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Newsletter run by: Ms. Jana and Mme. Fera. BOOK FAIR AND BAKE SALE! Tuesday, November 18th 7:30 am to 3:30 pm High School Gym  The Kuper Elementary Library.

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1 Newsletter run by: Ms. Jana and Mme. Fera

2 BOOK FAIR AND BAKE SALE! Tuesday, November 18th 7:30 am to 3:30 pm High School Gym  The Kuper Elementary Library is hosting the Annual Book Fair and Bake Sale. Chapters will have a fantastic variety of books for all ages; please consider getting some holiday shopping done.  Following its tremendous success, we will have the Used Book tables with paperbacks and hardcovers. Come and enjoy a treat from the Bake Table while you browse.  We will also have wonderful raffle prizes including lunch for the winner and two friends as Mrs. Kotler’s guests, hockey tickets, toys, restaurant gift certificates, spa treatments, jewellery, etc. Ticket prices: 1 for $2, 3 for $5, 8 for $10. You can buy your tickets:  at the Book Fair  during the Parent/Teacher interviews, November 13th (ELP and Elementary) and November 20th (High School) Thank You for supporting our school libraries!!

3 Written by: Sabrina Vu, Lauren Ross and Sanaa Langevin This month, we interviewed Mme Maryse, a Grade 1 French teacher. This is what we’ve learned: Her favorite colour is purple and she loves Italian food. She has been teaching at Kuper for almost 17 years! Her favourite exercise is dancing. She loves having lunch or supper dates with her three sons. She has a very spoiled dog! What she enjoys the most about Kuper are the wonderful kids, teachers and parents too! The K4 classes had an amazing time at the fire station!

4 Written by: Amelia Marcellus and Ella Rountree Iroquois Village This month, the Grade 3 students went on a field trip to an Iroquois village at Site Archéologique Droulers. In their Univers social class, they are learning about La société Iroquoienne. What better way to learn about this society than to visit real long houses and see how they really lived! When they arrived, they were greeted by a huge wall protecting the village called La pallisade and the man that runs this amazing site. He was their tour guide for the day. The Grade 3s saw the smoke houses used to cook the animals they hunted. They also saw that each long house had a picture of an animal above the entrance. These animals represent the different clans living in the village. Did you know that 20 to 50 people can fit in one long house?! It takes about a year to complete a long house. They also learned a lot about how they ate, how they slept and how they survived. Before heading back to Kuper, they had a treasure hunt to test what they learnt throughout the day. It was a fantastic and very educational day!

5 The student of the month in Grade 5 is Trey Deere. He is a new student at Kuper. Trey is enjoying himself with his teacher, Ms. Gillis, and all of his new friends in 5LG. He was chosen by Ms. Gillis because she thinks he is doing a great job academically and socially, especially since he is a new student! We decided to interview him: Q: What do you do in your free time? A: I like to play sports. Q: What is your favourite sport? A: My favourite sport is lacrosse. Written by: Lauren Gale, Dianna Maltezos and Audrey Lamothe Riddles What has a face and two hands but no arms or legs? What has to be broken before you can use it? What goes up and doesn’t come back down? What gets wetter as it dries? Check Skupe next month for the answers! Meet Meagan! She is also new at Kuper. She came from Academy Marie Claire. She loves everything about Kuper! She plays ringette and softball. She has made many new friends so far. If she could have any superpower it would be to fly or have super strength. Meagan has an older sister in high school. Welcome to Kuper, Trey and Meagan!

6 Written by: Eloise Latreille, Sinead Mc Laughlin and Mennah Eldaly The Curling Club This month, Skupe interviewed Mme Gagnon for The Curling Club. Mme Gagnon has been teaching curling for five years. This year, 17 students participated in the curling club. Curling started on October 4, 2014. The students and Mme Gagnon, curl in Lachine from 9:30-11:00 am on Saturdays. Students in Grades 1-6 are welcome to join. The students learn how to slide, throw rocks, and then they play a game. On Halloween, the students curled in their costumes! What fun! Halloween Costumes Some of the great Halloween costumes this year were: Thing One and Thing Two VampiresLittle Red Riding Hood Soldiers Grade 5 students had so much fun decorating their pumpkins!

7 The Division 1 Soccer Season Girls: This year, the Division 1 soccer team had a great season! They only lost 2 games all season. All players gave it their all! At the LCC tournament, the girls won all their games on Thursday, and unfortunately lost in the semifinals on Saturday. The girls had a GREAT SEASON! Even though the girls lost in semis, they didn’t go down without a fight. They lost 1-0 in the last thirty seconds of the game, it was a heart breaker. Great job Emma Jackson (assistant captain), Isabelle Miron (assistant captain), and Cassandra Baldry (captain). Congratulations to all the girls on the team! Boys: This year, the Division 1 soccer team had a great year! They were undefeated all season! They always gave 100% effort and it paid off. At the LCC tournament, they won two games, tied one, and unfortunately lost in the semifinals. The boys had a GREAT SEASON! Even though they lost in semifinals, they played a great game. Great job Phillip Rondina (Assistant captain), and Jake Holding- Murray (captain). Congratulations to all the boys on the team! Written by: Isabelle Miron and Cassandra Baldry Click to see page 2!

8 Alexander Mario Sixta Alex’s favourite sports are soccer and hockey. He plays forward in soccer and defense in hockey. He came 39 th in the cross country run and played on the Division 1 soccer team. He tried out for Kuper’s Division 1 hockey team and hopes to make it. The Pittsburg Penguins are Alex’s favourite hockey team and he looks up to their captain, Sidney Crosby. During his free time, Alex likes to collect leaves. Alex is Italian so he LOVES pasta. Alex has a mom, Angie, a dad, David, a brother, Micheal, a sister, Christina, a dog, Kuper, and a cat, Cornilius Pumpernickle. His favourite subject is English. He loves the colour purple, plays the trumpet in band, and adores frogs. He is on the green team, and believes that they can win this year. Alex has blonde hair and just got a new hair cut. Cassandra Marie Baldry Cassandra’s favourite sports are hockey and soccer. She also enjoys running. Cassandra was the captain of the Division 1 soccer team and was very proud that her team made it all the way to semifinals. She finished 1 st in the cross country run out of 192 girls! She plays forward in soccer and defense in hockey. Cassandra’s favourite hockey team is The Chicago Blackhawks, and she looks up to Jonathon Toews and Patrick Kane. During her free time Cassandra enjoys baking. Sushi is her all time favourite food. Cassandra has a mom, Patricia, a dad, Craig, a brother, Harrison, and a sister, Mackenzie. Math is her favourite subject. She loves the colour blue, she plays the clarinet, and she has an interest in horses. Cassandra is also a big traveler. Athlete Profiles Written by: Isabelle Miron and Cassandra Baldry

9 Amazing Sidebar Gadgets! Written by: Nika Groisman and Dan Doronin There are amazing miniature apps known as Windows Sidebar Gadgets on your Control Panel. They can tell you the date, weather, currency, and lots more! You can also install different gadgets (only Windows 7 Sidebar Gadgets) by going on this website: Each gadget has different useful features. There is a calendar (with the real date!), clock (with the real time!), alarm, timer, Gmail, radio, currency and many more. There are also gadgets that you can install such as the picture puzzle and all kinds of apps like Marine Aquarium Lite and Turbomilk Pacman. You are able to browse the windows sidebar gadgets by right-clicking on your desktop or going to your Control Panel. Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet before you install the gadgets! These gadgets are very useful and nice to have around on your desktop. Just a reminder, if you have a Windows 7 operating system, you can install them by going to the link above!


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