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Robocup ve USARSIM Dr. Muhammet Balcılar. What is RoboCup? an international research and education initiative an attempt to foster AI and intelligent.

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1 Robocup ve USARSIM Dr. Muhammet Balcılar

2 What is RoboCup? an international research and education initiative an attempt to foster AI and intelligent robotics research by providing a standard problem for this purpose, a soccer game was chosen as the primary domain Why Soccer? Soccer is the world’s game. RoboCup is a task for a team of multiple fast-moving robots under a dynamic environment in order for a robot team to actually play soccer, various technologies must be incorporated, such as: autonomous agents, multi-agent collaboration, strategy acquisition, and real-time reasoning

3 A New Standard Problem? a standard problem is a clearly-defined, realistic and affordable challenge that can be used to evaluate and compare various algorithms, theories, and architectures Turing proposed chess as a standard problem for AI (because chess is hard) It is proposed that RoboCup should be a new standard problem for intelligent robotics

4 A New Standard Problem: Why RoboCup? ChessRoboCup EnvironmentStaticDynamic State ChangeTurn takingReal time Information accessibility CompleteIncomplete Sensor Readings Symbolic Non- symbolic ControlCentralDistributed Well, Deep Blue already defeated human Grand Master Garry Kasparov. The chess problem is (virtually) solved and has become “too simple” to spur innovation, whereas RoboCup is cutting-edge:

5 Robocup Official Site:

6 Robocup Soccer Ligleri Soccer Humanoid League Teen Size Soccer Humanoid League Kid Size Soccer Humanoid League Adult Size Soccer Middle Size League Soccer Small Size League Soccer Standard Platform League Soccer 2D Simulation League Soccer 3D Simulation League

7 Robocup Rescue Ligleri Rescue Robot League Rescue Virtual Robot Simulation League Rescue Agent Simulation League

8 Robocup @Home Ligleri RoboCup@Home league

9 Robocup Junior Ligleri Junior Soccer League Junior Rescue League Junior Dance League

10 The RoboCup Leagues Soccer Simulation Soccer Small Size Soccer Mid Size Soccer Standard Platform Soccer Humanoid Rescue Real Robot RoboCup@HomeRoboCupJunior Rescue Simulation

11 Simulator League

12 Small Robot League

13 Middle Size Robot League

14 Humanoid League


16 Rescue Robot League Research Challenges High degree of mobility Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (SLAM) Victim detection Autonomy!


18 Yellow (top), orange (middle) and red (bottom) areas at the 2009 German open competition.

19 Competition setting Simulated victims Signs of life: human form, motion, heat, sound, CO2 Signs of life: form, motion, heat, sound, CO 2 THERMAL IMAGE VISUAL IMAGE




23 AriAnA & AVA A joint team from Iran and Malaysia, AriAnA & AVA use two robots, shown in Figure 4. The left robot is fitted with a gimballed LIDAR supported by two servo motors, and an inclined LIDAR at the front. At the front left and right are TPA81 Devantech thermal sensors, which can be panned by servo motors.


25 Rescue Virtual Competition USARSim Based on the Unreal game engine (UT2004, Epic Games) Realistic models of USAR environments, robots (Pioneer2 DX, Sony AIBO), and sensors (Laser Range Finder, Color Camera, IMU, Wheel Odometry) Multiple heterogeneous agents can be placed in the simulation environment High fidelity simulation of up to 12 robots

26 Rescue Virtual Competition Introduction cont. Unreal Client Unreal Server Command Sensor data Sonar Sensor message

27 Rescue Virtual Competition Performance Metrics (Her sene değişiyor) Victim discovery –Victims are detected by a simplified sensor retuning ID/state depending on distance –Victim ID (10pt), Victim status (20pt), victim location (10pt), additional information (20pt) Self Localization and Mapping (SLAM) –Metric quality (50pt): How close are reported locations to ground truth? –Multi-robot fusion: Bonus for maps generated by multiple robots Exploration –Max. 50pt if exploring the whole area –NEW: Explored areas have to be marked as “cleared” Penalization –Robot-Victim collision (-5pt) –Teleoperation: Division of total score by (1+N) 2 –NEW: One mandatory operator for each team

28 Rescue Virtual Competition More new features Improved robot models for realistic mobility GeoTIFF format for maps Maps will be overlaid on and compared to ground truth Teams must specify areas “cleared” –Points deducted for victims in “cleared” areas

29 Rescue Agent Competition Introduction Large scale disaster simulation –Simulators for earthquake, fire, civilians, and traffic –The task is to develop software agents with different roles, that make roads passable (police) extinguish the fires (fire brigades) rescue all civilians (ambulances) –Difference to Soccer Simulation: A challenging Multi-Agent Problem since Agents must cooperate

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