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Preparing for Ofsted! Shelley Brown Head of Faculty Vocational Studies Newcastle under Lyme College.

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1 Preparing for Ofsted! Shelley Brown Head of Faculty Vocational Studies Newcastle under Lyme College

2 Actions to successfully prepare for Ofsted Be ready Be outstanding everyday Success

3 Overview Outcomes for Learners Quality of T, L&A Effectiveness of L&M Focus of learning and the learner journey “Good is the only form of acceptable…” (Wilshaw, 2012) A good education for all “Seeing things through a different lens” (Soden, June 2013)

4 ‘Be ready’ – 1. Plan and Control SAR Develop an honest, accurate detailed SAR Map out your evidence/prove it! English and Maths Know how these are delivered/embedded. Tutorials Know how they are structured Consistent? Clear outcomes? Staff Ensure you have a consistent approach/response from staff Ensure you have a clear picture of where you are now, what you have done and what you are doing next ! Curriculum Planning Timetabling (accuracy) Resources Staffing/cover strategies Documentation (SOW/assessments/profiles) Assessment (written, practical, video etc) Environment Housekeeping Displays/notice-boards ‘visible success’ Inspection Folder Outcomes – summary data for area TLA – staff information and grade profile for the area L+M – Curriculum area structure, SAR, QIP.

5 Other considerations…..can you evidence??? ?How do you focus on the learners experience? ?How do you develop good habits/behaviours? ?How successful is enrolment/induction? ?How effective is learning support? ?How effective is initial assessment? ?Do you make a prompt commencement of functional skills? Success? ?How effective is assessment/feedback? ?What type of different learner voice activities do you have? ?What further enhancement/enjoyment activities do you offer (trips, academy etc.) ?Work experience? ?Progression?

6 Identify the key people within your curriculum area! Key people SSA LeadsKey parentsWBL lead English/ maths tutors Key employers/ partners Key Sports Academy students Course repsKey students Key teaching staff Subcontracted provision (Lead) Talking to inspectors Ensure they are prepared!

7 What can you do between now and inspection? Share good practice across teams Tackle low attendance by raising students’ expectations/follow up non-attendance Improve the rigor of target setting and monitoring students’ progress Ensure a rigorous/consistent approach to QA of the provision Improve IAG Improve the rigour of self assessment Rigorously monitor/evaluate the impact of recent actions to improve SR Enhance the promotion of E & D in lessons – evaluate the impact of staff CPD on students’ knowledge and understanding of E & D Ensure teachers develop a wider range of teaching strategies- encourage, motivate, inspire!

8 ‘Be ready’ – 2. Robust Evidence TO DO LIST…….  Data B106 updated  Gather and triangulate evidence  Critically appraise and update SAR and Action Plans  Evidence trail for raising standards and managing poor performance within the curriculum area

9 ‘Be ready’ – 3. Curriculum Teams Establish minimum expectations (outstanding practice) Right students, right course Innovative teaching, learning and assessments High quality assessment and feedback Updated ILPs/target setting Positive learner journey Responsive to learner voice Outstanding tutorial support Celebrate successes Strong evidence of quality improvement and impact Positivity Motivate & Inspire Support & Challenge Culture of Outstanding

10 Student Voice Student Opportunities: B e involved Share your ideas Support your College Voice your opinion Students' Union Sports Academy Career Academies Course surveys STEM Ambassadors College Xtras Course Reps Evidence?  You said we did  Minutes of rep meetings  Survey evidence  Learner forum evidence

11 Fail to prepare….prepare to fail!

12 Be ‘OUTSTANDING’ everyday

13 Where is your focus? Why Colleges Succeed (AoC Conference, 2013) What singles out all these colleges is a realisation by their leaders that an educational establishments central purpose is to place the education and success of their learners at the heart of what they do…..there is clear and well-understood consensus that all aspects of the institution must be equally effective in contributing to the success of every learner.

14 Being Outstanding….. Be ready Be outstanding everyday Success Plan and be ready as a team Be outstanding everyday Set expectations, lead and inspire Ensure teaching and learning is central focus Support the learner journey Tackle under performance Celebrate success Support professional development

15 Let the learners shine!! Positive Culture and Ethos

16 Starting a movement!

17 Make an Impact! Where to focus:- Starts as they walk through the door! Learner experience (walkthroughs, feedback, you said:we did) Messages – S&C, motivation, M&E – dress your area Set a mantra and believe it! Tip: Don’t hide it … Bring it to them… Tip: R.I.N.G.

18 Flees in jars!

19 Insurance claim! Folding your shirts Start Thinking Differently!

20 Start Thinking Differently! Mental Models ActionOutcomes

21 Personalisation “Students forget what you made them think, but they never forget how you make them feel.” Sir John Jones (2013)

22 Any Questions?

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