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1 The East Ohio Youth Soccer Coaching Consortium Inaugural Meeting December 9, 2008.

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1 1 The East Ohio Youth Soccer Coaching Consortium Inaugural Meeting December 9, 2008

2 2 Get to know our Regional Members Billy Blake- Director of Blake’s HPST, BSA, Girl’s Varsity Coach DHS Joe Snyder- BSA Staff Trainer, Girl’s Varsity Asst. Coach DHS Shelly Snyder- YMCA Youth Program Director Mary Marshall- Parent & NPYSA Mike Harrington- DSA Executive Board Member, Coach, Parent John Marshall- Parent, NPYSA Coach Stephen Sullivan- Parent Mark DeVault- YMCA and NPYSA Coach Brennen Endres- Parent Mark Harr- NPYSA Coach Rod Simmons- Boy’s Soccer Varsity Coach Dover High School David Schlosser- Parent, YMCA Coach Chuck Neal- President of Tuscarawas United Soccer Association, Coach Harriet Sabo- Parent James Duling- OHSAA Referee Bob Davis- Coach Tobi Mathias- Boy’s Asst. Coach DHS

3 3 Introducing our National Affiliate Members Antonio Carvallo- Professional Coach/Trainer Alexandria Soccer Association, Former Collegiate and Professional Player Jon Cameron- Coach and Club Administrator Alexandria Soccer Association Fabio Diletti- President of Cugini Soccer, Former Professional Player for AC Parma, Italian Serie A League Gordan Miller- Technical Director, Virginia Youth Soccer Assoc. Len Oliver- DCSSL Director of Coaching, Former US National and World Cup Team Member John Tkach- USA Today Sports Editor, & Loudon Youth Soccer Association Official, provided media coverage for three world cups (These members will participate in forum discussions, training sessions and provide an external prospective over various topics)

4 4 What is the EOYSCC? Consortium of like-minded professionals and supporters “Special” interest group that promote the growth of soccer in the eastern Ohio region, specifically in Tuscarawas Co. Representatives from multiple clubs, cities, backgrounds with a common interest Develop partnerships with consortium members, affiliates, supporters and community to foster the growth of new participants

5 5 What will we do? Strategic planning to promote the growth of youth soccer in Tuscarawas Co. and eastern Ohio Gather and address consensus issues that face youth soccer in our area Gain expertise, advice, and knowledge from industry experts, established clubs, organizations and associations to help foster the growth of regional soccer Provide resources, or access to, for area clubs and members such as coaching education, administrative support, consultation, volunteers, and etc. Formation of a soccer advisory board to lobby policy at the local and state government level to foster the growth of youth soccer (i.e. dedicated fields)

6 6 Provide seminars and special guest speakers to present soccer related topics for players, parents, and coaches (i.e. PCA) Host continual coaching education courses, state, national and club specific licensing classes Facilitate and host programs for colleges to access area high school athletes through soccer related programs (i.e. the Battle of Three 3v3 tournament with showcase division) Foster charitable and community involvement among area soccer clubs (i.e. Kicks for Cancer) Promote media coverage and publicity for youth soccer in area Hopefully many more ideas to come….from our members! What will we do? (cont.)

7 7 Why do we need it? Strength in numbers Problem Solving as group Identification of areas of needed improvement Soccer “Think Tank” Sharing of ideas Sharing of resources Improvement in coaching, club administration, technical training, and player development through education, mentorship and forum based discussions All of this for the growth of youth soccer in our communities!

8 8 Benefits of the consortium Support to implement new ideas for growing youth soccer in your club, community and region Shared resources Stronger coaching education Community involvement in the growth of a fairly new sport View points from a different perspective external to your club Continual improvement of soccer programs from fresh ideas, suggestions and innovation

9 9 Coaching Education Why is coaching education important? Coaches who have participated in state level, national level and international coaching education courses have learned that, to coach effectively and develop players, it is important to understand the four components of coaching soccer. As well as have the ability to instruct youth players to incorporate all four components into the game- this total player development. 1.The Technical Component 2.The Tactical Component 3.The Physical component 4.The Psychological Component

10 10 Why is coaching education important? 1.In order to teach, you must know 2.Develop, don’t hinder 3.Understand what to expect before you get there 4.Development is not just for players 5.Consistency with standards 6.Ability to assess your own coaching skills 7.Balancing the understanding that winning is just not on the scoreboard 8.Ability to teach all four aspects of the game 9.Trust! Respect! Love for the game 10.Growth- players, clubs, community and region

11 11 Coaching Education (cont.) US Based Associations US Based Associations: United States Soccer Federation (USSF) National level courses D, C, B, A (highest) & National Youth License US Youth Soccer State Level courses Level I-Level III modules, F & E National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) Full range of well-respected soccer coaching diploma courses and training events Parent Coach Diploma, the State Diploma, the Regional and Advanced Regional Diploma courses, the National Youth Diploma, the High School Coach Diploma, the Director of Coaching Diploma Club Level Most competitive clubs have internal coaching education program led by a Technical Director who meets the USSF, NSCAA or USYS criteria of Director of Coaching who can provide coaching instruction The criteria is a combination of specific course work, licensure, playing experience, coaching experience, training experience and specific amount of hours as an instructor

12 12 Typical Progression & Timeline for Coaches Education 1.Club Based - undergo club based certifications that are based on club’s policies, developmental guidelines technical curriculum (OR) undergo training of another club’s program if your club does not have technical director (0-1yr) 2.State Level (US Youth Soccer)- attend regional courses to acquire the modules, F & E (1-3 yrs) Most parent coaches end here 3.National Level (USSF & NSCAA)- attend national level course, most multi-day or residential courses (3-5 yrs) Minimum industry standard for most club coaches and team trainers. The industry recognize professional coaches as those who have at least a national level license and extensive experience, both coaching and playing. 4.Advance Diploma & Recertification- attend the advance diploma courses and maintain current licensure through recertification (5+ yrs) 5.Technical or Director of Coaching Certification- must meet the minimum requirements to acquire this certification which include at least a USSF C, Advance NSCAA Advance Diploma, and extensive experience in club administration, coaching, and instruction (8+ yrs)

13 13 Coaching Education Progression Example of a Professional Coach -Billy Blake Progression (10 years) US Based State Level: F, E Virginia (VYSA) USSF: National D, C (recertification twice) NSCAA: Regional Goalkeeping, Regional Diploma, National Youth Diploma, Advance Youth Diploma International (FA Learning, UK) UEFA International License, UEFA C, UEFA B Club Based DC United Advance Coaching Certification (U12-U18) DC Stoddard Soccer Association Youth Development Coaching Certification Technical Director of Coaching Certification (VYSA) Manchester United Youth Academy Coaching Certification Level II Continual Education Plan NSCAA Director of Coaching Diploma-2009 USSF C-recertification in 2009 USSF National B- 2010 UEFA Pro License-2010 PCA Trainer-2009

14 14 Coaching Education through the EOYSCC & BSA The EOYSCC will work in conjunction with Blake Soccer Academy (BSA) to host coaching education at the YMCA BSA has an established and proven (VA, MD, DC) club based coaching program that is based on teachings of three organizations (a) USSF, (b) NSCAA, & (c) UEFA. This coaching program will be available through Club Based training courses We also plan to host and coordinate state (OYSAN), national (USSF & NSCAA) and affiliate club level coursework in our area The EOYSCC & BSA will assist coaches in the area by: 1.Providing minimum participation numbers required for hosting a course 2.Tracking training records and alert coaches for re-certification 3.Reduce cost for training courses through collaboration with area clubs and sharing resources 4.And ensure that the training sessions satisfy the demands of player pool in our area (i.e., a need of more technical development courses rather than advance national courses at this particular time)

15 15 BSA Coaching Education Program BSA Parent Coach Module: The two hour course for coaches of players 5-8 years of age. The course deals with coaching young players who are playing the game for the first time. A great introduction to soccer coaching and understanding the basics of the game. BSA Development Module I: The four hour course is directed towards for coaches of U6/U8 players, focuses on age appropriate technical skill development and small sided play. BSA Development Module II: The four hour course is directed towards for coaches of U8/U10 players, focuses on age appropriate technical skill development, 1v1, 2v2, technical training, and small sided play. Preparation for the state level F course, Prerequisite Module I or 2 years coaching experience

16 16 BSA Coaching Education Program (cont.) BSA Development Module III: The six hour course is directed towards for coaches of U12/U14 players, focuses on age appropriate technical skill development, 1v1, 2v2, technical training, small sided technique transitioning to the 11v11 game. Preparation for the state level E course, Prerequisite Module II or successful completion of a pre-assessment test. BSA Advance Coach Diploma: An eight hour course for coaches of U14+ players. The curriculum outlines how technical and tactical concepts can be applied in the development of senior players. The focus is placed on the basic methods of coaching senior players, teaching proper technique, the theory and application of offensive and defensive tactics and understanding team management. Great preparation for the first national level course USSF D, Prerequisite Module III or successful completion of a pre- assessment test.

17 17 BSA Coaching Education Program Supplemental Training Courses Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) PCA have three national goals: Replace the "win-at-all-cost" model of coaching with the Double-Goal Coach®, who wants to win but has a second, more important, goal of using sports to teach life lessons; Teach youth sports organization leaders how to create an organizational culture in which Honoring the Game is the norm; and Spark and fuel a "social epidemic" of Positive Coaching that will sweep this country. Face-to-face group workshops, dynamic PCA Trainers How? Train youth and high school sports coaches to become Double-Goal Coaches®, whose first goal is winning, and whose second, more-important goal is teaching life lessons through sports; Develop Second-Goal Parents, who focus on helping their youth athletes learn those life lessons; Cultivate Triple-Impact Competitors, student athletes who strive to improve themselves, their teammates and their sport as a whole.

18 18 EOYSCC & BSA Coaching Education 09 Schedule Jan 2009 Parent Coach Module BSA Development Module I (U6-U8) BSA Developmental Module II (U8-U10) February 2009 BSA Developmental Module III (U12-U14) March 2009 Parent Coach Module Advance Coach Diploma Positive Coaching Alliance Seminar Hosting of OYSAN F Course (TBD) Hosting of OYSAN E Course (TBD) August 2009 Advance Coach Diploma Parent Coach Module BSA Development Module I (U6-U8) BSA Developmental Module II (U8-U10 November 2009 Hosting of OYSAN F Course (TBD) Hosting of OYSAN E Course (TBD) All exact dates to be announced on Announcements will be made through club representatives, YMCA, newspapers and etc.

19 19 Hot Topics-Round Table 1.Community support of soccer; how to generate more? 2.Harmonization of area clubs and soccer organizations (i.e tournaments, area teams, group events, etc) 3.Dedicated field space for youth soccer 4.Decline in soccer participation numbers in senior age groups

20 20 BSA Upcoming Events Winter 2008-2009 1.Winter Academy Skills Clinic- December 22, 23, 29, 30 at the YMCA 2.BSA Winter Academy- 8 week training program, Friday evenings starting Jan 9, 2009 at KidsAmerica 3.Various coaching courses and clinics Spring 2009 1.BSA Spring Academy- 8 week training program at the YMCA in April 2009 2.Various coaching courses and clinics Summer 2009 1.7 th Annual Ohio Blast Camp, June 8-12, 2009 at the YMCA 2.The Battle of Three, 3v3 Tournament with showcase division June 27, 2009 at the YMCA

21 21 Announcements from EOYSCC Members about their upcoming events & club activities DSA: NPYSA: TU: Dover High School: Others:

22 22 Action Items Solidify the EOYSCC Mission Identify CY09 Goals

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