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2010 Soccer World Cup A Framework to Leverage Development for the Western Cape Minister ZC Stali Culture, Sport and Recreation.

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1 2010 Soccer World Cup A Framework to Leverage Development for the Western Cape Minister ZC Stali Culture, Sport and Recreation

2 2010 World Cup Desirable Outcomes What Event is about Costs National Issues Current Status Suggested Institutional Arrangements Linkeages with Ikapa Elihlumayo

3 3 Desirable Outcomes Legacy for sport and soccer development Using World Cup to fast-track development benefiting the poor An improved public transport system Locating the Western Cape as a preferred destination for major sport events. Another competition venue in an African township Real benefits to the rural areas Using World Cup as a catalyst to build social capital –Unifying Our People –Realising in a Practical Way The Vision of Home for All Using World Cup to leverage youth development programs

4 4 What is event about? A.PRE-EVENT (R334 MILLION) 32 Teams arrive 2/3 weeks in advance 32 x 4 (Friendly Matches) with a total of 128 matches …..opportunities for rural areas and neighbouring countries (African World Cup) B. EVENT (R9.8 BILLION) 64 Matches 32 Teams 28 – 43 Days 10 Stadia 2.78 Million Spectators 40 Billion TV Audience 200 Viewing Hours

5 5 KEY National issues Govt. shoulder key responsibility- promises and guarantees- WILL thus take greater responsibilty SAFA has a 4 person preparatory committee that interacts with a 10 person ministerial committee By February 2005, SA will have a Local Organising Committee (SAFA to do it with govt. as a major stake-holder unlike Germany) Opportunity to relook legacy issues (political decision…….communities AND soccer MUST benefit unlike CWC and RWC) –In Sept 2005, final decision where stadia to be built/upgraded and in which cities. 30 June 2008 Cities must comply-FIFA WILL come and inspect FIFA will accept 10 stadia (8 is the minimum), presently in Bid Book 13. NOTE: –We should be careful about building new stadia- to be mindful about tax-payers’ money –It is FIFA’s World Cup & they will indicate what qualifies –Japan/Korea will mothball 7 stadia

6 6 Current Committees National Govt –Inter-Ministerial Committee –Technical officials (D/G’s) Provincial Govt. –Cabinet Committee –HOD’s Technical Committee City of CT –Mayco –Technical team SAFA –Preparatory Committee

7 INSTITUTIONAL ARRANGEMENTS 2010 Soccer World Cup Sectoral Approach Public Sector National Provincial Local Inter-Sectoral Business Parastatals like:- Airport and Metrorail Government Civil Society Trade Unions Soccer, Etc. Event W O R L D C U P LOC Ikapa Elihlumayo- Provincial Strategy “IDP – 2020” City Vision

8 Linkeages with Ikapa Elihlumayo Strategy 1…. Building Human Capital - Providing a skilled workforce to make use of the pre-and post event opportunities. - Building a skilled workforce with project/event management and technical skills for future use Strategy 2….Micro-economic strategy - Job Creation and Entrepreneurship Development - Major Event….Harness Sport and Culture Tourism opportunities - Strategic Investments and Sector support *Services and Hospitality *Construction,etc Strategy 3….Building Social Capital with emphasis on youth –Sport development (soccer) beneficiation and legacy 1.Developing talent identification programs for our youth 2.Have special high performance programs for talented soccer players…..dedicated Football Accademy –Youth and cultural development…….provide sense of hope, opportunity and dignity; harness cultural diversity; showcase our uniqueness to the world 1.Innovative campaigns leading up to the event 2.Arts and Cultural festivals –Uniting the people of the Province towards common goal of a HOME FOR ALL in a practical way

9 Linkeages with Ikapa Elihlumayo cntd Strategy 4….Strategic Infrastructure Plan - Physical infrastructure improvements:- sport facilities catalyst for: 1. roads and public transport incl airport upgrade AND train service improvement; 2. housing development (N2) Strategy 5…..Spatial Development Framework - Provide regulatory certainty for development and protect the environmental and natural beauty of the Province where infrastructure developments must take place Strategy 6…. Co-ordination and Communication - Improve/Cement Civil society and intergovernmental co- operation through the 2010 World Cup project - Use 2010 as a vehicle for communicating and popularising the “Home for All” vision. 1. Practical way unify 2. Galvanize and focus our people Strategy 7….Improving Financial Governance - Leveraging of funding from the private and public sectors - Strategic Financial Investments and Allocations to ensure an optimal return on investment


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