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ERSL/SOSA League Coaches Meeting May 2013. Agenda Introduction Communications East Region Cup Schedules Team Section – Website Discipline Questions.

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1 ERSL/SOSA League Coaches Meeting May 2013

2 Agenda Introduction Communications East Region Cup Schedules Team Section – Website Discipline Questions

3 Communication model Inbound Outbound Parents & PlayersDirectors CoachesLeague Admin Club RepCoach (cc Club Rep & President) League AdminParents & Players Director

4 ERSL Pre season statistics – As of April 30 th, 2013 201320122011201020092008200720062005 # of Clubs2523 24263430-- # of team applications 198201191206699711573608544 # of withdrawn teams 2532313010410911975107 # of current teams173178175180595603592510501 # of teams yet to activate 62133923---

5 Getting ready for the new season The ERSL and SOSA League operate extensively via the web site and email To prepare your team for the season you need to: Activate your account Ask up to 3 others to also activate their account Enter your team roster, DOB and OSA # Enter your staff that may be on the Bench (max 4) Enter your players shirt #’s Familiarize yourself with the web site tools

6 Cup Overview The ER Cup

7 East Region Cup Entry Procedure Every team in the ERSL is automatically entered into the ER Cup. Any team not wishing to enter the cup must email the ERSL ( no later then May 13 th at The random draw will take on May 15th and will be posted on the website May 21 st. An email will be required to be sent to with any potential conflicts for tournament dates by May 13

8 East Region Cup Schedule Final dates are fixed There is some flexibility for the earlier rounds First round will be during a week game when there are no regular league games scheduled. 2nd round teams will have 3 weeks to arrange the games Semi-final will be last weekend in August (August 24 th /25 th ) Finals will be 3 rd weekend in September (Sept 14 th /15 th )

9 East Region Cup Finals The league office will organize the U17/18 cup finals – Sunday August 18th 1 host will be sought for Cup finals Cup (U13 – U16) – Sunday September 15 th Clubs who wish to host a final must submit an application by June 30 th 2013 Hosts will receive $500 plus expenses from the ERSL for hosting a final

10 Player Eligibility 7.0 A player shall play for only one (1) team in the ER Cup competition. Once a player has played for a team, they are tied to that team for the remainder of 2013 Cup competition. 8.0Subject to the restrictions of Article 7 in the ERSL Rules & Regulations, play up permits are allowed, but are restricted to players from the Level 4 division in the same age division, Level 5 League in the same age division, any level at a younger age group, or a Club's house league. 9.0Trial permits are not permitted in the ER Cup. 10.Temporary Registration Permits are not permitted in the ER Cup

11 Managing your schedule

12 Schedules Draft schedule will be published May 7 th Please review your team’s schedule and report any issues to or Between May 7 th and May 13 th we will correct the draft schedule Final schedule released May 14 th – no changes possible after this date The rules for requesting changes to the schedule are covered in the next slides Changes will occur over the next week as problems are identified – So continue to check your schedule Please pay special attention to game fields and game nights – they may vary from your usual Season will start Monday May 20 th

13 Managing your schedule You are responsible for managing your schedule

14 Schedule Changes SOSA / EODSA Games In the ERSL, games between SOSA and EODSA teams will be left on the regular weekday game night Teams cannot refuse to move a SOSA / EODSA game to a weekend If Teams cannot play a SOSA / EODSA game on the weekend they contact and the game will be moved to December December 31 st is a holding place until a game has been rescheduled. Teams have 2 week to set a new date for the game - the game must be played before Sept 8 th 2013

15 Schedule Conflicts If the two teams cannot agree on a date g) If the teams cannot agree on a date within 14 days of the approval of the request to reschedule, the team responsible for the initiating the reschedule process shall report the problem by email to the ERSL and include emails documenting their attempts to reschedule. The ERSL will determine if the teams have made reasonable attempts to reschedule and the following action will be taken: i.In the opinion of the ERSL, both teams made reasonable attempts - the ERSL will request three dates from the Home Team and request the Away Team to select one of the three; ii.In the opinion of the ERSL, only the Home Team made reasonable attempts - the ERSL will request one date from the Home Team and schedule the game; iii.In the opinion of the ERSL, only the Away Team made reasonable attempts - the ERSL will request one date from the Away Team at their home field and schedule the game; iv.In the opinion of the ERSL, neither team made reasonable attempts - the game will not be played, neither team will be awarded points, and each Club will be charged a $50 administrative fee.

16 Rescheduling g)An U18 team may request reschedules for games scheduled after August 20 th, due to the departure of players for college and university. These requests must be submitted within one week of the draft schedule being released; h)All teams may request to move weekday games scheduled between EODSA and SOSA teams for the entire season. These requests must be submitted within one week of the draft schedule being released; i) All teams may request to move weekday games scheduled before the fourth Friday in June where the one way travel time exceeds 75 minutes one way. These requests must be submitted within one week of the draft schedule being released. Travel time is calculated by using and entering the Club's home address for the Start address, and the address of the game field for the End address;

17 Rescheduling con’t j) A team is scheduled to participate in an ERSL Cup game 24 hours prior to a scheduled ERSL game. The Team must advise the ERSL of the reschedule request at least seven (7) days in advance of the scheduled kick off; and k) If Canada Day falls on a regular game day, all teams may request to reschedule the game. These requests must be submitted within one week of the draft schedule being released. 2013 – July 1 st is a Monday and so no games will be scheduled on this date.

18 Reschedule Requests See the Reschedule Policy in the About section for the complete details Each team is entitled to ONE reschedule The only exceptions to the ONE rule are in the Reschedule Policy which in summary is an Ontario Cup game (within 48 hours of a league game) or you have two or more National or Provincial players who will be absent Reschedules must be made via the web site tool, and must be made 6 complete days before the date of the game. A Game scheduled for Monday May 20, 2013 would require notification by midnight Monday, May 13, 2013. The tool will only show games meeting the reschedule criteria Weekend games cannot be rescheduled. There is an opportunity prior to the season to change weekend games. The only exception will be if teams wish to combine games on one weekend to lessen travel. In this case both teams must agree if it is after the season has begun. Do not make deals with your opponent. Your opponents views will have no outcome on the decision.

19 Arranging a rescheduled game a)The rescheduled game shall be rescheduled within 14 days of the approval of the request to reschedule, and must be played before the division end-of-season date as defined in the Bylaws. If the request for reschedule is for either of a team’s last two (2) regularly scheduled games, the rescheduled game must be played before the originally scheduled game date; b)Teams may not accept a reschedule, or schedule another game, on the same day they had previously asked to have a game to be re-scheduled; c)When a game is rescheduled for any reason the home team shall be responsible for initiating the reschedule process. Both teams must cooperate to complete the reschedule process; d)The teams must cooperate to establish a reschedule date. At a minimum, the Home team is required to provide three (3) dates, on at least two separate weekends, for the Away team to choose from;

20 Rescheduling – con’t e)Reschedules for U18 teams must be played before August 21 st ; f)Once the game is agreed upon: The Home team must send an email to the Away team that shall include the following details: game number; new game date home team away team field start time The Away team must forward the email to the league at or (cc the Home team) indicating their agreement. The ERSL/SOSA League now has confirmation from both teams that the date is Note: If this process is not followed the game will not be scheduled /rescheduled.

21 End of Season date The End of Season is Sunday September 8 th, 2013 No games will be played after this date except for games postponed or abandoned within 7 days of the end of season date The outcome of any games un-played will be decided by the leagues

22 Team Section - Website

23 Team Section Once you log in to the website as Team Staff there are many things you can do and need to do. We’ll cover the essential things. Game Sheets – print game sheets Suspensions – view suspensions Game Report – complete game reports Playing Up Permits – request / cancel / see status of PuPs Add to Squad – add players to team Modify Squad – modify player info Delete Player – delete a player Shirt Numbers – update to show on gamesheets Player Privacy – individually select the privacy level for a Player Modify Scorer – modify the scorer for a game Modify Shutout – modify who got the shutout Change Uniform – change uniform colours Request Reschedule – request a reschedule

24 Maintain Team Data The majority of communication with Clubs and Teams is through email – maintaining up to date contact information is essential 24.08 The e-mail shall be deemed to have been received by Teams: a)May 1 to September 15 - 72 hours after transmittal of the e-mail b)September 16 to April 30 - no e-mails will be sent to teams other than for informational purposes

25 Players and Staff Players and Team Staff are entered on the website so they can be printed on the game sheet The ERSL/SOSA League is required to verify players and staff are eligible to play To be eligible to play, both players and staff must be registered with the OSA Anyone listed on the game sheet is deemed to have played in the game It is your responsibility to ensure only registered players and staff are on the game sheet

26 Play Ups

27 Details on who is eligible are contained in the Rules and Regulations It is your responsibility to ensure that the player you request to play up meets the eligibility rules If you play a player that is ineligible it will result in a discipline hearing Only players typed on the game sheet are eligible to play No additional PuP form is required as the Play Up is printed and identified on the Game Sheet The exception is for Temporary Registration Permits (playing from Club to Club) and obtained from District Association

28 House League Call-Ups House League players to be used as Call-Ups through the website Added by Club Administrator Once added they will be available for teams to request as call-ups

29 Play Up Permits

30 House League selection

31 Play Up Permits The Coach clicks “Submit” and an email notification is sent to the Club Rep

32 Play Up Permits The approval status is displayed for the Coach

33 Play Up Permits Game sheet lists Play-Up players

34 Call Up Permits l)If a player is registered as both a competitive player and a recreational player, he/she may only be called up from the competitive team. m)If a player is registered to a team playing in an age division which is older then their true chronological age, they may be called up to a team in an age division equal to their true chronological age, provided that the team to which they are being called up plays at a higher level then the team to which the player is registered.  (As an example - A true U14 player is registered to a U15L5 team. That player may be called up to a team playing at U14L4, U14L3 and U14L1. In short, age correct, level up.)

35 Game Sheets

36 Before each game you have to create a set of game sheets These are only available via the web site The Game Sheet is the official document of the game so please ensure you complete the form accurately and completely, and make sure the referee also completes their section accurately Initial having done card check ALL bench staff shall sign the game sheets If staff or players are not on the game sheet they cannot be on the bench If players or bench staff are absent, please cross them off the game sheet Give the game sheets to the referee at least 15 minutes before kick off

37 Game Sheets – Select the Players Select the players for the game sheet Note: the PuP player is shown If you do not require the PuP you will need to go to the PuP page and delete the PuP DO NOT add PuP players to your roster

38 Game Sheets – Select the Staff Only 4 Staff can be on the game sheet and on the bench You can have more than 4 Staff sign up for your team

39 Card Inspections

40 Card inspections are not optional and MUST be carried out before kick off If a player does not have their ID Card / Player Book they are ineligible to play SOSA teams with Player Books do not require Team Roster Reports (the Player Book shows the team) If an EODSA team does not have their Team Roster Report as well as their Player ID Cards, the team is ineligible to play Any issues, have the Referee mark them on the game sheet, make sure you get a copy at the end of the game and fax it to the ERSL/SOSA League office You cannot stop a player from playing, however, issues noted on the game sheet will be investigated by the ERSL/SOSA League and will lead to discipline as required

41 Team Staff ID Cards  The OSA is now issuing ID Cards / Books for Team Staff  The ERSL/SOSA League does not have a rule requiring the checking of Team Staff ID Cards / Books  Clubs, not the ERSL/SOSA League, are responsible for selecting capable Team Staff for each game

42 Game Sheets The game sheets have been modified to list the card offences The Referee will indicate on the game sheet the offence Hearing requests must be submitted within 72 hours but now the players and coaches will know what the potential discipline is Any coaches ejected during a game also have 72 hours to ask for a Hearing – do not return to the field. A. Serious foul play B. Violent conduct C. Spits at an opponent D. Denies an obvious goal scoring opportunity by hand ball E. Denies an obvious goal scoring opportunity by foul F. Offensive or insulting language or gesture G. Receives a 2nd caution


44 Game Reporting Following the game, collect your copy of the game sheet from the referee Use this report to enter the game report via the web site You must submit your report within 24 hours As soon as both coaches have submitted a report the standings are updated So if your result is missing don’t contact the league – contact your opponent

45 Game Reporting Rule In the past many have been negligent in reporting game results so there is an amended Rule 11.1 Each Coach shall be responsible for entering the game report, including the score, cards issued by the Referee as well as the game feedback on the ERSL/SOSA League website within twenty-four (24) hours of completion of the game. If the game report is not entered within seven (7) days, the ERSL/SOSA League will utilize the game sheet received from the Referee to complete the game report.

46 Game Feedback Game feedback from coaches will continue for 2013 The ERSL will monitor the feedback and assist Clubs in correcting inappropriate conduct The ERSL will monitor the feedback and assist Districts in improving referee performance Clubs will be able to access feedback on their teams in the Club section

47 Protests If you wish to play a game under protest you must inform the referee prior to the kick off and ask him to indicate this on the game sheet Following the game you must submit the protest fee within the time stated in the Bylaws (48 hours) You will be notified if your protest is valid or not  20.06 No protests pertaining to the decision of the game official shall be entertained.  20.07 Objections to field conditions, goalposts, balls or team colours, shall not be considered as grounds for a protest.

48 Coach Certification

49 In accordance with the OSA rules, all Team Head Coaches and Team Assistant Coaches, coaching teams that are playing in the ERSL/SOSA League are required to have completed the required coaching certification courses specific to their age group, Respect In Soccer and Making Ethical Decisions.

50 Discipline

51 The OSA Discipline policies and procedures are used in the OSA There are 2 processes Discipline by review (DBR) Discipline by hearing (DBH) Following a red card the player can request a hearing within 72 hours of the game, otherwise a discipline by review occurs The league may also request that the individual attend a hearing

52 Coach Ejections Discipline In previous years, the ERSL/SOSA League has always required coaches to come to a hearing Some of the OSA discipline rules covering a coach’s ejection, permit DBR and do not require a hearing In 2013, the ERSL/SOSA League may elect DBR, where permitted Therefore, if a Coach wants a hearing, it must be requested in accordance with the rules (within 72 hours of the game) Once DBR takes place, there is no appeal or ability to request a hearing

53 Discipline by review (DBR) The ERSL/SOSA League Discipline Committee will review all red and yellow card reports and issue a suspension according to the OSA policy The most common suspensions are shown on the web site You can not appeal the outcome of a DBR decision In 2013, if the OSA rules permit, the ERSL/SOSA League will use DBR is possible

54 Discipline by hearing (DBH) Discipline hearings are held when required in either Ottawa or Kingston. The hearing dates for 2013 are posted in a news story on your home page website. At least 3 people will sit on the panel You have to pay a $50 fee to request a hearing. It is only returned if the individual is found not guilty You can appeal the outcome of a DBH decision

55 Suspensions The league will tell you when a player is suspended Do not sit out a player and then expect that to count in a suspension A coach will receive email notification of a suspension giving instructions of how he can retrieve the letter from the web site The game sheets will also indicate all suspended players on your team Where disciplinary action results is a suspension, the suspension shall not commence prior to seven (7) calendar days from the issue of the notice of discipline. For example, a player issued with a suspension notice on Friday would serve the suspension for the game(s) scheduled on or after the following Friday.

56 2013 ERSL Rule Changes The following rule changes were made for the 2013 season:  5.3 All players shall be in possession of a valid OSA Registrant Book, or a valid OSA ID Card.  7.1c) A Level 3 player may be called up to a Level 4 team, or a Level 3 team, in a higher Age Group.  j) A team may not use more than three (3) call-up players (including any players playing on a Temporary Registration Permit) in any one League game.  8.5 When a game sheet cannot be printed from the ERSL League Management System due to technical difficulties, the affected team shall create a hand written game sheet, modify a copy of an old game sheet or use the OSA Team Roster Report and add the additional game information. The ERSL will manually verify the registration status and eligibility of the listed players.  14.2 Only 18 players, and a maximum of four (4) Team Officials, are permitted to sit on the Team bench or within the designated technical area. All substitute players and Team Officials shall confine themselves to their designated technical or bench area as defined in 14.01. The set-up and/or operation of video cameras, still or digital cameras, or other similar equipment in the technical area, on the side of the field which includes the technical areas, or behind the goals is specifically prohibited.

57 SOSA League Rule Changes U9, U10 and U11 divisions – there will be no standings posted on the website.

58 Questions Any questions?

59 Adjournment Have a Great Season

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