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Savage Soccer 2007 Codename: Q intelitek Nick Galotti Zan Hecht Kevin D’Aquila.

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1 Savage Soccer 2007 Codename: Q intelitek Nick Galotti Zan Hecht Kevin D’Aquila

2 Definitions  Coalition: Two teams working together for the common goal of playing a match.  Coalition Colonels: The top- ranked teams at the end of the qualifying matches.  Difference From Eighteen (DFE): An adjusted score that is used to determine the winner of a match.  Landing Zone (LZ): Areas at the ends of the field, indicated with colored tape, where all coalition robots must be placed at the start of the match, and where Birdies are scored.

3 Definitions  Birdies: Irregularly shaped plastic game objects typically found in badminton tournaments.  Birdie Starting Location (BSL): Marked squares on the field where Birdies are located at the beginning of each match.  Tubular Birdie Source (TBS): Tubes at the forward edge of the field and in front of the ramps where teams may get Birdies.  BOX of leXan (BOX): A 6” tall, 24” wide, 11.5” deep, clear, walled off area within the LZ wherein Birdies may be scored.

4 Definitions  Savage Ball: A regulation size 4 soccer ball.  Trough: The area that contains the Savage Ball.  Ramp: A structure at the rear edge of the field that leads up to the Trough.  BOP Obstruction Pane (BOP): Coalition colored panes located at either end of the trough, which are used to determine control of the Savage Ball.  Birdie Button (BB): Buttons that deliver birdies when pressed in autonomous mode

5 Match Periods  0-15 seconds: Autonomous Mode  15-75 seconds: First driver control  70-80 seconds: Driver switch  75-135 seconds: Second driver control  135 seconds: Match ends, power cut

6 Difference From Eighteen  The object is to get as close to 18 points as possible  A coalition’s DFE is defined as DFE=|18-x| Where x is the number of points the coalition scored  The coalition with the lowest DFE wins

7 Birdies  Each Birdie in your LZ is worth one point  Red Birdies only count in the red LZ, and blue only in the blue LZ  Birdies in your BOX cannot be removed by your opponents  You will not score points for any Birdies you are in contact with at the end of the match

8 Tubular Birdie Sources  The field has four TBS’s:  Two in front of the Ramp  Two on the front wall of the field  Each TBS starts with four white Birdies

9 Ramp and Trough  The Ramp provides access to the Trough  The Trough is where the Savage Ball is contained and scored

10 Savage Ball  Control of the Savage Ball is determined by which color BOP it’s touching  Control of the Savage Ball at the end of Autonomous Mode gives your coalition 6 Birdies in your BOX  Control of the Savage Ball at the end of driver control gives your coalition 2 points

11 Birdie Buttons  There are two Birdie Buttons on the front wall of the field  Pressing a Birdie Button in Autonomous Mode gives 2 Birdies to the coalition whose color button was pressed

12 Questions?  Ask questions on the Team Forums at  Questions about rules, materials approval and event details may be posted in the Savage Soccer Forums  Rules Updates will be sent out periodically, and will be posted on the Savage Soccer website

13 Savage Soccer North  Save your robots!  Pembroke Academy, Pembroke, NH  December 1 st, 8:00am-4:30pm  Contact David Kelly or Dan Larochelle

14 FREE easyC!  For the 3 rd year in a row, intelitek has graciously donated a copy of easyC to each team!  Intelitek will also be providing easyC support at the tournament  To get your copy, have your team mentor email Dan Larochelle at intelitek

15 FREE Solidworks!  Solidworks has generously donated a free 150 day trial of their CAD software to every team.  Models of Vex parts can be found by searching for “Vex” at  Tutorials for modeling Vex in Solidworks are provided at

16 How to get your copy  Pick up a DVD from the lounge outside this room! -or-  “Click Here to Receive Sponsorship”  Under “What Contest”, put “Savage Soccer”

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