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MIAA Induction Workshop 10-15-08. WHAT IS THE MIAA? The Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association is a private, non-profit association organized.

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1 MIAA Induction Workshop 10-15-08

2 WHAT IS THE MIAA? The Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association is a private, non-profit association organized by its member schools to govern, coordinate and promote education based programs for high school students. The MIAA is self-regulating with the 370 member schools providing individual leaders to serve within the 35 MIAA governance units. Annually, more than 210,000 team positions are filled by student-athletes in 33 sports. MIAA Induction Workshop 10-15-082

3 ~ Mission Statement ~ MIAA Induction Workshop 10-15-08 The mission of the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association is to serve member schools and the maximum number of their students by providing leadership and support for the conduct of interscholastic activities which will enrich the educational experiences of all participants. The MIAA will promote interschool activities that provide lifelong and life-quality learning experiences to students while enhancing their achievement of educational goals. 3

4 Facts&Thoughts Facts & Thoughts 100,000 Losses! 100,000 Competitions 15,000 High School Coaches 213,000 Student Athletes Teachers First Over 68% of our Students 370 Public & Private High Schools 33 Recognized Sports Dues = 10% of annual required revenue Boys & Girls – Multiple Levels MIAA Induction Workshop 10-15-084

5 Twenty (20) Sports Committees MIAA Induction Workshop 10-15-08 The vast majority of the 400 school leaders who serve on these standing committees are elected by the MIAA Assembly, District Committees and statewide associations of school committees or school superintendents. Member school principals and athletic directors, coaches, game officials, and physicians serve throughout the MIAA committee structure. Gender and diversity representation is prevalent throughout.

6 WHOM TO CONTACT SPORTS BaseballWilliam Gaine BasketballS.Bryant/T. Romano Cross Country/TrackDick Baker Field HockeySherry Bryant FootballW. Gaine/P. Smith GolfBrian Halloran GymnasticsPeter Smith Ice HockeyWilliam Gaine LacrosseBrian Halloran SkiPeter Smith SoccerWilliam McGuirk SoftballSherry Bryant SwimBrian Halloran TennisWilliam McGuirk VolleyballTony Romano WrestlingWilliam McGuirk MIAA Induction Workshop 10-15-086

7 WHOM TO CONTACT ADMINISTRATIVE /GOVERNANCE ADMINISTRATIVE /GOVERNANCE Board of Directors Richard Neal Committees / GovernanceRichard Neal ConstitutionRichard Neal District Athletic Committees Richard Neal Game Officials’ - Professional Development William McGuirk Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Council Richard Neal Sports Medicine Committee William Gaine Sportsmanship Committee W. Gaine/P. Smith Tournament Management Committee Sherry Bryant Appeals, Student Eligibility Dick Baker Coaches Education – Professional Development Brian Halloran Cooperative Teams Richard Neal Distinguished Service AwardsWilliam Gaine District Committees / Workshops Richard Neal MIAA Induction Workshop 10-15-087

8 WHOM TO CONTACT ADMINISTRATIVE /GOVERNANCE - continued Eligibility Waivers Dick Baker “Bona Fide” Waiver Requests Brian Halloran/Dick Baker League Alignment Richard Neal Legal Richard Neal MSSADA Dick Baker Media Sherry Bryant Membership Richard Neal Middle School Waivers William Gaine National Federation Richard Neal Participation Survey Nancy Huntley Rules Packet Dick Baker Sanctioning:Multi-school/Interstate Competition Peter Smith Student Services W.Gaine/M.Kane/P.Smith/S.Bryant/ B.Halloran/K. Nardone Suspensions from Contests Dick Baker Tournament Formats/Publications Sherry Bryant Web Maintenance/Technology Sherry Bryant Girls and Women in Sport Sherry Bryant MIAA Induction Workshop 10-15-088

9 STAFF CONTACT INFORMATION  Dick  Nathan  Sherry  Jean  Joan  Kathy  Bill  Brian  Nancy  Mike  Bonnie  Jan  Bill  Deb  Karen  Dick  Tony  Peter  Linda MIAA Induction Workshop 10-15-089

10 Fundamental Relationships MIAA Member School Principal and/or Athletic Director Athletic/School “Community” MIAA Induction Workshop 10-15-08

11 Rule 51 – Base line Eligibility Requirements Enrolled in that school Candidate for that school’s diploma Jurisdiction of that principal (ability to suspend) Supervision of that school principal (daily attendance and achievement) MIAA Induction Workshop 10-15-0811

12 Rule 52 - Alternative School Placement 1.working for diploma at school athletic program at school attending 3.principal at school the athlete represents must be able to suspend. 4.principal also has knowledge of daily attendance and achievement 5.agreement in writing MIAA Induction Workshop 10-15-0812

13 Rule 56 - Physical Exams 1.within 13 months of the opening practice date 2.student in violation suspended # of games played in without physical MIAA Induction Workshop 10-15-0813

14 Rule 57 -Transfer Students 1.Played on varsity level or its equivalent 2.New Form 200 3.after start of the practice season 4.Council on Standards for International Travel (CSIET) EXEMPTIONS 5.necessitated by move of parents 6.entering the ninth grade MIAA Induction Workshop 10-15-0814

15 Rule 58 - Academic Requirements 1.Winter & Spring based on quarter grades 2.Fall based on full credits received for previous academic year 3.traditional schedule - 20 credits 4.four by four block - pass 2 of 4 blocks card day of issue to all parents 6.incomplete grades are not counted 7.summer ok if previously failed that year 8.grade & credit MIAA Induction Workshop 10-15-0815

16 Rule 59 - 12 Consecutive Seasons 1.clock starts when athlete first enters grade nine 2.years out of school count 3.accident or illness 4.four years of participation MIAA Induction Workshop 10-15-0816

17 Rule 60 - Age JV and varsity level 1.19 before Sept. 1, need waiver 2.19 after Sept. 1, OK freshman level 3.16 before Sept. 1, need waiver 4.16 after Sept. 1, OK MIAA Induction Workshop 10-15-0817

18 Certification of Student Eligibility *High School Principal/Designee 1.need a process within school to certify athletes 2.utilize guidance staff/coaches/students 3.check quality of data entry process 4.provide timely and accurate reports to principal 5.assume every student is ineligible until certified otherwise (e.g. transfers) MIAA Induction Workshop 10-15-0818

19 COACHES’ EDUCATION Coaches’ Education Clinics Coaches’ Education Committee Policy Development Coaches’ Workshops MIAA Induction Workshop 10-15-0819

20 COACHES’ EDUCATION – Rule 33 All new coaches (after 7/1/2005) Pass Fundamentals of Coaching within a year ($95.00) – Blended (classroom & online sessions) First aid within two years ($45.00) - (online) Sport specific within two years – each sport coached (when available) 3 graduate credits available through partnership with Endicott College ($375) MIAA Induction Workshop 10-15-0820

21 Recognized Sports & Scheduling Limits for Schools Maximum # of Competitions Boy’s SportPer SeasonPer Week Alpine Skiing163 Baseball203 Basketball203 Cross Country Track163 Football111 Golf203 Gymnastics182 Ice Hockey203 Indoor Track (Winter)163 Lacrosse203 Nordic Skiing163 Outdoor Track (Spring)163 Soccer183 Swimming182 Tennis203 Volleyball203 Wrestling202 Maximum # of Competitions Girls’ SportPer SeasonPer Week Alpine Skiing163 Basketball203 Cross Country Track163 Field Hockey183 Golf203 Gymnastics182 Ice Hockey203 Indoor Track (Winter)163 Lacrosse203 Nordic Skiing163 Outdoor Track (Spring)163 Soccer183 Softball203 Swimming182 Tennis203 Volleyball203 MIAA Induction Workshop 10-15-0821

22 OUT-OF-SEASON COACHING 1.Coaches may observe competition. 2.A coach’s high school candidates must constitute the minority of those: - taking part in any sport’s program; - competing on any team at any moment. 3.In sports individual in nature or involving a series of scoring events: candidates of that high school coach must be fewer than 50% of all those participating. 4.Coaches who give private lessons may provide that service provided: - private lessons are open to all; - candidates represent fewer than 50%; - candidates – no special consideration 5.During the academic year, no member of your coaching staff may be involved with out-of-season teams of any sport (except as permitted above) 6.During the summer only, members of your coaching staff may work with student-athletes of any sport, other than their own (and as permitted above) MIAA Induction Workshop 10-15-0822

23 Review of Select Rules #26 Statement of caution about “club teams” (See also 32.12) No upside #32 All twelve sub sections should be familiar to school athletic leaders #32.1 Association rules may only be interpreted or clarified by the Board (or staff) #32.2 Rules apply to all #32.6 No special privileges for athletes #32.7 Non member school teams must follow rules #32.7 No competition with non school teams #32.8 No private agreements between schools #32.8 No unattached participation #32.10 More stringent rules – o.k. MIAA Induction Workshop 10-15-0823

24 GOOD CITIZEN RULE 63 63.1Student-athletes may not represent their school if they are on in-house or out-of-house disciplinary suspension. A suspended student is ineligible for practice or competition for at least the number of days (or partial days) equal to the number of days of the suspension. Local policies will determine the actual days of ineligibility. (The Board of Directors suggests that policies be included in local Student Handbooks.) MIAA Induction Workshop 10-15-0824

25 WORTH REMEMBERING 1.Grade point averages (GPA) of students improve during seasons in which they are participating in athletics. 2.Overall 65% of all students are participants in MIAA interscholastic athletic programs. 3.Student-athletes have higher attendance and graduation rates than non-athletes. 4.95% of corporate officers report that they had participated in high school athletics. 5.High school athletic programs are cost effective. They typically make up one to three percent of the local school budget. 6.High school activity programs often represent the best drop-out prevention, crisis intervention, day care, and drug prevention programs which a community can offer, and the cost per student is minimal. 7.If school activity programs are to be justified they must contain fundamental educational components. Be certain such is the case in your school. MIAA Induction Workshop 10-15-0825

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