistently infringes the laws  Deliberate Foul  Delays a restart  Encroaches on a restart  Enters the field without Official’s permission  Sliding

36  Red cards:  Automatically signal the ejection of the carded player.  Carded team will play shorthanded for the remainder of the match. The player will be ejected from the facility and must follow the reinstatement procedures.

37  Penalty kicks are taken from the designated spot  **10 Yards out**  All remaining players must remain outside the penalty box  The keeper must have their feet on the line until the ball is kicked  Shooter cannot touch it again rebounding off the post or crossbar  Can be played off the keeper  The shooter has to wait for the whistle Penalty kicks are given for direct kick fouls inside the box.

38  There are no offsides  Players cannot intentionally obstruct the view or movement of the keeper

39  Have the captain from each team (a team representative if the captain is not present) sign the game sheet  Record final score  Record sportsmanship rating (0-4)  Sign the game sheet yourself  Give the game sheet to the Intramural Supervisor on duty  Assist with cleanup if necessary

40  Stay in your primary  Trust your partner  Support your partner  Customer Service  Preventative Officiating  Call the obvious  Vocal  Explain… be precise and quick about it

41  Questions??????????????????????  Excited?????????????????????????  Still Awake?????????????????????


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