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US Soccer Registration Workshop January 24, 2009.

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1 US Soccer Registration Workshop January 24, 2009

2 FIFA – World Governing Body of Soccer US Soccer is bound by the rules & regulations found in FIFA’s Regulations for the Status and Transfer of Players. These Regulations establish global and binding rules concerning the status of players, their eligibility to participate in Organized Football, and their transfer between clubs belonging to different Associations.

3 3 Leagues/Associations Serviced MLS WPS USL 1 st Division USL 2 nd Division PDL W-League EXL NISL 56 State Amateur Associations 56 State Youth Association 144 Academy Clubs NPSL WPSL

4 4 REGISTRATION DEPARTMENT Types of Registrations Professional Players –Registration both professional leagues and amateur leagues –Loans both domestic and international –ITC requests both incoming and outgoing –Amateur Reinstatement –Verification of Cup Rosters (65)

5 5 REGISTRATION DEPARTMENT Types of Registrations Amateur Players –Registration on professional team –ITC requests both incoming and outgoing –Verification of Cup Rosters (159) Youth Players –ITC requests both incoming and outgoing –Waivers & Proof of Entry prior to 12 Development Academy Players –72 Clubs, 144 teams –Registration & verification of complete rosters –ITC requests both incoming and outgoing –Waivers & proof of entry prior to 12

6 6 REGISTRATION DEPARTMENT Types of Registrations Foreign Travel and Hosting Foreign Teams –Professional, amateur, and youth Referee Registration –License over 140,000 Referees, Assignors, Instructors and Assessors Annually Hosting International Games

7 7 PLAYER REGISTRATION PROCESS PROFESSIONAL PLAYER Completed US Soccer registration form signed by club official, player, and league registrar Duly executed USSF Standard Contract Appropriate registration fee ($30 per year of the contract) ITC form (if necessary) Upon receipt of all required documentation, US Soccer will approve the registration and notify the league via email

8 8

9 9 UNITED STATES SOCCER FEDERATION, INC. STANDARD PROFESSIONAL PLAYER CONTRACT The parties to this Agreement dated.......... 20..... are (Club)..................... (the “Club”) and (Player)................... (the “Player”). In consideration of the mutual agreements set forth below, the parties hereto agree as follows: 1. This Agreement covers..... year(s) and will begin on the.......... day of..........20..... and will end on the.......... day of.......... 20..... unless otherwise terminated, extended or renewed as specified below. 2. The Club hereby engages the professional services of the Player, as a skilled soccer player for the Club, from........... 20..... to.......... 20..... The Player shall attend all training sessions, play the games scheduled for the Club’s team during the season, play all exhibition games scheduled by the Club during and prior to the schedule season, play (if invited to participate) in any National or Select Team Game (National, Regional, State or League), attend every related event (including, but not limited to, luncheons and/or banquets) conducted in association with the above events and play in any play-off games subsequent to the season. 3. The Club agrees to pay the player for services rendered hereunder: $per (Amount)..................................... on a basis. (game, week, month, or year) (game, weekly, biweekly, monthly or yearly) 4. The club agrees to pay all proper and necessary expenses of the Player, including reasonable room and board expenses of the Player while playing for the Club on the road. 5. The Player agrees to comply with the reasonable rules and regulations of the Club which he signs in writing at the time of the execution of this Agreement or at any time during the term of this Agreement. These Club “rules and regulations” must not only be signed by the players but must also be dated. 6. The Player agrees: (a) to report, at the time and place fixed by the Club, in good physical condition; (b) to keep himself, throughout the entire season, in good physical condition; (c) to give his best services, as well as his loyalty to the Club, and to play only for the Club and its assignees; (d) to be neatly and fully attired in public and always to conduct himself on and off the field according to the highest standard of honest, morality, fair play and sportsmanship; and (e) not to do anything which would be detrimental to the best interests of the Club, League and/or the United States Soccer Federation, Inc. (“USSF”). 7. Pursuant to USSF Bylaw 602, any United States citizen registered with USSF shall be made available at the request of USSF for international games, FIFA and CONCACAF tournaments and Olympic Games competition, including preparation, qualification and final tournament matches. 8.The Player hereby agrees to allow the Club, Team or USSF, as the case maybe, to take photos, or allow others to take photos, and to use the image and likeness of Player in identifying Player, in his Team uniform, and for purposes of presenting or promoting the Player, the Club or its Team(s), during the game or other events to which Player has contracted for hereunder. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Player understands and agrees not to allow his photo or his image, likeness or other rights of publicity to be used for commercial purposes without the express permission of the Club, Team and/or USSF. 9. The Player may not participate in any outside activity that may impair or destroy his ability and skill as a soccer player without the written consent of the Club. 10. A Player must report all serious or disabling injuries sustained in scheduled games or practices as a soccer player to the Club as soon as he is reasonably able to report them. The Player will submit to a physical examination by a physician designated by the Club. The Club will provide medical care for such injury which is necessary in the opinion of the Club physician. The Club shall continue to pay the Player so long as, in the opinion of the Club physician, the Player is unable to perform due to such injury or until the end of the contract period, whichever is sooner. 11. A Player may terminate this Agreement if he notifies the Club in writing of any alleged material default and/or material breach, and the Club fails within ten (10) business days to remedy such default and/or breach. The Club may terminate this Agreement if the Player shall at any time default and/or breach a material provision of this Agreement and the Player fails within ten (10) days to remedy such default and/or breach upon written notice to such player. 12. This Agreement is the entire understanding of the parties superseding all prior and contemporary oral or written statements made by the parties and can be modified, amended, or otherwise changed in writing only by the Player and duly authorized representative of the Club. 13. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State in which the Club plays its home games without regard to its conflict of interest laws. 14. This Agreement shall be valid and binding upon Player and Club immediately upon execution and upon the receipt of the acknowledgment from the USSF office of the Secretary General of the Professional Player Registration Form. Player shall not be a member of Club and may not play for Club until Player is fully registered with USSF. A copy of this Agreement and the Professional Player Registration Form must be filed with the USSF office of the Secretary General. The Club is responsible for the payment to USSF of the required Professional Player Registration Fee as set from time to time by the USSF National Council. 15. Other Provisions: SIGNATURES OF THE PARTIES EXAMINE THIS CONTRACT CAREFULLY BEFORE SIGNING IT Date of execution: 20..... IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Player has hereunto signed his name, and the Club has caused this Agreement to be executed by its duly authorized officer. PLAYER..............................CLUB By: Witness:............................... Title: Address: Witness:................................ (This Agreement must also be signed by one of the Player’s parents if the Player is under the age of 21). PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN OF THE PLAYER: RECORDED BY THE UNITED STATE SOCCER FEDERATION, INC. This Agreement was recorded by USSF on: Registrar:...............................

10 10 PROFESSIONAL PLAYER LOAN PROCEDURE Professional/Domestic Amateur Completed US Soccer registration form signed by the contractual club and professional league registrar Completed professional loan agreement on club letterhead (if needed) The completed registration form, loan agreement, and appropriate fee ($20) MUST BE submitted to WPSL league office. The league office will submit the form to US Soccer for final approval. Upon receipt of all required documentation, US Soccer will approve loan and notify the league via email

11 11

12 12 PROCESS FOR TRANSFERS/RELEASES TRANSFERS Completed US Soccer registration form signed by club official and professional league registrar. New contract (if necessary) Upon receipt of all required documentation, US Soccer will approve new registration and notify team and league via email RELEASES Official release submitted to the professional league office. League office will notify US Soccer of said release. US Soccer updates player’s file with release information

13 13

14 14 AMATEUR REINSTATEMENT PROCESS Completed US Soccer amateur reinstatement form Date of last game played and signature of club official verifying date Signature of Amateur State Association or Professional League where the player’s last club was registered $50 application fee Upon receipt, US Soccer will issue approval letter to player and fax copy to WPSL

15 15

16 16 INTERNATIONAL CLEARANCES Who needs an International Transfer Certificate (ITC)? –Any player who entered the United States after the age of 12 –Any player who listed that the last club they participated with belonged to a foreign national association –Any player who has had their ITC issued by US Soccer to a foreign association and has not had it returned to US Soccer upon their return

17 17 INTERNATIONAL CLEARANCE PROCEDURE ITC application must be completed by player Fax ITC application to US Soccer US Soccer will process application and fax request to foreign national association Foreign association has up to 30 days to respond US Soccer will notify team and league when ITC is received If after 30 days US Soccer does not receive a reply, on day 31 US Soccer will issue a provisional certificate and notify the league Provisional clearance is good for up to 1 year. During the one year period, should the foreign association contact US Soccer with a valid reason as to why the certificate was not issued, the provisional certificate will be withdrawn. US Soccer will notify the league. After the one year period, US Soccer does not receive any further communication from the foreign association, the provisional certificate will be permanent.

18 18

19 19 USSF CONTACT INFORMATION Steven Murry Manager of Registration Phone: (312) 528-1214 Fax: (312) 808-9263 or 808-9593 Adrian Garibay Office of the CEO/Director of Registration Phone: (312) 528-1275 Fax: (312) 808-9263 or 808-9593 Elena Doria Petrey Professional Player Registrar Phone: (312) 528-1213 Fax: (312) 808-9263 or 808-9593 Blake Ewing Registration Coordinator Phone: (312) 528-1215 Fax: (312) 808-9263 or 808-9593

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