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1 The Fundamentals -- Technical Soccer – “Soccer….Invented by Man…. Perfected by Women ” Andover Soccer Wildcats.

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1 1 The Fundamentals -- Technical Soccer – “Soccer….Invented by Man…. Perfected by Women ” Andover Soccer Wildcats

2 2 1.Kicking a Soccer Ball 2.Controlling the Ball 3.Soccer Talk, Triangles, Formations 4.Defending Skills 5.Offensive Skills The Fundamentals -- Technical Soccer -- Table of Contents

3 3 Kicking a Soccer Ball

4 4 1.Passing -- For Accuracy Short to Moderate Distances Good for Accurate Shots on Goal 2.Shooting -- For Hard and Fast Shots 3.Chipping -- a)Short Chips – For short lobs over defender. b)Long Chips – For long passes into space or to teammate, corner kicks

5 5 To PassTo ShootTo Chip Where to Approach the Ball Slightly off straight on 45 degree angle Where to Keep Your Eyes Find your Target…then.. EYES ON THE BALL Where to Plant Your Foot, etc Plant Foot Next to Ball. Don’t reach for the ball. Hips and Shoulders square to the target. Where Planted Foot Should Point Pointing at the Target…knee slightly bent How Your Ankle Should be Locked Locked Up, Rigid Locked Down … Toes Pointed Down… Rigid Short Chip – Locked Up Long Chip – Locked Down Where Your Knee Should Be Equal with the Ball Over the BallSlightly Behind the ball Which part of Foot Should Kick the Ball Side of Foot, (between toe and heel) Instep Where to Strike the Ball Above the Equator At the Equator Short Chip – Under the Ball. Long Chip- Below the Equator. How You Should Follow Through Square Finish… body weight over the ball Aggressively Through the Ball –Transfer Weight Minimal Follow Through.. Hold back on the follow thru Kicking a Soccer Ball

6 6 Cat Whitehill Mia Hamm

7 7 Pass EYES ON THE BALL !!!!

8 8

9 9 Controlling the Ball

10 10 Posture 1.Arms out for Balance 2.Knees bent 3.Stooped over the Ball / Low Center of Gravity 4.Look up / Peripheral vision to see the ball Dribbling Technique 1.Move the ball with all areas of feet 2.Every step is a touch 3.Foot Speed !! 4.Use CHANGE of DIRECTION 5.Use CHANGE of ACCELERATION Creative Moves…Explosive

11 11 1.Toe Up / Ankle Locked Up…for inside of the Foot For outside of foot, ankle locked down 2.Check ‘around’ before you receive the ball 3.Look at the Ball at the specific moment of contact 4.Decide whether you will pass or dribble 5.“Prepare” the ball – away from pressure Which direction Long or short -or- in front of you … catch like an egg Receiving the Ball

12 12

13 13 Soccer Talk & Triangles

14 14 Soccer Talk Passing & Possession Square – Pass the ball to me at a 90 degree angle. Support – You can pass to me if you want. Got me Back – Back pass to me behind you. One-Two – Give and Go pass. Cross – Kick the ball across to the middle of the field. Eighteen – Pass the ball to the top of the penalty area. Through – Pass the ball into space, between the defenders, and teammate will run on to it. Switch Fields – We have a player open on the other side; send it over. Clear it – Kick it hard out of play. Near our own goal. To Your Teammate who is Receiving the Ball Man On – A defender is coming onto you. Pass the ball or Shield it. Time – No one is coming on to you. Turn – You have time to turn with the ball and dribble. Other Communication Keeper – The open ball should be played by the keeper. Help – I need help on defense or to pass. “Name’s” Ball – I will get to the ball first. First Touch – Get our team to the ball first. Mark Up – Find a person and stay goalside.

15 15 X X X Try to Make a TRIANGLE with the Player with the Ball

16 16 X X X X X X X Three-Four-Three Formation XX X X

17 17 X X X X X XX Four-Four-Two Formation X X X X

18 18 X X X X X XX Four-Three-Three Formation X X X X

19 19

20 20 Defending Skills

21 21 Offense sells tickets…. Defense wins Championships !!

22 22 1.Staggered Stance 2.Point Feet at 45 degree angle 3.Low Center of Gravity 4.On the Balls of your Feet 5.Bend Knees Defending Stance

23 23 Proper Distance to Attacker One to three yards Defender speed Attacker speed Attacker Skill Channeling Direct the attacker to… Sideline, or Weak Foot, or Away from the Goal, or To your Support Nature of Approach Close Space Quickly “Quick / Slow” Sprint to close the space, then slow down and get in the stance Defending Tips

24 24 Defending Tips Tackling Don’t Overcommit -- PATIENCE Tackles – Hard : Block Tackle Soft : ‘Poke’ Tackle Tackle Upon Mistake Feint while defending Other WIN the 50/50 Ball Close Space / Pressure the Ball Mark Tight / Don’t allow attacker to turn Pressure or Support Closest player pressures the ball Other defender supports behind -- Cover Recover if you get beat – get back !!!

25 25 US Women’s National Soccer Team Defender Cat Whitehill

26 26 Offensive Skills

27 27 1.Look for Space 2.Use CHANGE of PACE and CHANGE of DIRECTION 3.Dribble to beat an Opponent 4.Attack Defenders Front Foot 5.Protect Your Space after beating an Opponent. Attacking

28 28 PLAYERS WHO DON”T HAVE THE BALL Use / Create Diamonds by providing SUPPORT to the player with the ball (Don’t always ‘run away’). Create Space by making Positive Runs PLAYER WHO HAS THE BALL Use “Possession Passes” to keep the ball and create opportunities to move the ball forward. The BEST PASS is the one which eliminates / SPLITS a defender and keeps possession. Penetration

29 29 Don’t Telegraph the pass. Wall / Supporting Person Come in close Tighten space / tighten time Attacking Player Take on defender Burst into Space Used anywhere on the field Combination Play --Wall Pass – --One-Two-- Attacker Suppor t Defender

30 30 Attacker should ATTACK the open SPACE ATTACK the defender to open up your teammate Have Patience to create space Create COMBINATION PLAYS 3 v 2 and 2 v 1

31 31 Laws of the Game

32 32

33 33 Offsides Three Key Concepts 1.NEARER – Player is is an offside position if he/she is nearer to the opponent’s goal line. 2.ACTIVE PLAY – Player is ‘offside’ only if he/she is involved in active play, in the opinion of the referee. 3.When the Ball is Played – Determination is when the ball is played or touches one of his/her team. There is no offside…. In your own half of the filed Directly on.. A goal kick, A throw-in, A corner kick

34 34 Fouls Direct Careless or Reckless… Kicking Tripping Jumping at Charging Striking Pushing …or…. Tackle which makes contact with the player before the ball Holding Spitting Handles the ball deliberately Indirect Dangerous Play Impeding progress Prevent Goalie from releasing ball …or…. When a Goalie… Takes more than six seconds to release ball Double touches the ball Touches ball when kicked back by teammate Touches the ball received from throw- in

35 35 Yellow & Red Cautionable Offense Unsporting Behavior Dissent Persistent infringe Delays restarts Does not respect 10 yards Enter’s field without permission Leaves without permission Unsporting behavior Sending-Off Offense Serious foul play Violent conduct Spits at opponent Denies an obvious goal scoring opportunity with hand Denies an obvious goal scoring opportunity Offensive or abusive language Two Yellows

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