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UNIT 5 Past Simple Questions.

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1 UNIT 5 Past Simple Questions

2 Who… What… Where… When…
What questions can we ask about this sentence? Paul studied IT in Newcastle two years ago Who… Who studied IT in Newcastle? What… What did Paul study? Where… Where did Paul study? When… When did Paul study?

3 Past Simple Questions: Form
(Question word) + did + person + base verb When did you see the movie? (not: did you saw) Did they write their project? How did she fix her computer? Compare: Who taught you Maths? (not: who did teach you…) – but: Who did you teach Maths?

4 Past Simple Questions with Was / Were
Computer Architecture was Anna’s favourite lesson. What was Anna’s favourite lesson? We were at the classroom at 5 o’ clock. Where were you at 5?

5 To sum up: Past Simple questions are made with:
Did + person + base verb What did you study? Where did you buy this PC from? Did she enjoy the class? Questions with was or were don’t need did Who was your favorite teacher? Why were they late?

6 Finally, remember that:
When the verb of the question focuses on ‘Who’ or ‘What’ and not on another person (e.g. you, he, they, etc)… …we don’t use did! For example: What happened? (not: What did happen) Who phoned you last night? (not: who did phone you)

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