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DEDT Annual Performance Plan 2013-2014 30 April 2013.

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1 DEDT Annual Performance Plan 2013-2014 30 April 2013

2 Contents Vision and Strategic Goals Main Programmes Budget Allocations Project Allocations

3 Vision “Leading the attainment of inclusive growth for job creation and economic sustenance”

4 Strategic Goals Lead and co-ordinate integrated economic planning and development Facilitate sustainable and inclusive economic growth to ensure job creation Develop and transform the tourism sector to achieve destination competitiveness Build a vibrant institution for superior performance

5 Main Programmes Administration (MEC, HOD, Finance, Corporate Services etc) Integrated Economic Development Services (Enterprise Development, RLED, Economic Empowerment) Trade and Industry Development (Trade and Investment, Sector Development) Business Regulations and Governance (Consumer Protection, Liquor Regulations, Regulation Services) Economic Planning (Policy, R&D, KM, M&E) Tourism Development (Planning, Development & Transformation)

6 2013-2014 Budget Allocations ProgrammeAmount (000’s) Transfers (000’s) Net DEDT (000’s) Administration193 90528165 905 Integrated Economic Development Services 496 187287 384208 803 Trade and Industry Development 861 428783 58577 843 Business Regulations and Governance 72 56643 92028 646 Economic Planning29 776 Tourism Development183 153140 39742 756 Total1 837 0151 255 314581 701 (32%)

7 Budget Allocations 2013-2014 Public EntitiesAmount (000’s) Trade and Investment KZN67 240 Tourism KZN90 912 KZN Sharks Board49 485 Dube Tradeport575 402 Richards Bay IDZ65 164 Ithala Dev. Finance Corporation185 000 KZN Growth Fund95 000 KZN Liquor Authority43 920 ADA38 150 Other (MKI, Mandeni, Newcastle, DFF etc)45 041 Total1 255 314

8 DEDT Projects After compensation and overheads effectively the DEDT is left with +/- R281 million for direct project funding. Approx. 34% is allocated for outreach and events eg. Consumer awareness, Top Gear, Tourism Indaba etc. Approx. 18% has been allocated for strategic projects like the Aerotropolis Strategy, District Industrial Hubs, Maritime Projects and the Specialist Investment Team. Just less than 11% is allocated to the KZN FC, SMME Entity, Research (Green+) and (Export) strategy formulation. +/-37% of the budget is allocated as follows:

9 DEDT Projects TourismRLED Bhambatha LodgeRSDI Ingodini CavesVSDI Ntsikeni May LodgeUmzinyathi TA Tourism mentorship programmeLocal Competitiveness Fund (5 proj’s) Tourism Graduate DPOperation Vuselela KZN Summer CampaignCommunity Economic Development Tourism Careers ExpoUKZN Post Graduate Programme Provincial Tourism ConferenceTrading Centres at Eshowe, Mandeni, Nyoni Ulundi and Nongoma Tourism Strategy Drakensberg Cable Car Feasibility

10 DEDT Projects SectorEnterprise Dev and Economic Empowerment Goat CommercializationCo-operative Mentorship Projects Dairy Dev StrategyCo-op Train the Trainer One Village One ProductUnemployed Graduate Programme Digital Community HubsB-BBEE Strategy Ugu ICT IncubatorWomen in Tourism KZN Eco. CouncilWoman in Construction KZN Music ClusterKZN Youth Chamber

11 I thank you.

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