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April 6, 20081 ROBO SOCCER AS A SYSTEM LEVEL TEACHING PLATFORM Kai LINDGREN Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia In autumn 2008: “Metropolia” Main building of Helsinki.

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1 April 6, 20081 ROBO SOCCER AS A SYSTEM LEVEL TEACHING PLATFORM Kai LINDGREN Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia In autumn 2008: “Metropolia” Main building of Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia. The Robot Football system is located in a house across the yard

2 April 6, 20082 USE IN STADIA (MiroSot) Hardware and system-level programs are in the responsibility of Merlin Systems Corp., Ltd. Plymouth, England. HOORAY ! Firmware and strategy programs written by own students from scratch Hardware solutions teached for own students

3 April 6, 20083 Insect Robot of Stadia In the early 90s

4 April 6, 20084 General view of the apparatus

5 April 6, 20085 News of robot football In a Finnish newspaper ”Metro” on Apr. 6, 2004

6 April 6, 20086 SYSTEM STRUCTURE ”MiroSot” Football pitch (field) circa 1,8m x 2,2m TV-camera for each team PC (computer) for each team 5 MiroSot robots for each side (or 3/2/1 or …) PC interprets the view (robot and ball positions) and sends (Bluetooth) individual commands for the robots of own team.

7 April 6, 20087 SYSTEM PICTURE

8 April 6, 20088 Miabot ROBOT STRUCTURE Cubic-form with edge lenght of 7.5 cm One wheel on each side. Own motor for both wheels, battery operated Motors powered with pulses done with AVR-type micro controller Communication with PC done with AVR- type micro controller Separate Bluetooth-module converts communication to virtual serial connections (COM-ports)

9 April 6, 20089 ROBOT PICTURES Merlin Miabot Pro Robot - Of MiroSot type - Two AVR-controllers - Fast, robust and heavy Merlin Miabot Classic Robot - One AVR-controller - Slow, cheaper

10 April 6, 200810 MORE PICTURES Merlin Miabot Pro Control Board with Bluetooth Daughter Board on top The robots may be controlled manually with joystick controllers

11 April 6, 200811 ACHIEVMENTS IN STADIA One course realized in Embedded Systems - Firmware programming from scratch - Bluetooth communication with PC - Run direct lines or circles Two courses realized in Sytem structure - Light adjustments - Bluetooth adjusments Strategy simulation seminars many times - For students and teachers

12 April 6, 200812 FINAL WORKS, 15 ECTS - Nikolai Barmin: FW-programming - Teemu Sarvamaa: System structure and simple programming in PC - Mikko Pasanen: Light and Bluetooth adjustment and strategy programming in PC Now in construction

13 April 6, 200813 STRATEGY SKELETON ”DIEGO” In use now. Lacks and development tasks: 1The strategy do not try to prevent robots from colliding each other 2Basically the strategy is only for 3 players for there is only one kind of attacker and defender. 3Also I think that the accuracy of robotic movements should be revised. 4The exact logic of all decisions should be checked 5The indentation of the program should be checked 6The program should be more commented 7Some often repetitive tasks should be separated to new functions 8The collided robots must be got apart immediately of the walls of the pitch or the other players.

14 April 6, 200814 Arg(x+yi) double angle (double x, double y) { if (abs(x) < 1E-6 && abs(y) < 1E-6) return 360; // Error if (abs(x) 0) return 90; if (abs(x) < 1E-6 && y < 0) return -90; double a=atan (y/x); if (x > 0) // I or IV return a; else // x < 0, that is II or III if (y >= 0) // II return 180+a else // III return -180+a; } Example of strategy development tasks 7 ”Some often repetitive tasks should be separated to new functions”

15 April 6, 200815 FUTURE PLANS IN STADIA Establishing of many teams to compete in strategy programming Programming of control systems Switching to potential field strategy skeleton ”Nottingham” Free RoboSoccer Online game: Play and download free online games...Free RoboSoccer Online game: Play and download free online games... …

16 April 6, 200816 ADDITIONAL KITS OF MERLIN Merlin Miabot Pro Infrared Line Following Kit. Merlin Miabot Pro Modular Intelligence Kit

17 April 6, 200817 FIRA information in Google FIRA - Federation of International Robosoccer Association 1995 International Organizing Committee: Micro-Robot World Cup Soccer Tournament, initiated by Jong-Hwan Kim, KAIST, Korea President Jong-Hwan Kim KoreaKAIST Vice Presidents: BingRong Hong ChinaHarbin Inst. of Tech. Paul Robinson U.K.Univ. of Plymouth Peter Kopacek AustriaVienna Univ. of Tech.Jong-Hwan Kim BingRong Hong Paul Robinson Peter Kopacek 13th FIRA RoboWorld Cup China 2008 Date: 22-25 July 2008 Venue: Shinan Software Park, Qingdao China

18 April 6, 200818 FIRA information in Google Leagues: HuroCup – Humanoid RobotHuroCup KheperaSot - …..KheperaSot MiroSot – Micro RobotMiroSot NaroSot – Nano RobotNaroSot AndroSot – Robot 600 g, Remote ControlAndroSot RoboSot – 20cm x 20cm x No limit in h.RoboSot SimuroSot – The 3D simulation platform for 5 vs. 5 and 11 vs. 11 games are available at FIRA web site.SimuroSot

19 April 6, 200819 RoboCup information in Google RoboCup™ is an international research and education initiative. Its goal is to foster artificial intelligence and robotics research The concept of soccer-playing robots was first introduced in 1993. 2006 in Bremen, Germany, in 2007 in Atlanta, USA President Prof. Minoru Asada, Adaptive Machine Systems Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University Vice Presidents: Prof. Hans-Dieter Burkhard, Inst. of Informatics Hmboldt University Berlin Prof. Manuela Veloso; Computer Science Department, School of Computer ScienceCarnegie Mellon UniversityAdaptive Machine SystemsInst. of Informatics Hmboldt University Berlin The 12th RoboCup International Competitions and Conferences, RoboCup-2008 Suzhou is to be held on 14-20 July 2008, Suzhou, China.

20 April 6, 200820 RoboCup information in Google Leagues: Simulation league Small-size robot league Middle-size robot league Four-legged robot league Humanoid league Rescue Simulation League ( Agent / Virtual Robot )Rescue Simulation LeagueAgentVirtual Robot Rescue Robot League …

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