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Sir Allan MacNab Secondary School

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1 Sir Allan MacNab Secondary School
Athletic Programs of Excellence Experienced Physical Education Focus Programs For Highly Competitive Athletes

2 Welcome to Sir Allan MacNab Secondary School
AGENDA Welcome Overview of Experienced Athletics Program Designing Your Future: Athletes and Academics Course. MacNab’s Athletic Program Staff Informal Discussion Time with Teachers

3 What is an Experienced Athletic Focus Program?
The Experienced Athletic Focus Program allows students from grades 9 to 12 to participate in specialized, credit courses in : Basketball Football Soccer Volleyball

4 Who Can Participate in these Programs?
These elite courses are designed for the highly competitive athlete who wishes to focus on an intensive skills-based program. Students must already be participating in their elite sport of choice in order to opt for MacNab’s experienced physical education course.

5 Basketball The emphasis is on basketball skill development through daily agility, co-ordination and cardio drills. Aspects of the game to be covered will including leadership, sportsmanship, fitness, basketball strategy, goal-setting, team-building strategy and healthy living.  

6 Football The emphasis is on football skill development, through consistent strength, agility, and complete physical fitness drills, routines and exercises. This course will also include leadership, sportsmanship, fitness, nutrition, sports strategies, goal-setting, team-building skills and healthy living components.

7 Soccer The emphasis is on soccer skill development, including aerobic, cardio and strength training. Students will participate in daily drills, as well as weekly leadership, sportsmanship, fitness, team-building strategies.

8 Volleyball This course emphasizes students’ daily participation and development in a variety of Volleyball skills and strategies. Students will also learn about sportsmanship, leadership and team-building strategies. Healthy active living through elite and recreational sport will also be emphasized.

9 Designing Your Future: Athletes and Academics Course (GWL3O1)
This new course will be offered in 2010 and includes: NCAA Clearinghouse information SAT, ACT materials, strategies and skills Canadian & U.S. sports scholarships information Opportunities for students to create specialized sports profiles and personal career pathway portfolios. Senior Students in our experienced physical education programs are encouraged to choose this unique sports-related, athlete-orientated focus course

10 Sir Allan MacNab Secondary School’s Athletics Staff
Mr. T. Kocznur Principal Mr. D. Clark Head of Boys Physical Education Miss A. Bassett Head of Girls Physical Education Mr. D. Washington Teacher – Basketball Mr. P. Kislinsky Teacher – Volleyball Mr. P. Cooke Teacher – Football Mr. R. Parker Teacher – Soccer

11 Sir Allan MacNab Secondary Question & Answer
Informal Discussion Time with Experienced Athletic Focus Course Teachers available in the Hallway. General Questions may be directed to Mr. Kocznur or Mr. Vukosa in room 150

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