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National Building Economic Stimulus Plan – Housing NSW Presented by:Bovis Lend Lease June 2009.

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1 National Building Economic Stimulus Plan – Housing NSW Presented by:Bovis Lend Lease June 2009

2 Overview  Housing NSW (HNSW) as a key agency of the NSW Government is charged with delivery of the Federal Governments Nation Building and Jobs Program (NBJB) in the area of social housing.  Bovis Lend Lease (BLL) has been awarded by HNSW three service categories for the Hunter Region. One of the service categories is the the Development Management (DM) and Project Management (PM) for the delivery of an estimated 600 to 700 dwellings in the Hunter Region.  By December 2010, 75% of projects will be complete.  Development sites will predominately comprise between 6-20 dwellings with an anticipated average of 12 dwellings per site.  Developments will typically be approved under a new planning process which is currently been finalised by Housing NSW.

3 Key LGA’s within the Hunter Region  The majority of development sites are located in the below Local Government Areas within the Hunter Region: - Lake Macquarie- Singleton - Newcastle- Muswellbrook - Port Stephens- Upper Hunter - Cessnock - Maitland

4 Procurement Selection of Qualified and Suitable Contractors  In early May 09 BLL invited suitably qualified respondents to submit the mandatory Capabilities Statement Proforma for the construction of various Medium Density housing developments in the Hunter Region.  The Proforma was complete by respondents and emailed to the Hunter Housing email address. The majority of proposals were submitted by Tuesday 26th May 2009, however proposals can still be submitted if you have not already.  Instructions on how to register your interest are detailed in a following slide.

5 Procurement Suitable Contractors?  We are looking for contractors with the following characteristics and track record: - Capable of building a project comprising 12 or more dwellings; - A track record of building medium density residential developments; - A track record of building quality; - A track record of incident free working environments; - Price competitive; and - The ability to meet the required program.

6 Procurement continued Award of Contract:  Procurement will be carried out in accordance with the “NSW Code of Practice for Procurement”;  Builders who are selected on BLL’s Panel will have a “Corporate Score Card” carried out and reference check. This process is under away.  Each project will be tender to a minimum of three (3) builders;  Vetting will be based on a review including but not limited to, cost, program, quality, safety and compliance with all contract conditions.

7 Procurement continued Contract Type  Housing NSW are currently preparing a Building Contract;  Contract type is yet to be finalised and is most likely to be either Detail Design and Construct (DD & C) or Fixed Lump Sum Design and Construct (D & C);  Consultants may be novated;  The contract will be between Housing NSW and the Builder;  BLL will administer the contract and payment claims on behalf of HNSW;  BLL will engage the Architects, Engineers, Geotechnical consultant, BASIX consultant, Surveyor etc

8 Contractual Relationships Housing NSW (PMO) Bovis Lend Lease Consultants  Architect  Engineers  Landscape  Geotechnical  Quantity Surveyors  Landscape  Surveyors  PCA  Other specialists as required Construction Contractors Planners Contractual relationship Management / Supervisory / working relationship only

9 Program  By December 2010, 75% of projects will be complete.  By June 2011, 95% of projects will be complete.  Project Management Services have already begun on a number of sites.  The Design and Approval Process will be no more than 77 days (11 Calender Weeks!)  BLL could be tendering the first projects within 4 weeks.  Tendering of the Building Works will occur between week 8 and week 10, with 1.5 weeks allowed to vet and recommend the successful builder  Anticipated the PM team will provide the successful builder a completed design package (i.e. DD&C delivery)

10 Program continue The program below identifies the 77 day (11 week) process from inception to start on site. 123456789101112 Concept Design Demolition Tender Design Development Draft EIA Final EIA & Statement of Compliance Notification Period Tender Building Works & Assessment Approval To Start on Site

11 To register your interest  If you have not already completed the Mandatory Capabilities Statement its not too late.  Please send an email to and you will receive an automatic response asking you to fill out the Proforma and send it to  Once you have submitted the Proforma a representative from BLL will contact you either via email or phone to confirm whether your company has been successfully pre-selected to a panel of suitable contractors.  If you are having difficulty please contact: - Will Walker at or (02) 9277 2114; - Grant Eckett or (02) 9236 6344; - Nick Smith at or (02) 9277

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