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Whiteboard Soccer Discrimination Edition. Germany.

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1 Whiteboard Soccer Discrimination Edition

2 Germany

3 France

4 The first female attorney on the west coast was? A)Clara Shortridge Foltz B)Clara Shortbridge Roltz C)Clara Shortbridge Foltz D)My teacher, Morgan Reynolds

5 A) Clara Shortridge Foltz

6 To intentionally deprive one’s self of food is to… A)Fat B)Fasten C)Fast D)Quick

7 C) Fast

8 What does “Bail” mean A)To buy one’s way out of prison before trial B)An amount of hay C)To put something on a hook in order to catch fish D)Ice falling from the sky

9 D) To buy one’s way out of prison before trial

10 In 1955 A)Gandhi was assassinated by a political extremist B)Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus to a white person C)The Woman Lawyer’s Bill was passed D)Morgan Reynolds was born

11 B) Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white person

12 Before WWII, this country was in control of India A)India B)France C)Britain D)Germany

13 C) Britain

14 What does an amendment do? A)Creates a new system of government B)Lets women wear long pants C)Changes a system without replacing it D)Abolishes a law

15 C) Changes a system without replacing it

16 Segregation is … A)The document on which all American law is based B)Putting African Americans in prison C)The separation of two groups D)Racism

17 A) The separation of two groups

18 Of the three people we discussed, who was a lawyer? A)Rosa Parks B)Clara Shortridge Foltz C)Mohandas Gandhi D)Clara Shortridge Foltz and Gandhi

19 D) Clara Foltz and Gandhi

20 Gandhi was assassinated by… A)A political extremist B)The British C)Starvation D)A single bullet

21 A) A political extremist

22 Gandhi was assassinated in… A)1942 B)1948 C)1946 D)1955

23 B) 1948

24 If an attorney is against the accused person, they are a/an… A)prosecutor B)lawyer C)defendant D)alibi

25 A) Prosecutor

26 If something goes against the Constitution it’s considered A)unconstitutional B)Inconstitutional C)Underconstitutional D)Very constitutional

27 A) Unconstitutional

28 What Rosa Parks the “mother” of? A)The Civil Movement B)The Civil Disobedience Movement C)Civil Rights D)The Civil Rights Movement

29 D) The Civil Rights Movement

30 Which of the following states are on the west coast A)Connecticut B)Colorado C)Oregon D)All of them E)None of them

31 C) Oregon

32 Refusing to obey the laws but protesting non-violently is known as A)Cyril Dissonance B)Civil Dispute C)Civil Dissonance D)Civil Disobedience

33 D) Civil Disobedience

34 Muslims fast during A)Ramadon B)Ramadan C)Lent D)Periods of oppression by the British

35 B) Ramadan

36 To be put into jail is to be… A)Incarcerated B)Exonerated C)Excommunicated D)Incommunicado

37 A) Incarcerated

38 When you protest by not buying something you… A)Discriminate B)Accuse C)Fast D)Boycott

39 D) Boycott

40 Gandhi was a spiritual leader during the… A)Indian Civil Rights Movement B)Indian Independence Movement C)Independence Movement for Indians D)Concert at Woodstock

41 B) Indian Independence Movement

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